ObamaFraudGate - The Benghazi COVER-UP


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ObamaFraudGate - The Benghazi COVER-UP

  1. 1. STARRING : EXECUTIVE BRANCH MEMBERS: United States of America President Barack Obama, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, LEGISLATIVE BRANCH MEMBERS:United States CONGRESSIONAL Members, JUDICIAL BRANCH MEMBERS: SUPREME COURT of United States Justices and their Legal Counsel/Advisor Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, The Muslim Brotherhood/Egypt President Mohammad Morsi and other CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS
  2. 2. - The GATE KEEPERS
  4. 4. We now know Barack Hussein Obama KNEW within TWO HOURS thatthe ATTACK on the Benghazi Consulate was carried out byTERRORISTS. We now know that THREE Emails were sent all goingDIRECTLY to the White House SITUATION Room in which the lastemail IDENTIFIED the Muslim Brotherhood connected group Ansaral-Sharia is taking responsibility.WHY the COVERUP? WHY the LACK of ADEQUATE Security atthe Consulate? Let us go back in time.
  5. 5. Benghazi according to Memos and Reports byAmbassador Chris Stevens and others was in a “Stateof BORDERLINE Anarchy” with TERRORISTSfreely roaming the streets. FREQUENTassassinations, bombings and kidnappings. OnSeptember 11, the day the Libyan Consulate wasattacked and Ambassador Chris Stevens wasMURDERED, Stevens wrote a Memo describing theDETERIORATING CONDITIONS in Benghazi.Despite WIDESPREAD cause for MORESECURITY at Consulate, the AMOUNT of SecurityPersonnel at the Consulate is MINIMUM! OnSeptember 11, 9:30 p.m. Benghazi time, 3:30 in theafternoon in Washington, a COORDINATEDTERRORIST attack – really a more of a SMALL-SCALE invasion – took place over a several hourperiod. With the Muslim Brotherhood-ConnectedIslamic Flag flying, the INVADERS (an IslamicGroup called al-Sharia) would SCALE the walls andBEGIN the attack. Being ARMED with ROCKET-PROPELLED grenades, mortars and machine guns.
  6. 6. Despite the attack taking place over a several hour period, NO help is DISPATCHED! The Muslim Brotherhood-LINKED forces out numbered the SCANT Security at the Consulate. If they SIMPLY wanted to KILL AmbassadorStevens and the other Americans, they could have LOBBED dozens of RPGs and mortars at the building that AmericanPersonnel were hiding out in and gotten OUT QUICKLY! It is OBVIOUS they were trying to take HOSTAGES!Specifically, Ambassador Stevens. More than likely to TRADE for the Muslim Brotherhood’s beloved Blind Sheik.Getting IMPATIENT with Obama’s SLOW TIME TABLE to SECRETLY release the CONVICTED TERRORIST: Egypt has asked for the RELEASE of the SO-CALLED Blind Sheik (Omar-Abdel-Rahman) and DESPITE White House DENIALS, New York Congressman Peter King says, “The Administration IS WEIGHING the possibility.”
  7. 7. the attackers weren’t able to extract Ambassador Chris Stevens is This VIDEO is DISGUSTING andWHYHILLARY CLINTON (United States Secretary of State): UNKNOWN. They may have been trying toFLUSH him out by SETTING FIRE to the building he was hiding in. And instead of escaping from the building he was REPREHENSIBLE!OVERCOME by SMOKE INHALATION. JAY CARNEY (White House Press Secretary): This is in RESPONSE to a VIDEO that isOn September 12, the White House NARRATIVE began it was the ANTI-Muslim YouTube Video that CAUSED the attack OFFENSIVE!on the Libyan Consulate: UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR To The United Nations SUSAN RICE: …Recent VIOLENCE was the airing on the INTERNET of a very HATEFUL, very OFFENSIVE VIDEO. to DENIGRATE the UNITED STATES PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We REJECT all efforts Religious beliefs of others.
  8. 8. Obama would CROWN this FANTASY at theUN. Mentioning the YouTube VIDEO SIXtimes!This YouTube STORY would last TWO weekswhen Obama would FINALLY admit that it was aTERRORIST attack. But then would BLAME theINTELLIGENCE Community for FEEDINGhim ERRONEOUS information.On September 13, a LIBYAN Newscast wouldCONNECT the Muslim Brotherhood PresidentMohammad Morsi with the attack of the LibyanConsulate. . . Video of this would be UPLOADEDto YouTube which would SUBSEQUENTLYDISAPPEAR!Western Journalism would obtain anEXCLUSIVE copy of this video.
  9. 9. On October 8, Kevin DuJan would write an articleon Billbuzz.org CHARGING that “Obama hadbeen INVOLVED in the Benghazi Attack. That hehad PLANNED on as an OCTOBER SURPRISE toRELEASE the Blind Sheik to the MuslimBrotherhood in EXCHANGE for AmbassadorStevens.”On October 15, Western Journalism BROKE theNews that a SOURCE (WITHIN the White House)had stated that, “Barack Hussein Obama INDEEDORCHESTRATED the ATTEMPTED-Kidnappingof Chris Stevens as PART of an OCTOBERSURPRISE!”What we are NOW WITNESSING is theBIGGEST COVER-UP in U.S. History that will beMARVELED at UNTIL the END of TIME! TREASON!
  10. 10. PRESIDENT OBAMA: Since our founding, the United States has been a Nation that respects all faiths. We REJECT all efforts to degenerate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely NO justification for this type of senseless violence. None. The World MUST stand together to unequivocally, reject these brutal acts.JAY CARNEY: This is fairly a volatile situation and it IS IN RESPONSE not to United States’ policy,NOT to obviously the Administration, NOT to the American people. It IS IN RESPONSE TO A VIDEO.A FILM that we have JUDGED to be reprehensible and disgusting. That in NO WAY justifies any violentreaction to it. But this is NOT a case of PROTEST directed at the United States at large or U.S. Policy.This is IN RESPONSE TO A VIDEO that is offensive and. . .to Muslims.
  11. 11. REPORTER: Jay, Let’s be clear . . . JAY CARNEY: These PROTESTS were in REACTION to a VIDEO that had spread to the Region. REPORTER: At Benghazi?JAY CARNEY: We certainly DON’T KNOW! We DON’T KNOW otherwise. You know we have NOinformation to suggest that it was a PREPLANNED ATTACK! The UNREST that we have seen around theRegion has been in REACTION to a VIDEO that Muslims. . .many Muslims find offensive.REPORTER: Your operating assumption is that. . .that was IN RESPONSE to the VIDEO inBenghazi? I just want to CLEAR THAT UP! That’s the FRAME MARK? That’s theOPERATING assumption?JAY CARNEY: It’s NOT an ASSUMPTION!
  12. 12. REPORTER: . . .that there are folks thatDISPUTE that this looks like somethingOTHER than the VIDEO. . .JAY CARNEY: I think that there has been MIXEDreports on this Jake even in the Press, which some ofit has been SPECULATIVE! What I am telling youis this is under investigation. The UNREST aroundthe Region has been IN RESPONSE to thisVIDEO. We DO NOT at this moment haveinformation to SUGGEST or to TELL you that. ..would INDICATE any of this UNREST was PRE-PLANNED! Jake, again, what we have seen isUNREST around the Region in RESPONSE to aVIDEO! . . .
