Best Free Tech Tools for Nonprofit & Service Leaders!

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These free tech tools and online applications help volunteer managers and nonprofit leaders get organized, save time, and reach more people.

These free tech tools and online applications help volunteer managers and nonprofit leaders get organized, save time, and reach more people.

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  • 1. Title Sponsor: Free, Effective Tech Tools to People-Power Your Organization
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  • 4. Title Sponsor: WWhat frustrates you? What are the hassles in your role? What takes too much time and gets in the way of your important work?
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  • 7. Title Sponsor: Simple Steps. BIG Boost in Participation 7
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  • 12. Title Sponsor: Engage Current Base Surface & Opt-in New Supporters Built-in Social Media Amplification Journalists Love It Letters to Lawmakers Why it Works
  • 13. Title Sponsor: Building Community
  • 14. Title Sponsor: Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorth JJourney of a Volunteer
  • 15. Title Sponsor: Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorth Journey of a Volunteer PARTICIPATION & RECOGNITION Social Media Accelerates the Journey
  • 16. Title Sponsor: Building Engagement Listen Share Connect Inspire
  • 17. Title Sponsor: Driving Action and Ownership Trust Listen Share Connect Inspire Action
  • 18. Title Sponsor: What to Post News and Educational Community-Interest Pieces Events Advocacy, Donation and Volunteer Links Legislative Updates Appreciation & Recognition (of Supporters & Sponsors) #UseHashtags Share/ RT/ Like
  • 19. Title Sponsor: Examples 19
  • 20. Title Sponsor: Examples 20 Tell Stories Invite Testimonials Inspire Action Teach Thank Supporters Bronx Zoo: #BZSelfie #FearsvsDreams
  • 21. Title Sponsor: Power Tools 21 Social Dashboard/ Scheduling/Analytics Analysis of Content, Sources & Influencers Themed Profile Pics
  • 22. Title Sponsor: Planning Meetings
  • 23. Title Sponsor: Why Are We Meeting? Volunteer Updates Donor & Sponsor Appreciation Event Planning Orientations & Trainings Interviews Guest Speakers/ Celebs Client Connections Operations 23
  • 24. Title Sponsor: Skype: Chat & Video Conferencing
  • 25. Title Sponsor: Google+ Hangout: Video Conferencing
  • 26. Title Sponsor: Online Screen Sharing
  • 27. Title Sponsor: Livestream: Streaming Events & Meetings
  • 28. Title Sponsor:
  • 29. Title Sponsor: More Must-Haves
  • 30. Title Sponsor: Eventbrite: Event Registration & Ticketing
  • 31. Title Sponsor: DDropbox: Store & Share Documents T
  • 32. Title Sponsor: Adobe Echosign: Sign anytime anywhere 32
  • 33. Title Sponsor: WUFOO: Online Form Builder 33
  • 34. Title Sponsor: PPut ‘em to work!
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