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Volume Credentials

  1. 1. Innovation in communicationsCredentials / March 2012
  2. 2. About Volume Our key clients Our Digital CampusCreative agencies aspire to be ‘unique’, boasting the Volume’s 12,000 square foot digital campus located conveniently off Juntion 10, M4.‘best talent’ and ‘resources’ to deliver ‘outstanding work’.We also consider ourselves ‘unique’ with the ‘best talent’and ‘resources’ to deliver ‘outstanding work’.Consider also the fact that we support clients in 143 countries.We possess a significant portfolio of digital and technologicalinnovation – world firsts! We don’t outsource. Our integratedsolutions deliver results, ROI and cost-efficiencies. So why notvisit our digital campus and see for yourself Volume’s definitionof ‘unique’.++ We’re the UK’s #3 B2B marketing communications agency*++ We opened our doors in 1997++ We’re independent++ We’re based in Reading++ We’re 100 strong++ We love our clients Now for the work…* By B2B income. B2B Marketing Magazine UK B2B Agency League Table, October 2011
  3. 3. Dell SmallBusinessSolutionsCentreDemystifying storage.Targeting small businessesthat are considering server or storagesolutions, this digital interaction app providesinformation in an intuitive, engaging manner. It’sdesigned to raise awareness of the Dell storage solutionsavailable, educate the user and facilitate the decision-makingprocess. Because it’s created in JavaScript, the user experience isneither governed nor restricted by Flash or video, and is therefore availableon the modern devices that so many small-business owners use today.www.dellsbsolutions.com
  4. 4. Campaign BuilderDell has made significant investment Available across 146 countries,in the development of its channel- “Campaign Builder” is easy to accesspartner network worldwide. (through Single Sign-On – SSO) andSupporting individual partners large simple to use, allowing Dell-approvedand small is therefore essential, partners, whatever their status,which is why Dell briefed Volume to create a co-branded campaignto create a state-of-the-art channel within minutes.management solution that wouldgive partners new high levels of It’s a highly efficient and cost-effectivemarketing support with an array of way for Dell partners to market theirprofessionally-designed campaign business, and generate more revenuematerials, product literature and and profit.sales tools.
  5. 5. InFocusflipbookDell PartnerDirect InFocus isa monthly magazine for thecompany’s commercial partners.It showcases Dell’s products,solutions and services, and givesDell an alternative platform forcommunicating through the channel.The magazine is a hosted flipbook,and an eDM is sent out to all partnersto inform them when a new edition isavailable for them to read.InFocus is a fresh and trendy technologymagazine offering appropriate informationon new product launches, any new orupdated services, and information onpartner tools that are available. Becauseit is a flipbook, we can also include links tocase studies, videos and spec sheets, or sendpartners to relevant pages on dell.com.InFocus is translated into French, Greek, Hebrew,Portuguese, Russian and Turkish, and has anaverage open rate of 29% and an averageclick-through rate of 12%.
  6. 6. SuperheroesDell Superheroes is a quarterly Each quarter, Volume is given theincentive programme for the responsibility of designing the lookcompany’s Reseller Partners. The aim and feel of the incentive programme,is to generate demand for OptiPlex, and we provide all of the launchPrecision, Latitude, PowerEdge and material including launch eDMs,EqualLogic products and Microsoft web banners, posters, co-brandableROK (Reseller Option Kits) within eDMs and much more. At Dell, theyDell’s registered and certified were so impressed with the workreseller communities. we did on the programme that they have now instructed our eventsReseller Partners earn points for team to coordinate the trips foreach product they sell and the top 40 the prizewinners.Reseller Partners (top five from eachparticipating country, eight countries intotal) are rewarded with a trip abroadwith their partner. Destinations arefive-star hotels in amazing destinationssuch as Cape Town, South Africa andBodrum, Turkey.
  7. 7. MobilityDell asked us to develop a globalcampaign to promote Dell MobilitySolutions. The aim was to educateDell sales teams to give them theability to sell mobility solutions toits end customers. With the headlineMultiple devices, one solution,the services that this campaigncovered were:• Mobile-device management• Telecom expense management• Custom application management• Application management• Security• ConsultingThe campaign assets we createdwere A1 posters, brochures, pull-upbanners, videos, T-shirts androtational flash banners.www.dellmobilitysolutions.com
  8. 8. Dell partner Onboarding packs Dell has developed a streamlined But it’s not just technology that makes partner programme that makes for a great partner experience. Volume it easy for partners (incumbent also works with Dell to produce the and prospective) to get the most partner onboarding welcome packs. from the relationship. Volume has Containing everything the partner supported the creation of this needs to get up and running when programme, from running the initial they join Dell (including their certificate, EMEA PartnerDirect site through stickers, business cards and a USB key to creating and maintaining Dell containing important information), it’s Campaign Builder (which supports all printed and assembled in-house, all partners globally). then sent out directly across Europe. Just going to show that, when it comes to making a big impression, Print ain’t Dead. Michael Dell:“ We [Dell] love our channel partners. ”
  9. 9. CIOB movieMembers of CIOB (Chartered Client comment:Institute of Building) are skilled “managers and professionals I passed the video around thewith a common commitment to office and I am delighted to say thatachieving and maintaining the it went down very well. I would likehighest possible standards.Chartered Member status, to thank you all for the way yourepresented by the designationsMCIOB and FCIOB, is recognisedinternationally as the mark ofa true professional in the have gone about delivering this. ”construction industry. We wererequired to produce an engagingvideo that communicated thevariety of benefits of becominga CIOB member.
