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Vology & ShoreTel, Unified Communications
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Vology & ShoreTel, Unified Communications


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Architecture Scalability – 10 to 10,000 users in a single database Reliability – no single point of failure and N+1 redundancy Simplicity – ease of engineering and deployment Open – powerful applications and flexibility built-in Laser-like Focus on Customer Satisfaction Employees AND Partners rewarded for top CSAT Easiest administration and applications Nemertes Research analyzed the results Raving fans are the real proof Bottom Line Lowest TCO vs. any competitor over system lifecycle
  • © 2008 ShoreTel, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. If we use the analogy of a race to represent the competitive nature of all businesses, and we have to chose the vehicle that will carry help us beat our competitors, we would talk to a variety of companies. If a company that originally made buses wanted to get into the racing business, they could modify their busses with larger wheels, a souped up engine, spoilers, and racing stripes, but at the end of the day – it’s still a bus. This approach is representative of Bolt-On IP, where the underlying architecture hasn’t changed, despite the new coat of paint. Let’s see what kind of grade it gets for our Three Business Goals of IP Telephony. From a perspective of reducing operational expenses, I give bolt-on IP a “D”. It does actually reduce or eliminate long distance charges between your offices, but it does nothing to address the annual maintenance costs, the cost of upgrades, growth, and updates, or the frequent need for a third-party to be paid for moves/adds/changes. From a perspective of employee productivity – it fails miserably. Employees still have their same handsets, they don’t have CTI or application integration, and as a result this architecture also fails in the customer service category. Employees don’t have any new information or new ways of interacting with their clients. So – while bolt-on IP at first seems like an affordable, gradual way to migrate to IP telephony, further examination reveals that it is in fact an additional investment in a bad architecture that by all measures is at it’s end-of-life.
  • © 2008 ShoreTel, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. If I were a company whose core business was making station wagons, I could buy a company that made wings, another company that made rocket engines, another company that made landing gear, another company that made guidance systems, etc. and I could market it as a unified solution – but would you want to buy a ticket on it? An Innovation through Acquisition approach actually fails horribly at reducing operational expenses, because there are so many disparate components to install, update, upgrade, and migrate that your operational expenses are most likely to actually increase. We’ll give this architecture a “D” for making employees more productive because newer phones – from any of the vendors – generally have LCD displays, soft keys, and other options that make them a little easier to use. If convergence stops at the handset, however, and doesn’t come all the way to the application level, significant improvements in employ productivity cannot be achieved, and customer service will not be improved in a meaningful way.
  • © 2008 ShoreTel, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. The reason there’s a changing of the guard when technology makes a quantum shift, is that the new entrants have the advantage of building their solution from the ground up. If you want to win the race, you need a vehicle that was built for that purpose. Purpose-built architectures are only ones that can achieve all of the business goals of IP Telephony. We’ll explore how it achieves each of these goals further. Pictured here is the Flying Lizards American LeMans racing team, for which ShoreTel is a sponsor (point out the logo’s on the Porsche’s). Some of our board members are on the team, so if there’s a race coming to your town that you’d like to attend, please contact your local ShoreTel representative.
  • Gartner uses a similar methodology of analyzing companies and their solutions, by surveying customers, along with resellers. Again, ShoreTel came out on top. In fact, we were the ONLY vendor that earned their highest Strong Positive rating. Additional Notes: The full report is available on our website. Gartner’s MarketScope for Unified Communications for the SMB Market Report This report provides a wealth of information around best in breed products for organizations with between 20 and 499 lines. Research includes interviews with customers and resellers, and provides valuable insight for the decision-making process. Includes: The outlook for the UC market Criteria you need to include in your evaluation of UC solutions Gartner’s Independent evaluation of the Top 11 UC vendors
  • The evaluation of a new solution tends to focus on the upfront cost to “get into the vehicle.” Vendors do a huge disservice to the client by not addressing the “Rest of the Story.” What you see (the iceberg), will represent 20-25% of the Total Cost of Ownership. The rest will be incurred over the life cycle of the product and cost varies tremendously. This is another reason why your due diligence is so critical.
  • ShoreTel Brilliant Simplicity ShoreTel developed switches ShoreTel developed phones ShoreTel developed software
  • Transcript

    • 1. ShoreTel Overview Unified Communications IP Systems--a "brilliantly simple" way to communicate.