  13. 13. The CAUSE of the UNREST was a VIDEO. . .The REASON why there’s UNREST is BECAUSE of the FILM! This is in RESPONSE to the FILM!We REJECT its MESSAGE and its CONTENTS! We find it both DISGUSTING andREPREHENSIBLE! America has a history of religious tolerance and respect for religious beliefs and thathistory goes back to our Nation’s founding. But there is absolutely. . .as I’ve said, absolutely NOjustification at all for RESPONDING to this MOVIE with VIOLENCE and we are MAKING . . .we areWORKING rather that Muslims around the GLOBE hear that message. . . .We are RESPONDING to and COPING with and DEALING with Countries around the GLOBEUNREST brought about by this offensive VIDEO!
  14. 14. REPORTER: You said earlier said that the course. . .CAUSE of the UNREST was a VIDEO and you REPEATED IT . . .something SIMILAR later on. . . I just want to be CLEAR . . .Is that TRUE of Benghazi and Cairo?JAY CARNEY: I’m saying . . .that. . .the INCIDENT in Benghazi, as well as elsewhere, these are ALLbeing INVESTIGATED! What I am saying, is that we have NO EVIDENCE at this time to SUGGESTotherwise. That. . .That there was a PRE-PLAN or. . .an ULTERIOR INSTIGATION behind thatUNREST. . .We DON’T have and did NOT have CONCRETE evidence to SUGGEST that this was NOT in reaction tothe FILM! But we are obviously INVESTIGATING the matter. .
  15. 15. UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON: Nobody wants to get answers more than Ido. These were people who I care deeply about. I knew Chris Stevens. I asked him PERSONALLY to be inBenghazi during Libyan Revolution. I PERSONALLY nominated him to being Ambassador because I couldnot think of a better person to represent the United States. Somebody who understood what was at stake for Libya,what was at stake for the United States. How these Revolutions – you know – could be so positive or could beHIJACKED. He understood that and he was instrumental in working with the Libyans. So I care deeply about whathappened that night. I care deeply about what we’re going to be doing going forward and I want everybody to knowthat we’re going to get to the bottom of this and when we do that, information will all be public and people willbe able to draw their own conclusions. A BEAST Who PREYS On VICTIMS And Will Do ANYTHING To HIDE Her CRIMES!
  16. 16. The Film Producer BLAMED for IGNITING riots WORLDWIDE is in JAIL TONIGHT! The California man is beingheld WITHOUT BAIL on charges that he VIOLATED PROBATION! Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was sent to PRISON forBANK FRAUD in 2009, and as part of his SUPERVISED release, he’s NOT ALLOWED to use any devices that canACCESS the INTERNET or POST anything to the Web WITHOUT his Probation Officer’s PERMISSION. The Trailer forhis LOW-BUDGET film, “Innocence of Muslims,” was posted on YOUTUBE over the SUMMER. Actors who were in thefilm are NOW FEARING for their LIVES! ACTRESS: My life has been turned upside down. I’m having to live pretty much in HIDING. REPORTER: Can you ever go home again? ACTRESS: I don’t know. I don’t think so.Four of the actors in the movie plan to sue the producer saying, “there was NO MENTION of Islam in the script they wereasked to perform.” And THAT film IS BLAMED for several DEADLY attacks – INCLUDING the one at the U.S. Embassyin Libya on September 11 that KILLED four Americans including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. A law enforcementsource tells CNN WITHIN 24 hours of the attack, U.S. INTELLIGENCE SAW signs that it WAS the work of AL-QEADA or other extremists. WHITE HOUSE Officials have been CRITIZED for ORGINALLY BLAMING it onPROTESTS over the Anti-Muslim film.
  17. 17. Iran says it RESERVES RIGHT to RETALIATE A U.S. California FEDERAL Judge has declared EGYPTIAN-Americanif attacked Nakoula Basseley Nakoula a “FLIGHT RISK” and ORDERED himNetanyahu: RED lines MUST be set for IRAN detained. Nakoula was behind the cruelly-produced Anti-Islam film that has INFLAMED parts of the Middle East. Nakoula has a LENGTHY criminal record. He was sentenced to 21 months in prison due to 2010 Check Fraud conviction and was BARRED from using COMPUTERS or the INTERNET for FIVE (5) years WITHOUT APPROVAL from his PROBATION Officer. On September 18, EGYPT’S Prosecutor General ORDERED seven (7) EGYPTIAN Coptic Christians including Nakoula and a U.S. Pastor to TRIAL. The Prosecutor General requested that the eight (8) Defendants be ARRESTED by INTERPOL and HANDED OVER to EGYPTIAN Authorities.
  18. 18. The bucks stop with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? At least that’swhat Clinton told CNN in an interview on yesterday about the attack in Benghazi that led to thedeath of Ambassador Chris Stevens. In fact, the argument over what happened in Benghazi was ahuge part of tonight’s Presidential Debate. Ben has the “Reality Check” you won’t see anywhereelse.BEN SWANN: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the statement in an interview withCNN. Here’s a portion: HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  19. 19. HILLARY CLINTON: I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! Im in charge of the State Department. 60,000 plus people all over the world - 275 posts. The President and Vice President certainly WOULDNT be KNOWLEDGABLE about SPECIFIC decisions that are made by SECURITY PROFESSIONALS.So what EXACTLY did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton take RESPONSIBILITY FOR? Well tounderstand that you have to consider what Vice President Biden said in last weeks VP Debate. BIDEN: We WEREN’T told they wanted more security. We did NOT know they wanted MORE SECURITY.
  20. 20. The reason why Bidens statement was so SUPRISING because the House OVERSIGHT Committee 13-SECURITY RELATED incidents hadANNOUNCED last week that at leastTAKEN PLACE in the LAST SIX MONTHS at the Mission in Libya and in a letter sent toSecretary of State Hillary Clinton from the Committee, "MULTIPLE U.S.Government Officials have CONFIRMED that PRIOR to the September 11 ATTACK, the U.S. Mission inLibya made REPEATED REQUESTS for INCREASE Security in Benghazi. The Mission in Libya, however,was DENIED these RESOUCES by OFFICIALS in Washington." HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  21. 21. So that means:1 - The U.S. Mission in Libya made REPEATED requests for security.2 – Those REQUESTS were DENIED by Washington.3 – Vice President Biden says the White House DIDN’T KNOW.4 – Secretary of State Clinton now says she’s the one RESPONSIBLE; and she went on to say this:
  22. 22. HILLARY CLINTON: . . .In the wake of an attack like this, in the fog of war, there is always goingto be confusion and I believe it is absolutely fair to say that everyone had the SAME intelligence.Everyone who spoke. . .REPORTER: BAD intelligence it seems though. . .HILLARY CLINTON: Well, everyone who spoke tried to give the information that they had. Astime has gone on, the information has CHANGED. We’ve gotten more detail. But that’s NOTsurprising. That always happens.HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  23. 23. BEN SWANN: But in the Spirit of “Reality Check,” let’s deal in REALITY. Because what Secretary Clinton saidright there, is NOT TRUE. She’s going back to the YouTube video, we thought it was a protest, turns –out- it-wasn’targument. As Reality Check has told you, information from across the INTELLIGENCE Community within 24 Hours ofthat attack, pointed to an attack by Ansor al-Sharia – a Libyan Branch of Al Qaeda – and yet the prevailing narrativefrom statements from President Obama, UN Secretary Susan Rice and even Clinton herself, FOCUSED on theINFLUENCE of the YouTube video.So the bottom line here, even though NATIONAL Media CONTINUES to PRAISE Clinton for “FALLING on herSWORD,” as they say; she’s done NOTHING of the kind! Hasn’t RESIGNED! Hasn’t been FIRED! Isn’t taking thefall for anything! She hasn’t even made a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the family of Secretary Stevens and the three otherAmericans for NOT passing along and approving those REQUESTS for MORE SECURITY.