  10. 10. Carbon Action 2050 Reducing our carbon footprint is important for all of us, but especially so for businesses. The CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) created an initiative to reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint by 80% by 2050, but turned to Volume to give it the impact it needed. The CIOB required an identity for the programme and a design for an interactive online web tool to present the CIOB Carbon Reduction Working Group’s action plan. The group will be working with government to ensure better regulation, compliance, support and education to the construction industry in order to meet its targets. The web portal represents the CIOB as an authority on low carbon, demonstrating leadership for the industry. The key audience for the portal is CIOB members, but it has been designed to be equally relevant towww.carbonaction2050.com non-members who are involved in the construction industry.
  11. 11. Saleskick-off2012Every year Zebra hosts an important internal sales kick-off event.The aim of the event is to motivate the sales teams and gear them up for a positive year, whilst sharing key objectives, company goals and plans. Volume is tasked with developing an event theme that will generate intrigue and fit in with the company vision for the year. This year the theme represented the journey that they take around the Zebra strategy — “The Zebra Connection”. Volume has the responsibility of generating all of the creative and assets for the event: table names, name cards, pull-up banners, an employee yearbook and posters. Zebra also wanted an innovative, dramatic way of introducing the event theme to the audience, so we created two 3D videos: one 10-second sting video to act as a teaser and generate intrigue, and another two-minutes video to introduce the event theme and show the relevance/connection to the corporate objectives. With powerful music, movements and messaging the video is the first thing the audience sees at the event. Feedback from the event is always extremely positive, and it is one of the most creative projects the Volume team works on, with previous themes covering the Renaissance and the Olympics!
  12. 12. ‘Flexible Fred’campaignADP is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions,especially in the areas of HR and Payroll. It required a teaser campaign toboost its sales before the holiday season took hold. It was identified that61% of people admitted to checking their emails whilst on holiday*. ADPleveraged these stats and created a character called Fred to demonstratethat ADP had empathy with those who could not relax on holiday.The campaign consisted of online and offline communications, and wassupported by social media. The impact of the programme was instant,generating excitement and motivation within the ADP sales force andconnecting with the target audience.*Survey from MyDestinationinfo.com 2011.
  13. 13. ‘Fred’ wintercampaignThe brief was to create a campaign that promoted a number of the ADPFreedom services, whilst utilising Fred alongside a winter theme. ADPwanted a mailer that was interactive for recipients and in order to meet costexpectations, we utilised print and made Fred a cut-out that recipients coulddress and prepare for any struggles he might face over the winter months.The aim was for the mailer to be informative but also eye-catching and memorableso that recipients would instantly bring it to mind when they received the follow-uptelemarketing call.
  14. 14. TransactionalcampaignsThese transactional campaignssupport Oracle’s acquisitionmodel with quick-to-marketcampaigns to drive demandfor specialist sales teams.Our vast experience enables us todevelop engaging transient marketingprogrammes designed to resonate withour target audiences, create strongerinterest, drive responses, optimiseconversions and deliver tangiblemarketing ROI for our clients.Every campaign has KPIs andperformance metrics established fromthe outset and total transparencythroughout the campaign life cycle.Bespoke management tools anddashboards provide analytics andreporting to demonstrate performanceand effectiveness.
  15. 15. MarketingStoreZebra needed somewhere central to The site has various profiles and theenable it’s partners to access all of application capabilities continue tothe sales and marketing materials, increase, as we see more processesincluding product-launch collateral, being added. These include QBR andphotography, videos and case ISF data, MDF funding and sales tools,studies. Zebra MarketingStore is a all in eight languages. The applicationsophisticated application, hosting has become more of a “hub” for Zebraall of the Zebra marketing materials, partners, to allow them to effectivelyproduced mainly by Volume. Partners communicate the Zebra brand. Bothhave the ability to co-brand all of visits and downloads regularly increase,these assets with their own logo demonstrating the effectiveness of theand contact details, to generate site, and there are continuous updatescampaign assets to send out to and additions.their customers.
