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Swim abilities volunteer


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Swim abilities volunteer

  1. 1. Recreation Facility Services Volunteer Services Program Volunteer Position Description: Position Title: SwimAbilities Volunteer Purpose/Goals of Position: Provide support & assistance to the Swim Instructor and participants in the SwimAbilities program (swimming lessons for children aged 4-14 with disabilities) at ACT Aquatic & Recreation Centre. Purpose/Goals of Unit: The primary focus of the Programs & Events Skill Development Aquatics Team is to provide high quality learn to swim and aquatic leadership development experiences that improve the quality of life for citizens, and to reduce drowning and increase water safety knowledge and skill by providing access to all citizens, regardless of income or ability, to swim and be safe in and around the water. Responsibilities: - Follow directions of the Swim Instructor - Assist participants with use of equipment (i.e. pool toys, mats, PFD’s) as well as equipment distribution and storage - Providing encouragement to participants - Assisting with songs, games, and helping participants practice skills in the water. * Please note: Responsibilities will not include helping participants in the change rooms / washrooms (parents will be present), lifting or carrying participants, or teaching the class. Training & Supervision: New Volunteer Orientation session, On-site orientation prior to start of program, on- going training, supervision & evaluation by the Swim Instructor and ACT Aquatic Programmer. Requirements: Must be comfortable in the water (able to swim in the deep end), enjoy working with children, especially children with special needs, be energetic, enthusiastic, and able to follow directions of the Swim Instructor. Health & Safety: Complete a Hazard Assessment of the volunteer position and review the assessment with the volunteer. Benefits: - Gain experience working with children with disabilities - Gain experience working under the direction of a Swim Instructor in an aquatic environment. - Have the opportunity to become part of the ACT Instructor team. - Invitations to attend volunteer appreciation events and activities. - Reference letters Time Commitment: The program runs every Sunday from 9 - 11:15am for 9 weeks, January 17 – March 21, 2009 (no classes February 14 due to Family Day long weekend). Volunteer must be able to attend for the entire time period / session. If you are unavailable for more than 2 days, please do not commit to this volunteer experience. Length of Appointment: 1 session. Supervisor Contact: Vivian Taylor, Aquatic Programmer, ACT Aquatic & Recreation Centre, 780-496-1085. swimabilitiesvolunteer-100608123221-phpapp01.doc Created on 11/10/2009 19:14 a11/p11