  24. 24. Why not an apology to the YouTube filmmaker - - Who even if you disagree with his movie, wasNOT responsible for those DEATHS of four Americans after all?At least this - - Tell us what SPECIFIC policies and protocol might be changed in light of whathappened. You see it’s HARD to take RESPONSIBILITY and CLAIM you’ve done NOTHINGwrong. And that is REALITY CHECK! HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  25. 25. Reporter: So you think that if we had walked away from this and didnt give them money today, it would beworse for us from the security standpoint?HILLARY CLINTON: I do. I do. Were building a relationship that just did not exist. I said in our last tripwhen you were with me, that we had a huge trust deficit in part because the United States had. . .to be. . .to befair, we had helped create the problem we are now fighting.REPORTER: How? HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  26. 26. HILLARY CLINTON: Because when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, we had this brilliant idea thatwe were going to come to Pakistan and create a force of Mujahideen, equip them with stinger missiles andeverything else to go after the Soviets inside of Afghanistan; and we were successful. The Soviets leftAfghanistan and then we said, "GREAT, GOOD BYE!" LEAVING THESE TRAINED PEOPLE WHOWERE FANATICAL in Afghanistan and Pakistan leaving them WELL ARMED, CREATING A MESSFRANKLY that at the time we really didnt recognize. WE WERE SO HAPPY TO SEE THE SOVIETUNION FALL and we thought, "OKAY FINE, WERE OKAY NOW. EVERYTHING IS GOING TOBE SO MUCH BETTER." Now you look back, the people we are fighting today, we were supporting in thefight against the Soviets. HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  27. 27. We also have a history of kinda moving in and out of Pakistan. I mean lets remember here the people we are fighting today,WE FUNDED 20 YEARS AGO and we did it because we were locked in this struggle with the Soviet Union. Theyinvaded Afghanistan and we did not want to see them control Central Asia and we "WENT TO WORK" and it wasPresident Reagan IN PARTNERSHIP with the Congress led by Democrats who said, "You know what, sounds like a prettygood idea. Lets deal with the ISI, and the Pakistani Military and lets go RECRUIT these Mujahideen and. . . thats great!Lets get some to come from Saudi Arabia and other places importing their Wahhabi brand of Islam so that we can go andbeat the Soviet Union;” and guess what, they retreated, they LOST BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and it LED TO THECOLLAPSE OF THE SOVIET UNION. So theres a very strong argument which is, "IT WASNT A BADINVESTMENT TO END THE SOVIET UNION, but LETS BE CAREFUL WHAT WE SOW BECAUSE WE WILLHARVEST!" So we then left Pakistan. We said, "Okay, FINE you DEAL WITH THE STINGERS that WE LEFT ALLOVER YOUR COUNTRY, you DEAL WITH THE MINES THAT ARE ALONG THE BORDER, and by the way, WEDONT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU, in fact, WE ARE SANCTIONING YOU!" So westopped dealing with the Pakistani Military and with ISI and we are NOW are MAKING UP FOR A LOT OF LOST TIME!
  28. 28. Beverly Eckert - Lost her husband (Sean Rooney) in the DOMESTIC Terrorist acts carried out by the United States on September 11, 2001. She was an ACTIVIST and advocate for the creation of the 9/11 Commission to INVESTIGATE 9/11. Advocate PUSHING for the TRUTH behind the 9/11 Attacks. Reports allege that Eckert was OFFERED money to keep SILENT but REFUSED! She died in a commuter aircraft accident. She met with United States President Barack Obama as an advocate of those affected by 9/11 "LESS THAN A WEEK" before her DEATH/MURDER on February 12, 2009. http://www.slideshare.net/Vog elDenise/beverlyeckert-wife- of-911-victim-wikipedia-infoIt appears that President Barack Obama, his Legal Counsel/Advisor Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell& Berkowitz may have seen Beverly Eckert and the 40+ passengers as COLLATERAL DAMAGEand took out the airplane she and others were on. It appears that BECAUSE President BarackObama and Baker Donelson were NOT stopped, MORE people would be placed on Obama’sSECRET KILL List: http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/obama-secret-kill-list-13166139
  29. 29. Michael H. Doran - Attorney who volunteered his services to help VICTIMS of the September 11, 2001 attacks receive compensation. It appears Doran and a law firm associate (Matthew Schnirel) were killed/murdered in a plane crash near Cleveland. Reports have it that the National Transportation Safety Board is trying to figure out the cause of the plane crash. There are alleged reports that the Cirrus SR-22 (i.e. type of plane Doran was piloting) has a BUILT-IN PARACHUTE. "The aircraft is perhaps known for being equipped with the Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS), an EMERGENCY Parachute CAPABLE of LOWERING the ENTIRE AIRCRAFT (and OCCUPANTS) to the GROUND in an EMERGENCY." The pilot can reach overhead in the cockpit and pull a red handle that deploys a fuel rocket thatpulls the parachute from the back of the plane. Concerns as to whether an EXPERIENCED and FAACertified Pilot as Michael Doran TRIED to use this SAFETY/EMERGENCY feature. "Eyewitness accounts,according to published reports, said Mr. Doran directed the plane away from neighboring houses, and hewas hailed as a hero." So it appears from reports that Doran took the necessary precautions to avoid casualties on theground BUT DIDNT TRY THE EMERGENCY BACK-UP PARACHUTE that is SPECIAL FEATUREof the CIRRUS SR-22 he was piloting! Is it a COINCIDENT that Michael Doran represented some of theVICTIMS in the 9/11 attacks? Is it a COINCIDENT that Doran represented one of the VICTIMS in theFlight 3407 Airplane Crash on February 12, 2009? Is it a COINCIDENT that one of the VICTIMS onFlight 3407 was Beverly Eckert (wife of 9/11 Attacks Victim Sean Rooney) who just happened to meetwith United States President Barack Obama less than a week before her life ended in a plane crash andthen approximately TWO (2) MONTHS later, the life of attorney Michael Doran and his associate are takenin a plane crash? DATE of DEATH/MURDER April 28, 2009. MICHAEL DORAN – BUFFALO NEWS REPORTING CRASH: http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/doranmichael-buffalo-news911-matter
  30. 30. David F. Wherley - Major General. Was the Commanding General of Joint Force Headquarters, District of Columbia National Guard. Responsible for operational readiness and command and control of District of Columbia Army and Air National Guard units. "Wherley was the officer who scrambled fighters into Washingtons skies on the day of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks." Major General David Wherley retired June 30, 2008 and appears may have been KILLED/MURDERED on June 22, 2009 – i.e. approximately TWO (2) months from Doran’s DEATH/MURDER and approximately FOUR (4) months from Eckert’s DEATH/MURDER – because of the information/knowledge regarding the 9/11 Attacks!http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/david-wherley-911-witness-major-general-wife-killed http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/david-wherley-general-and-911-witness-killed
  31. 31. W. Lee Rawls - Chief of Staff and SeniorCounsel to FBI Director Robert Mueller.Mueller was placed in Office asDIRECTOR on September 4, 2001[seven (7) days prior to the 9/11 Attacks]- MANAGING Partner in BakerDonelson (the firm of former SENATEMajority Leader Howard H. Baker Jr.[DESCENDENT of Founding of BakerDonelson] - DIED December 5, 2010.Richard Holbrooke - SPECIALEnvoy to PAKISTAN andAFGHANISTAN . . . was in ameeting WITH Secretary of StateHillary Clinton -DIED December13, 2010.