  16. 16. 3D Virtual worldsProduct demonstration is a classic technique for closing a sale. In the digital Customers and prospects could be taken on a stimulating “tour” of each environment,age, clients have the freedom to create a virtual demo at any time, anywhere. including healthcare, retail, and post and parcel, exploring in their own time and according to their particular needs.Zebra’s virtual worlds exploited this opportunity to the full in a series of 3D virtualenvironments complete with Zebra solutions in situ. Channel partners could The virtual worlds are available across EMEA in 13 languages and continue to besupplement their product knowledge by understanding how to sell complete updated with new vertical markets. By continually updating the offering to endsolutions as opposed to single products. users and partners alike, Zebra can ensure high levels of return visits, a great return on investment and increased sales.www.virtualzebra.com
  17. 17. ZipShipZebra creates specialist printing solutions and wanted to make its partners’ and consumers’ lives easier.Volume has helped achieve this by creating a series of mobile applications that simplify interacting with Zebra.The Zebra ZipShip supplies application allows users to quickly identify and order consumables for the entire rangeof Zebra printers. No more phone calls to ask questions, and no more searching around for part numbers; the mobileapplication gives customers everything they need, wherever they are.
  18. 18. For those times when text doesn’t cut it, Bleat it. With the introduction of Siri on the iPhone 4s, Apple brought the idea of voice control to the masses. At Volume we think that being able to use your voice to communicate is important too; that’s why we created Bleat. We want to change the way that people post updates to social networks, bringing some emotion and atmosphere back. Imagine being at a concert and being able to post an update – with the band playing in the background. Imagine being at a football match and being able to post a goal update – with the crowd still cheering behind you. Bleat gives you the ability to create audio-based status updates and post them directly to Available for iOS and Android Facebook and Twitter. You simply say what you want then share it, and because it’s your You can download it free from the iTunes voice, there are no emoticons necessary :) It’s also possible to type in a message and have Store and from the Android Marketwww.bleat.it Bleat turn it into an audio post if you prefer (or if you are feeling a little shy).
  19. 19. Reading Y2C2012 is a big year for whole country, Volume created a digital and offlineand particularly for Reading. Chasing presence for the programme thatcity status but also supporting the harnessed social media to bring theOlympic effort and the Queen’s local community together. Acting asDiamond Jubilee celebrations, a hub for local events and promotingReading has launched a series of conversations about Y2C, it providesinitiatives under the banner “Year to local businesses and residents withCelebrate” (Y2C). Volume is proud to information about the events,be the digital and innovation partner helping to make them a success.for the Reading UK ProgrammeBoard, and set out to support thetown with a cutting-edge digital-marketing strategy.Don’t miss a thing in 2012: check out www.readingy2c.co.uk
  20. 20. Party in the Skygala dinner eventThe ‘Party in the Sky’ was a gala The ‘Party in the Sky’ event required a The campaign consisted of onlinedinner event that took place at landing site to entice potential guests and offline communications thatthe Hilton hotel in Reading. The to learn more information about the worked towards drumming up supportcharity gala event was run in gala dinner, the auction prizes on offer and raising awareness of both theconjunction with the Dame Kelly and how to book a table. The site event and the charity. The optionHolmes Legacy Trust and aimed created a means of contributing and of sponsorship for the event wasto support the ongoing work of getting in contact with the organisers communicated via printed sponsorthe charity with young people in of the event. packs, which provided additionalthe local community. information on what people would receive for their donation.
  21. 21. TM Volume introduces SociVerse SociView Map your ™ Accounts SociScore Categorise Rank with a With SociView™, you can optimise and influence your social-media presence. Gain a holistic view of your global social real estate with the ability to categorise, rank and monitor social accounts. Take the initiative by mapping, consolidating and optimising your social-media landscape. Sociview is available as a fully- managed service and is accessible via your PC or smart phone. www.volume.co.uk/sociview
  22. 22. Management Team Get in touch Chris Sykes Alan Rutherford Caroline Dover Aidan Murphy Benoit Alvarez Chief Executive Non-Executive Chairman Chief Operating Officer Global Account Director Divisional MD (Technology) Volume Digital Campus Production Facility Technology Centre Volume 14 Cremyll Road 08-01 East Tower Buckhurst Court Reading World Trade Center London Road Berkshire Echelon Square Wokingham RG1 8NQ Colombo 01 Berkshire Sri Lanka RG40 1PA   +44 (0)118 977 5800   +44 (0)118 939 3838   +94 (0)114 437 6216   volumegroupltd Hayley Marnes Lilah Walker Miles Beacroft Rob Dawson Paul Brazier Global Account Director Group Account Director Group Account Director Group Account Director Head of Information Services  information@volume.co.uk  printteam@volume.co.uk  information@volume.co.uk   @volumegroup Gemma Hood Asiri Fernando Derek Armstrong Daryl Swinden Andrew EdwardsHead of Creative Services Divisional Director General Manager (Print) Divisonal Director (Data) Head of Design (Technology)
  23. 23. +44 (0)118 977 5800 information@volume.co.uk @volumegroup volumegroupltd volume