    • 2. Before we begin
      • Live Webinar
      • Your phone will be muted
      • Ask questions at the end of webniar, or type in the box
      • Vology Data Systems
      • Headquarters in Tampa Bay, FL
      • 8 National locations
      • Gold - ShoreTel Partner
      • Why Vology partners with ShoreTel
      • Survey
      • Fill out the survey at the end of this webinar, for a entry into our drawing for a $100 gift card
      Dale Howerton - Vology Steve Halle - ShoreTel
    • 3.
      • Experienced sales and IT experts:
          • Communications and networking requirements support, including Avaya,
          • Customized IT solutions for companies Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Brocade and many more
      • Networking Cable solutions to get your technology assets up and running
      • Quick quotes and same/ next-day delivery on most products
          • Competitive pricing
          • Warranty & VologyCare
      • Buyback programs for:
          • Unused and displaced IT equipment
          • Cash or trade-in credit
    • 4. Founded In 1996-Superior technology designed from a clean sheet of paper ShoreTel Company Overview Headquarters Sunnyvale, California with offices in the UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong Growth More than 19,000 customers globally – serving over a million end users Financial Strength Over $100M in cash, no debt
    • 5. What differentiates us
      • Architecture
      • Customer Satisfaction
      • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
      • Brilliantly Simple
    • 6. Architecture Matters – Bolt-On Approach
    • 7. Architecture Matters – Innovation through Acquisition Unified?
    • 8. Architecture Matters – The Purpose-built approach
    • 9. Application Server SG-90 I P Soft Phone LegacyPBX SG-T1k PSTN SG-T1k IP Phone (SSL) IP Phone TAPI IP Phone TAPI SG-50v N+1 Smartphone Distributed Server N+1 Data Center PSTN PSTN PSTN
    • 10. Customer Satisfaction Nemertes In-Depth Research # 1 in Customer Satisfaction in Every Category for 8 Years Running
    • 11.
      • MarketScope for Unified Communications for the SMB Market, North America – July 2011
      It’s not just IT Pros who rank us #1 This MarketScope graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report.
    • 12. Make sure you get the whole picture Network Upgrade System Cost Implementation Support Services Training Electricity Consumption License Renewals Network Costs MAC Maintenance “ The Rest of the Story” Network Upgrade System Cost Implementation 25% Life Cycle Cost 75% Life Cycle Cost
    • 13. 2. Manage Customer Expectations
    • 14. ShoreTel Applications ShoreTel IP Telephones ShoreTel Voice Switches ShoreTel’s Brilliant Simplicity
    • 15. ShoreTel UC Platform – Hardware
      • Highly reliable voice switches
      • Flash memory—the only moving part is the fan
      • Modular design that’s easy to scale
      • Call control, messaging, auto-attendant
      • Flexible modules selected by capacity
      ShoreTel UC Platform ShoreTel IP Phones ShoreTel System Management ShoreTel Services ShoreTel User Applications ShoreTel Open Integration
    • 16. ShorePhone ® IP Telephones Unifying the flow of information across your business The latest ergonomic designs Superior sound quality Models for all user needs and types Preconfigured for ShoreTel UC
    • 17. ShoreTel User Applications
      • ShoreTel Communicator
      • Communication managed easily & intuitively
      • Users come up to speed quickly
      • Move effortlessly between voice, video & IM
      • Immediate knowledge about contacts
      • Raised productivity & efficiency
      • Versions for all user types
      ShoreTel UC Platform ShoreTel IP Phones ShoreTel System Management ShoreTel Services ShoreTel User Applications ShoreTel Open Integration
    • 18. ShoreTel System Management
      • ShoreTel Director
      • Entire IP phone system managed from a single, browser-based interface
      • Intuitive administration
      • Requires minimal training
      • Needs fewer IT resources
      ShoreTel UC Platform ShoreTel IP Phones ShoreTel System Management ShoreTel Services ShoreTel User Applications ShoreTel Open Integration
    • 19. ShoreTel’s Competitive Advantage
      • Best product
      • Lowest TCO
      • World-class CSAT
      Brilliant Simplicity
    • 20.
      • ShoreTel - Live Demo
      • Dale Howerton - Vology
      • [email_address]
    • 21.
      • Questions?
      Contact: Dale Howerton – Vology [email_address]