  32. 32. John Wheeler II - U.S. MILITARY Expert who served THREE RepublicanPresidents was KILLED and his body was FOUND at a Waste Landfill -December 31, 2010.Lawrence Eagleburger - SENIOR Foreign Policy Advisor with BakerDonelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz - Member of the BOARD ofDIRECTORS of the Halliburton Company [i.e. company in which former VicePresident Dick Cheney was CHAIRMAN and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERfrom approximately 1995 - 2000] - CLOSE friend of the Clintons - DIEDJune 4, 2011. U.S. President Bill and Hillary Clinton
  33. 33. NAVY SEAL “SIX” TEAM MEMBERS That Appear To Have BeenTaken Off The Field Because Of KNOWLEDGE Of The TRUTHBehind The LIE Of KILLING Osama Bin Laden About May 1, 2011 - -MURDERED/KILLED August 6, 2011, Approximately THREE (3)MONTHS After The Alleged Killing Of Osama Bin Laden! NAVY SEAL Victims that may have been KILLED/MURDERED to be kept SILENT: http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/navy-seals- victims-in-080611-attack-possible-911-cover-up AFGHANISTAN: United States of America’s GOVERNMENT uses TAXPAYERS’ Monies To Pay TERRORISTS: http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/taliban-us- paysterrorist2 http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/taliban- paid-360-million-us-tax-dollars
  34. 34. REPORTER: Thank you Mr.President.Senator John McCain and SenatorLindsey Graham both said todaythey want to have “WATERGATE-Style” hearings on the attack onthe U.S. Consulate in Benghaziand said that, “If you nominateSusan Rice to be Secretary ofState, they will everything in theirpower to block her nomination.”As Senator Graham said, “Hesimply doesn’t TRUSTAmbassador Rice AFTER whatshe said about Benghazi.” I’d likeyour reaction to that and wouldthose THREATS deter you frommaking a nomination like that?
  35. 35. you know we’reBARACK OBAMA: I think it is I’m not going to comment at this point on various nominations that PRESIDENT after an election now. Well first,important for us to findout my Cabinet for the Second Term. Those are things that are still being discussed. But let I’ll put forward to fill out exactly what happened inBenghazi and I’m happy toSusan Rice, she has done EXEMPLARY work. She has represented the United States in me say specifically about cooperate in any ways thatCongress wants.the Unitedprovided everyskill and professionalism and toughness and grace. our interests in We have Nations with bit ofinformation that we have and we will continue toprovide information and we’ve gotanFULL-BLOWN As I’ve said before, she made ainvestigation and all of REQUEST of the White appearance AT the that information will bedisgorged to Congress; and I her best House in which she gave don’t think there’s anydebate in this Country that when you have that (4) understanding of the INTELLIGENCE fourAmericans KILLED, that’s a PROBLEMMcCain got to had been provided to her. If Senator and wegetand Senator Graham and others want to go to the bottom of it and there needs to beaccountability. We’ve got to bring those whoand after somebody, they should go after me carried itoutIto justice. They WON’T get any DEBATE from me am happy to have that discussion withon them.But whenthem go go after the UN that! But for they to after the UN Ambassador,APPARENTLY because they think she’s an EASY Ambassador who had NOTHING to do withTARGET, then they’ve got a problem with me. And Benghazi and was simply making ashould I choose, if I think that she would be the best presentation based on INTELLIGENCE thatperson to serve America, in the capacity of the State she had received and to besmirch herDepartment, then I will nominate her. That’s not a reputation is outrageous and . . .determination that I’ve made yet.
  36. 36. As I’ve said before, she made an appearance AT theREQUEST of the White House in which she gave her bestunderstanding of the INTELLIGENCE that had beenprovided to her. If Senator McCain and Senator Grahamand others want to go after somebody, they should go afterme and I am happy to have that discussion with them. Senator John McCain UNDERSTANDING HOW THEUNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S WHITEHOUSE – CONGRESS – SUPREME COURTWill Try And COVER-UP The TERRORIST ACTS of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and Their LEGAL COUNSEL/ATTORNEYS (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) – CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS
  37. 37. HOW can United States of AmericaObamaFraudGate President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel/Advisor Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz handle INVESTIGATIONS involving their OWN and their CONSPIRATORS/CO- A Call For CONSPIRATORS Criminal “IMPEACHMENT” VIOLATIONS? Understanding HOW President Obama/Baker Donelson and CONGRESS will TRY and COVER-UP ObamaFraudGate!
  38. 38. INFORMATION BEING WITHHELD FROM THE PUBLIC/WORLD: The SAME Law Firm (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz – SENIOR COUNSEL/CHIEF OF STAFF to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Robert Mueller) it appears is Legal Counsel to Presidents of the United States, United States Congressional Members and Supreme Court of the United States Justices: http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/bd-oilfield-patents - The FBI is handling the INVESTIGATION(S) in the Benghazi Attack – CONFLICT OF INTEREST is CLEARLY presented and the INVESTIGATION(S) has been COMPROMISED!
  39. 39.  The SAME Law Firm (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) that provide Legal Counsel/Advice to President Barack Obama appears relied upon its TIES/CONNECTIONS as CHIEF COUNSEL to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to create the FAKE/FORGED Certificate of Live Birth released by United States of America President Barack Obama on or 50 about April 27, 2011 – i.e. you are to believe that a Year Old United States President that has had SEVERAL Passports in the past PRIOR to becoming the President of the United States does NOT have a PHOTOCOPY of his Birth Certificate in his PERSONAL records that he had to request copies from the Hawaii Department of Health - - Are you that STUPID?
  40. 40.  Are Americans and Foreign Nations/Leaders/Citizens supposed to be that STUPID? Why was it necessary for President Barack Obama to have what clearly is a FAKE/FORGED Certificate of Live Birth (most likely CREATED by his Legal Counsel/Advisor Baker Donelson) released to the PUBLIC? Why did President Obama not simply provide a PHOTOCOPY as the examples of the Hawaii Certificate of Live Births pulled from the Internet below? Do you have a PHOTOCOPY of your Birth Certificate?
  41. 41.  The SAME Law Firm (Baker Donelson – SENIOR Advisor to the Executive Office of the United States President and COUNSEL to the DEPUTY SECRETARY of the United States Department of Health & Human Services) appears DRAFTED/CREATED Legislation known as ObamaCare – Patient Protection Affordable Health Care Act. Then Baker Donelson as Legal Counsel/Advisor to CONGRESSIONAL Members engaged in CRIMINAL/FRAUDULENT practices to get it passed and then had their Client President Barack Obama sign it into law and then their Clients - the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States acted upon it. All of this was done WITHHOLDING from the PUBLIC/WORLD the CONFLICT- OF-INTEREST present and having it UNLAWFULLY/ILLEGALLY FORCED on Americans WITHOUT making KNOWN their CRIMINAL practices in the handling of this matter. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? ObamaCare may be VOID and CHALLENGED! So those looking to CHALLENGE if attempts are made to FORCE them to comply may find this information BENEFICIAL!
  42. 42.  The SAME Law Firm (Baker Donelson – had its attorneys/judges placed in position as DIRECTOR of the Administrative Office of the United States Court) attempted to SNEAK out one of their employees (James Duff) on September 15, 2011 – the SAME date that Vogel Denise Newsome requested a WRITTEN Status Report regarding INVESTIGATIONS against United States of America President Barack Obama from United States KENTUCKY Senator Rand Paul. . http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/083111-ltr- senatorrandpaulcorrectedversionwithmailingreceipts  The 2012 November Elections appear may have been COMPROMISED by the TAINTED Supreme Court of the United States Ruling in Citizens United v Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 50 (2010) – i.e. which unlawfully/illegally allowed for the HIJACKING of Elections by BIG MONEY INTERESTS GROUPS which have COMPROMISED the Elections rendering them NULL/VOID!  Baker Donelson is also Legal Counsel for the Federal Judges Association.
