What is Investor Relations?

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  • 1. Investor Relations What it is, how it works, and what it takes to succeed in this field.
  • 2. Our Background
  • 3. What is Investor Relations?
    • Investor relations:
    • A strategic management responsibility required for publicly-traded companies.
    • Integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance.
    • Enables effective two-way communication between a company, its shareholders and the financial community.
    • Contributes to achieving fair valuation for the company.
    • A form of marketing.
  • 4. IR Short Definition
    • The IR function provides company information to investors to help them make informed buy and sell decisions.
  • 5. IR and The Law
    • Investor relations is tied to various legal regulations:
    • Requirements established by SEC.
    • Wire service disclosure/stock exchange notification.
    • Insider trading.
    • Accounting requirements.
  • 6. Who Handles IR?
    • The IR function can be handled by:
    • An individual within a company
      • i.e. Director of Investor Relations
    • A department within a company
      • i.e. Corporate Communications or Investor Relations
    • Supported by outside consultants
      • Communications
      • Legal
  • 7. Some of Our Clients
    • Some of the companies we work with on investor relations:
    • The Marcus Corporation (MCS)
    • Badger Meter (BMI)
    • Littelfuse (LFUS)
    • Roadrunner Transportation Systems (RRTS)
  • 8. IR Audiences
    • IR activities primarily target:
    • Individual investors
    • Institutional investors/money managers
    • Securities analysts
    • Secondary audiences for IR activities include:
    • Employees
    • Customers
    • Communities
  • 9. What Does an IR Person Do?
    • Primary responsibilities for the IR person include:
    • Developing an overall strategy.
    • Setting goals and objectives.
    • Developing key messages to support the strategy.
    • Overseeing IR program development and execution.
    • Providing feedback on the investor community to management team.
  • 10. IR Communication Vehicles
    • News Releases
  • 11. IR Communication Vehicles
    • Conference Calls and
    • Webcasts
    Fact Sheets
  • 12. IR Communication Vehicles
    • Annual Reports
  • 13. IR Communication Vehicles
    • Annual Meeting
  • 14. IR Communication Vehicles
    • IR Websites
  • 15. IR Communication Vehicles
    • Presentations
  • 16. IR Communication Vehicles
    • Media Relations
  • 17. Evaluating Success
    • The success of an IR program can be measured by:
    • Comparing key ratios with peer group, P/E ratio.
    • The number of analysts following the company.
    • The number of requests for information.
    • Stock trading activity.
  • 18. The IR Skill Set
    • To be successful in the field of IR, you MUST have:
    • Excellent writing and verbal communications skills.
    • Knowledge of accounting and financial terms.
    • The ability to think strategically.
    • An understanding of the stock market and how it works.
    • A marketing mindset.
    • You also have to be comfortable working closely with top management.
  • 19. IR – A Unique Combination of Business and Communications. Any questions?
  • 20. Thank You!