  43. 43. SUSAN RICE: They’re not on the ground yet but they have already begun looking at all sorts of evidence ofvarious sorts already available to them and to us and they will SUSAN RICE:and continue the investigations. So get on the ground Well Bob let me tell youwe’ll want to see the results of that investigation to draw what we understand to be But based on the best any definitive conclusions. the assessment at present. First of all, very importantly asinformation we have to date, what our assessment is as of the present, is in FACT what it began SPONTANEOUSLYin Benghazi as a REACTION to what had transpired some hours earlier in Cairo.with the Presidentyou know there you discussed Where of course as there is BOB SCHIEFFER:was a VIOLENT PROTEST outside our Embassy SPARKED BY THIS HATEFUL VIDEO! But soon after that Madam an investigation that the United StatesSPONTANEOUS PROTEST began outside of our Consulate in Benghazi, we that this is something like Ambassador, he says believed that it looks HEAVY beenwill launch led by thestages Government FBI.EXTREMIST elements individuals joined in that effort withthat hasWEAPONS thethe sort that are unfortunately in of PLANNINGreadily now available in Libya POST-Revolution; and that it spunhas begun. into something much much more That from there for MONTHS! I understand that youviolent. have been saying that you think that it hasSCHIEFFER: But you do NOT agree with him that this was something that had been PLOTTED we several been SPONTANEOUS. Are out not on BOB SCHIEFFER: But they’re notmonths ago? the same page here? there yet.RICE: We do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this was PREMEDITATED or PRE-PLANNED!
  44. 44. DAVID GREGORY: This is Susan Rice five days AFTER the attack.Can you say definitively that the attacks on our Consulate in Libya that killed AmbassadorStevens and others there – their security personnel – that was spontaneous? Was it a plannedattack? Was there a terrorist element to it?SUSAN RICE: Well, let me tell you the best information that we have at present. First of all,there’s an FBI Investigation which is ongoing and we look to that investigation to give us thedefinitive word as to what transpired. But putting together the best information that we haveavailable to us today - our current assessment is what happened in Benghazi was in fact, initiallya spontaneous reaction to what had transpired hours before in Cairo. Almost a copycat of thedemonstrations against our facility in Cairo - which were prompted of course by the video.
  45. 45. GREGORY: Senator, you said that two days before that, that Director Petraeus said it was TERRORISM.Why didn’t Ambassador Rice call it TERRORISM two days later?DIANNE FEINSTEIN (Jewish – CHAIRMAN of the United States Senate’s Intelligence Committee):Because she could speak publicly only on UNCLASSIFIED speaking points. I have some concerns withthose speaking points. But let me correct one thing.GREGORY: Right. What are the concerns and why speak at all? In other words, why was there referenceto being a terrorist attack taken out of the PUBLIC talking points?FEINSTEIN: That is something that we’re going to find out. But it was. That’s the point. Now with theallegation that the White House CHANGED those talking points – that is FALSE! There was only ONEthing that was CHANGED and I’ve checked into this – I believe it to be ABSOLUTE fact – and that was theword “CONSULATE” was CHANGED to “MISSION.” That’s the ONLY CHANGE that anyone in theWhite House made and I have CHECKED this out! . .
  46. 46. MIKE ROGERS (United States Congressman – CHAIRMAN House Intelligence Committee – FORMERFBI Agent): And-- and this one is a counterpoint here, and-- and again, we get along well here but we maydisagree on this issue. But we get along well on many, many issues. What they. . . What was said, and as Iconclude the course of that INVESTIGATION was that at some point that those so-called talking points – inother words the narratives of how we would call this event - went up to what is called a DEPUTY’SMEETING. When asked, there was no one in the PROFESSIONAL INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITYthat could tell us WHO CHANGED what! So that. . . there goes the DISCONNECT! . . . So theintelligence community said this is-- this was a terrorist act.GREGORY: Why wouldn’t we call it what it was? That’s what I don’t get!REP. ROGERS: That’s a great question.GREGORY: Why not just call it what it was? WHO. . .WHY are we PROTECTING?FEINSTEIN: I happen to think that’s ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! I don’t know WHO we werePROTECTING. I do know that the answer given to us is, “We didn’t want to name a group until we hadsome certainty.” Well where this went awry is that anybody that brings weapons and martyrs and RPGs andbreaks into an asset of the United States is a Terrorist in my view. I mean that’s pretty clear. Also, the other point was once the video was PUT TOGETHER it was CLEAR that there was NO DEMONSTRATION! This should have been KNOWN MUCH EARLIER. It also raises the concern of talking points by Committee and I have some concerns about that.
  47. 47. GREGORY: Was there a COVER-UP? Do you believe that the President or anybody serving the PresidentDELIBERATELY MISLEAD the American people about the TRUE NATURE of this attack for POLITICALreasons?FEINSTEIN: No!GREGORY: ABSOLUTELY NOT Senator?FEINSTEIN: No. . .That’s correct!GREGORY: Do you believe anyone MISLEAD the American people DELIBERATELY for POLITICALreasons?MIKE ROGERS: This is what I know. I ROGERS: But the narrative was…know the narrative was WRONG and thatthe Intelligence was RIGHT! Now getting GREGORY: …does contradict Susan Rice. This isbetween there and there, I think you have to important. You’re saying, Petraeus says, look, I said it wasbe careful about making those terrorism all along. Susan Rice told the American people…ACCUSATIONS. I think that you should ROGERS: Well. . .have to PROVE IT! As an OLD FBIAgent, you should PROVE it first! . . GREGORY: …no, we thought it was spontaneous. There’s a disconnect.GREGORY: So bottom line, as you sayPetraeus…
  48. 48. ROGERS: And even more important-- even more important than that, the-- the narrative as it went from the-- atleast the CIA and other intelligence agencies was accurate as for what we know today. It was an act ofterrorism. We knew that. So the difference was what happened when it went outside the intelligencecommunity for, as-- as the senator called it, you know, a committee to look at this thing and make the determinationon what the narrative was. The narrative was wrong. And why that’s important, this isn’t just about… GREGORY: Yeah. ROGERS: …parsing words and who was right. There were some policy decisions made based on the narrative that was not consistent with the intelligence that we had. That’s my concern. And we need to say, hey, we need to figure out how that happened, and let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again. GREGORY: Yeah. FEINSTEIN: We gave…
  49. 49. GREGORY: Did our people die because we didn’t protect them adequately? Is that the bottom line here? FEINSTEIN: …we gave the direc-- David, we gave the direction yesterday that this whole process is going to be checked out.GREGORY: Right.FEINSTEIN: We are going to find out WHO made CHANGES in the ORIGINAL statement. Until wedo, I really think it’s unwarranted to make accusations.
  50. 50. So What Are Some of The DARK SecretsCORRUPT Government Officials may be HIDING?It appears White Supremacists/Jewish ZIONISTSuse of United States of America’s Military toFIGHT Israel’s RELIGIOUS Wars AGAINSTMuslims and Christians. The USE of a WhiteSupremacist Law Firm (Baker DonelsonBearman Caldwell & Berkowitz), the UnitedStates’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) toCOVER UP the WAR CRIMES of the UnitedStates of America and ISRAEL!
  51. 51. Other DARK Secrets CORRUPT Government Officials may be HIDING? It appears the BOTCHEDKIDNAPPING planned by U.S. President Barack Obama/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton/Secretary ofDefense Leon Panetta/FBI Director Robert Mueller/CIA Director David Petraeus of United StatesAmbassador Chris Stevens in EXCHANGE for Egypt’s BLIND Sheikh. It appears the September 11, 2012attacks were PAID to be CARRIED out by one of the United States of America’s TERRORIST Cell(s) – AlQaeda. Protests may have been SPARKED and INITIATED by President Obama’s Administration to COVER-UP/HIDE Middle East PROTESTS in REACTION to United States of America Secretary of State HillaryClinton’s Television INTERVIEW “PRAISING” America’s WAR CRIMES in the Middle East – MOCKING suchcrimes as STINGERS and then THREATENING Sanctions against Countries OPPOSING the United States ofAmerica! http:/www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/082112-hillary-clinton-dealing-with-the-united-states-of-americas-stingers
  52. 52. GREGORY: We are back. Joined now by the man leading the charge against the Obama administration andU.N. ambassador Susan Rice on this issue of Benghazi, the senior senator from South Carolina RepublicanLindsey Graham. Senator, let’s get right into it. You’ve just heard the chairs of the Intelligence Committeeson Benghazi. The bottom line point, did Director Petraeus call this terrorism from the get go? They sayyes. They don’t understand why the administration didn’t call it the same two days later. How do youreact?SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM (Armed Services Committee): Well, I think one of the reasons thatSusan Rice told the story she did, if the truth came out a few weeks before the election that our consulate inBenghazi, Libya, had been overrun by an al Qaeda sponsored or affiliated militia, that destroys thenarrative we’ve been hearing for months that al Qaeda has been dismantled, bin Laden is dead, we’resafer. And Susan Rice just did not say it was a result of a mob spawned by a video like Cairo. She actuallysaid on Face The Nation, “I want to remind the American people this president promised to go after binLaden, refocus on al Qaeda. He got bin Laden. Al Qaeda has been dismantled. And the truth of thematter is nothing could’ve been further from the truth, and the story she told reinforced a politicalnarrative helpful to the president, but disconnected from reality.
  53. 53. GREGORY: But let me just interrupt on that point. Let’s be-- be very clear about what you’re saying because you also heard Senator Feinstein say unequivocally the notion that there was a cover-up or an attempt to mislead for political reasons is absolutely wrong. She says that it’s character assassination, the way you’re criticizing her, who. . . you believe the president of the United States sent his ambassador to the U.N. out to mislead the American people so that he could get some sort of political gain before the election? That’s the cover-up you. . .you’re accusing them of?GRAHAM: No. I’m saying that the ambassador that had nothing to do with Benghazi-- why wouldyou choose someone who had nothing to do with Benghazi to tell us about Benghazi? That’s kind ofodd. The president said, why pick on her? She didn’t know anything about Benghazi. She was themost politically compliant person they could find. I don’t know what she knew but I know the story shetold was misleading. I don’t know why it was misleading. But let me put this in context. Would thisWhite House mislead the American people about national security events? I think they might simplybecause when the bin Laden raid occurred, they leaked every detail about the raid. We have a Pakistanidoctor in custody because they told about the role he played. The underwear bomber case where westopped a plot in Yemen came out in the New York Times. They told us about how this administrationstopped the cyber-- the role of cyber-attacks on Iranian nuclear program in three weeks. We heard a lot of
  54. 54. GRAHAM: So would-- if they would leak classified information to make him look good, would theywithhold information to prevent him from LOOKING BAD? I think you could say look at that. Andsecondly, our Democratic colleagues on the Valerie Plame case and Scooter Libby, all insisted the Bushadministration could not investigate themselves. When we alleged that the leaks at the highest level ofgovernment that compromised classified information to help the president look strong politically, they wouldnot agree to special counsel. You got two U.S. attorneys under Eric Holder investigating the highestlevels of this government for crimes, leaking classified information to make themselves lookgood. Now, you have a situation where we’re being the mis-- the American people are being misled, anddetails that could hurt them politically, are not coming forth until after the election. GREGORY: Why Senator-- hold on, one second. Why did the… GRAHAM: So, I want to get to the bottom of it. GREGORY: Why did the office of the Director of National Intelligence on September 28th issue a statement in which they-- effectively bolstering the very remarks that Susan Rice made on this program and others, that there was a spontaneous element to this and there was-- contradictory information? Was she not working off the same-- talking points that the intelligence community was working off of and that were changed or were not said publicly, as Senator Feinstein said, for some reason to-- to cover up or to-- to not tip their hand that they were investigating these terror groups?
  55. 55. GRAHAM: Isn’t it kind of odd, if the reason is to take al Qaeda out of the equation, to make sure thatal Qaeda doesn’t know that we are onto them, that the story they told helps the president enormouslythree weeks before the election because I don’t buy that for one bit. That-- that makes no sense tome. Al Qaeda knew we knew about them. We had people in Germany that survived the attack that couldbe interviewed. We had drones overhead. I think it’s very odd that the storyline they chose omitted alQaeda…GREGORY: Mm-Hm.GRAHAM: …which would help the president enormously, and I don’t buy it. So-- and I don’t buy theIntel community did a great job. I-- I like Mike Rogers and Dianne Feinstein, but to say the intelligencecommittee-- community did a good job, what about the months before this attack? What about the riseof al Qaeda in Benghazi? What about the British ambassador closing the consulate in Benghazibecause it was too dangerous for the British? What about the Red Cross leaving? What about all ofthe warnings come out of Benghazi? Did the CIA tell the president that Benghazi is falling into thehands of al Qaeda? And I blame the president more than anybody else. Susan rice is a bit playerhere. Was he-- was he informed of the June attack on our consulate where they blew a hole where 40people could go through? Was he aware of the August 15th cable where Stevens was saying we can’twithstand a coordinated al Qaeda attack? There are 10 militia groups all over Benghazi. I blame thepresident for…
  56. 56. GREGORY: Senator….GRAHAM: ….making this a death trap. I blame the president for not having assets available to help thesepeople for eight hours. We need a select committee not only to look at intelligence failures, but how could theDepartment of Defense not help these poor people for over eight hours and why did the Department of State formonths ignore pleas for help? We need to get this under one roof.GREGORY: Senator, can Susan Rice-- can Susan Rice be confirmed of Secretary of State if nominated by thepresident?GRAHAM: I-- I don’t know. You know, I’m deferential to the president’s picks. I voted for Kagan andSotomayor. President, oh-- Senator Obama voted against John Bolton, Alito and Roberts. He had a very high bar forconfirmation. I have a very low bar. I’m going to listen to what Susan Rice has to say, put her entire record incontext, but I’m not going to give her a plus for passing on a narrative…GREGORY: But your…GRAHAM: …that was misleading to the American people…GREGORY: You wouldn’t filibuster her nomination?GRAHAM: ….and whether she knew it was misleading ornot. I’m going to wait and see what the State Department’sreview has, but I’m very disappointed in-- Susan Rice,somebody who had nothing-- who knew nothing aboutBenghazi, telling a story that was disconnected from realitythat did make the president look good at a time when quitefrankly the narrative should-- should have been challenged,not reinforced that al Qaeda was dismantled. That’s whatthey wanted us to believe, that al Qaeda was dismantled,and Benghazi was exhibit A that that storyline was notworking and was untrue.
  57. 57. GRAHAM: ….making this a death trap. I blame the president for not having assets available to help thesepeople for eight hours. We need a select committee not only to look at intelligence failures, but how could theDepartment of Defense not help these poor people for over eight hours and why did the Department of State formonths ignore pleas for help? We need to get this under one roof.See Page 190: http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/022712-updated-links-for-obama-eviction-notice-011012final
  58. 58. • Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz • U.S. President Barack Obama • U.S. Congressional Members (i.e. John Boehner, John McCain, Mitchell McConnell, Nancy Pelozi, etc.) • Supreme Court of the United States Justices • U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton • U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta • U.S. FBI Director Robert Mueller • U.S. CIA Director David Petraeus • Israel Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuGREGORY: Why wouldn’t we call it what it was? • Egypt President Muhammad Morsi/The MuslimThat’s what I don’t get! Brotherhood • AL QAEDA – Appears is a Terrorist Cell CREATED by theREP. ROGERS: That’s a great question. U.S. CIA with MANY SUB-Cells as - Ansar al-Shari: http://youtu.be/wGbqZHRv19Y, http://youtu.be/YnigFUc0Agw or https://secure.filesanywhere.com/fs/v.aspx?v=8a71648e586476beac6bGREGORY: Why not just call it what it was?WHO. . .WHY are we PROTECTING?
  59. 59. EGYPT, WATCH what you do and HOW you do it. You’re teetering with the CONGRESS in having your AID CUT OFF if you KEEP inciting violence between the Israelis and Palestinians – 11/18/12 U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham The CONSEQUENCES Of Making DEALS With DEVILS:The Muslim Brotherhood/Egypt President Mohammad Morsi – Former U.S. President William “Bill” Clinton – U.S. President Barack Obama – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  60. 60. Reports allege Middle East citizens may have been PAID to STAGE the Protests.Reports allege the “Muhammad Movie” was PAID for by JEWISH Supporters. http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/bacile-sam-movie-film-financed-by-jewish-donors http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/bacile-sam-movie-funded-by-jewish-donations TERRY JONES– Florida “LUNATIC PASTOR” Alleged To Have Been Involved With the Video
  61. 61. SEPTEMBER 2004: PETITIONERS PETITION SEEKING INTERVENTION/PARTICIPATION OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/ex-34-091704-petition-seekingintervention-entergymatter
  62. 62. JULY/AUGUST EMERGENCY 2008: COMPLAINT AND REQUEST FORLEGISLATURE/CONGRESS INTERVENTION; ALSO REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATIONS,HEARINGS AND FINDINGS http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/071408-emergency-complaints-withexhibits-reversedorderreducedNOVEMBER 2008: Faxes to U.S. Senator/President-Elect Barack Obama http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/111208-fax-to-barack-obama-11567768 http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/111408-fax-to-obama-update-request-emergencycomplaint-11566893
  63. 63. OCTOBER 2010: Emergency Motion To Stay; Emergency Motion ForEnlargement Of Time and Other Relief The United States Supreme CourtDeems Appropriate To Correct The Legal Wrongs/Injustices Reported Herein http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/100910-emergency-motion
  64. 64. WHO IS BAKER, DONELSON, BEARMAN, CALDWELL & BERKOWITZ, PC? MEET THEM: BAKER DONELSON = TERRORISM: The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention ofEGYPT, WATCH what intimidating or coercing societies or governments often for you do and HOW ideological or political reasons. you do it. You’re Baker Donelson. . .is an ORGANIZED White Supremacist teetering with the Organization/Business that has relied upon its power, positions CONGRESS in and CONTROL over the United States Government to having your AID UNLAWFULLY use and THREATEN use of FORCE or VIOLENCECUT OFF if you KEEP against people (i.e. such as Newsome, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) inciting violence or property with the intention of INTIMIDATING or COERCINGbetween the Israelis societies or governments for EVIL/WICKED and POLITICAL and Palestinians POWER/GAIN. United States Government A Road To Destruction CIA FBI
  65. 65. BAKER DONELSON = DOMESTIC TERRORISM:Terrorism that occurs primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of theUnited States [18 USCA § 2331(5)]. Terrorism that is carried outAGAINST ones OWN Government or FELLOW CITIZENS. This is what happened on 9/11 (September 11, 2001) - Under theDIRECTION/LEADERSHIP/CONTROL of its Legal Counsel/Advisors (i.e. Baker Donelson, etc.),President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney, theUnited States Congress/Legislature, etc. carried out one of the MOSTHORRIFIC Crimes on United States soil - - the bombing of its OWN "World TradeCenters" and the DOWNING of its OWN Passenger Jets on United States soil which costthe lives of MANY. . .MANY. . .Innocent people/citizens. 9/11 was a TERRORIST Act carriedout by Baker Donelson, the United States Government and other CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS against its OWN Country. 9/11 WAS NOT the acts of the man claimed to DOOMbe Osama Bin Laden. 9/11 was the United States Government and was done to INSTILL &Fear in the United States citizens to provide TERRORIST Groups like Baker Donelson and DESTRUCTIONthe United States Government, etc. with an EXCUSE to INVADE Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran AHEADand other countries under FALSE PRETENSE - to UNLAWFULLY/ILLEGALLY takecontrol of their RESOURCES: Oil, Gas, Gold, Coal, Monies, Lands, etc. United States Government CIA FBI
  66. 66. THE ROAD THAT LED TOBAKER DONELSON = DOMESTIC TERRORISM: GOLIATH’STerrorism that occurs primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the DESTRUCTIONUnited States [18 USCA § 2331(5)]. Terrorism that is carried outAGAINST ones OWN Government or FELLOW CITIZENS. United States Government CIA FBI
  67. 67. BAKER DONELSON = INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM: United States GovernmentTerrorism that occurs primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the UnitedStates, or that transcends national boundaries by the means in which it iscarried out, the people it is intended to intimidate, or the place where theperpetrators operate to seek asylum. Terrorist Groups as Baker Donelson/United States Presidents/United StatesGovernment and their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS for Decades/Years have takentheir TERRORIST acts OUTSIDE the United States INTO Foreign Countries/Lands - - for CIA FBIpurposes of DESTROYING lives, INTIMIDATION, COERCION/THREATS/FEAR, OPPRESSIONand CONTROL- - where such Terrorist Groups as Baker Donelson/United StatesGovernment, etc. OPERATE to seek asylum and set up CAMPS/FORTS to SURVEY theirTargets/Victims that they seek to OVERTHROW.
  68. 68. Abraham John F. Robert Medgar Malcolm X Martin Luther Lincoln Kennedy Kennedy Evers King, Jr.BAKER DONELSON = TERRORIST: One who engage in acts or an act ofterrorism. Somebody who uses VIOLENCE or the THREAT of violence, especially BOMBING,KIDNAPPING, and ASSASSINATION, to INTIMIDATE, often for POLITICAL purposes. Terrorist Groups as Baker Donelson/United States Presidents/United States Government and theirCONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS have engaged in acts of TERRORISM. They have not ONLY subjected Newsome toVIOLENCE, THREATS and having her KIDNAPPED, etc. but have used such TERRORIST acts not only in thePRESENT but also in the PAST in its ASSASSINATIONS of: (1) Former President Abraham Lincoln; (2) FormerPresident John F. Kennedy; (3) President Kennedys brother Robert Kennedy; (4) Civil Rights LeaderMalcolm X; (5) Civil Rights Leader Medgar Evers; (6) Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr., and MANYothers who OPPOSED Slavery, OPPRESSION, BONDAGE and sought to move the United States forwardRATHER than back to the Past as Baker Donelson and the United States Government is trying to do now. - -To INSTILL FEAR in people and a TOOL of CONTROL/INTIMIDATION, these people were ASSASSINATED for politicalpurposes/power.
  69. 69. DAVID GREGORY: Senator can Susan Rice be confirmed as Secretary of State if nominated by the President?LINDSEY GRAHAM (United States Senator – Armed Services Committee): I don’t know. I’m differentialto the President’s picks. I voted for Kagan and Sotomayor. President . . .Senator Obama voted AGAINSTJohn Bolton, Alito and Roberts. He had a VERY HIGH bar for confirmation. I have a very LOW bar. I’mgoing to listen what Susan Rice has to say, put her ENTIRE record in context, but I’m NOT going to give hera plus for passing on a narrative that was MISLEADING to the American people. . . .GREGORY: You wouldn’t FILIBUSTER her nomination?GRAHAM: . . .and whether she KNEW it was misleading or not.I’m going to wait and see what the States Department’s Reviewhas. But I’m very disappointed in Susan Rice – somebody who hadnothing. . .who knew nothing about Benghazi telling a story thatwas DISCONNECTED from reality that did make the Presidentlook good and at a time
  70. 70. GRAHAM: when quite franklyMABUS’ EMPLOYMENT HISTORY – Baker Donelson Bearman the narrative should havebeen challenged not REINFORCED that Berkowitz: was Caldwell & Al Qaeda http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/mabus-raymondemploy-tiesDISMANTLED. That’s what they wanted us to believe. http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/baker-donelson-wikipedia-information-withraymondmabusinfoThat Al Qaeda was DISMANTLED and Benghazi wasEXHIBIT “A” that, that STORYLINE was NOT working http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/baker-donelson-wikipedia-info-11566741- was UNTRUE!! . . . Baker Donelson Is Legal Counsel To President Barack Obama, Congressional Members and Supreme Court Justices: http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/bd-oilfield-patents
  71. 71. KERRY LADKA: This question actually comes from a Brain Trust that my friends at Global Telecom Supply in Minneola yesterday. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Ah hah. LADKA: We were sitting around talking about Libya and we were reading and became aware of reports that the State Department REFUSED EXTRA security for our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya PRIOR to the attacks that KILLED four Americans. WHO was it that DENIED ENHANCED security and WHY?PRESIDENT OBAMA: Let me first of all talk about our Diplomats because they serve all around the world and do anincredible job in a very dangerous situation and these aren’t just Representatives of the United States, their myRepresentatives. I send them there. Often times into harm’s way. I know these folks and I know their families. So nobodyis more concerned about their safety and security than I am. So as soon as we found out that the Benghazi Consulate wasbeing overrun I was on the phone with my National Security Team and I gave them THREE INSTRUCTIONS: No. 1: Beef up our security and safe. . . procedures. Not just in Libya but in every Embassy and Consulate inthe Region. No. 2: Investigate EXACTLY what happened. REGARDLESS of where the FACTS lead us. To make surethat folks are HELD ACCOUNTABLE and it DOESN’T happen again; and No. 3: We are going to FIND OUT WHO DID THIS and we are going to HUNT THEM DOWN. Becauseone of the things I have said throughout my presidency is, “When folks mess with Americans, we go AFTERthem.”Now Governor Romney had a different response. While we were still dealing with our Diplomats being THREATENED,Governor Romney put out a Press Release. Trying to make POLITICAL POINTS and that’s NOT how a Commander-In-Chief operates. You DON’T turn National Security into a POLITICAL Issue. Certainly NOT right when it’s happening . .
  72. 72. FACTS IN UNDERSTANDING THE TIMELINE-OF-EVENTS LEADING TO THE BENGHAZI ATTACK COVER-UP: It appears from research, United States of America Secretary of StateHILLARY CLINTON conducted a television interview in which she BOASTabout the United States’ ROLE in bringing about the COLLAPSE of the SovietUnion as well as the STINGERS the United States’ Wars have left across theMiddle East. It appears from the Television Interview, Secretary of State HILLARYCLINTON BOAST about the United States of America’s creation of Terrorist Cellsas AL QAEDA and how the United States of America is NOW fighting itsCREATIONS (i.e. Terrorist Cell Members of groups CREATED by it). SecretaryHillary Clinton also THREATENING SANCTIONS on Middle Eastern Nationsthat opposes the United States of America’s TERRORIST Acts and/or War Crimes! Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Television Interview was out there andavailable in MANY PUBLIC Social/Internet Forums. However, it appears that inan effort to COVER-UP the BACKLASH, OPPOSITION and UPRISINGS thatwould follow from Secretary Clinton’s Television Interview, United States ofAmerica President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel/Advisor Baker DonelsonBearman Caldwell & Berkowitz (i.e. having WHITE SUPREMACIST andJEWISH ties/connections) resorted to using their CONTROL and connectionswith Social Forums as YouTube.com to PUSH and PROMOTE their ROLE inthe CREATION and DISTRIBUTION of the “MUHAMMAD MOVIE” – a moviethat reports allege was FINANCED by JEWISH supporters – and PUSHED by aJEWISH-Run MAINSTREAM Media for purposes of INCITING andPROVOKING the unrest in the Middle East MASTERMINDED by the UnitedStates of America, ISRAEL and their ALLIES!
  73. 73. WHY IS THIS INFORMATION IMPORTANT? WELL IT APPEARS:1) The United States of America has INITIATED andSTARTED Wars for purposes of TRAINING WhiteSupremacist Group Members; and http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/obama-us-wars-used-to-train- white-supremacist-english2) The United States of America has CONSPIRED withIsrael to use the United States’ Military to fight Israel’sRELIGIOUS Wars AGAINST Muslim/Islamic Nations aswell as Christians – i.e. in that it is NO Secret that Israel isANTI-Muslim/Islamic as well as ANTI-Christian.However, to use the United States of America’s Militaryforces to carry out such HORRENDOUS and HIDEOUSWar Crimes to PROMOTE their HIDDENRACIST/RELIGIOUS Agenda is UNACCEPTABLE andare War Crimes that may require SWIFT JUSTICE to ENDthe TERRORIST Acts of the United States of America,Israel and their Allies in the Middle East and other Regions!
  74. 74. . . .not everybody agrees with some of the decisions I’ve made. But when it comes to ourNational Security, I mean what I say. I said I’d end the War in Libya. . .in Iraq and I did. I saidthat we’d go after Al Qaeda and Bin Laden – We have! I said that we’d transition out ofAfghanistan and start making sure that Afghans are responsible for their own security – That’swhat I’m doing; and when it comes to this issue – When I say that we are going to find outEXACTLY what happened, EVERYBODY WILL be HELD ACCOUNTABLE, and I amULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for what’s taking place there, because these are my folks andI’m the one who has to GREET THE COFFINS when they come home, you know I MEANWHAT I SAY!
  75. 75. Secretary Clinton has done anEXTRAORDINARY job but sheWORKS for me. I’m the Presidentand I’m ALWAYS RESPONSIBLEand that’s why nobody is moreinterested in finding out EXACTLYwhat happened than I do.
  76. 76. The day AFTER the attack Governor Istood in the Rose Garden and I told theAmerican people and the WORLD thatwe are going to find out EXACTLYwhat happened, that this was an ACTof TERROR, and I also said we’regoing to HUNT DOWN THOSEWHO COMMITTED THIS CRIME;and a few days later, I was theregreeting the CASKETS coming intoAndrews Air Force Base and grievingwith the families. And the suggestionthat anybody in MY Team or theSecretary of State, our UNAmbassador, anybody on MY Teamwould play POLITICS or MISLEADwhen we LOST FOUR OF OUR OWNGovernor is OFFENSIVE. That’sNOT what we do. That’s NOT what Ido as President. That’s NOT what I doas Commander-In-Chief.
  77. 77. The bucks stop with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? At least that’s what Clintontold CNN in an interview on yesterday about the attack in Benghazi that led to the death ofAmbassador Chris Stevens. In fact, the argument over what happened in Benghazi was a hugepart of tonight’s Presidential Debate. Ben has the “Reality Check” you won’t see anywhereelse.BEN SWANN: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the statement in an interview withCNN. Here’s a portion: HILLARY CLINTON: I take responsibility. I’m in charge of the State Department - 60,000 plus people all over the world – 275 Posts. The President and the Vice President certainly wouldn’t be KNOWLEDGEABLE about SPECIFIC decisions that are made by SECURITY PROFESSIONALS.
  78. 78. BEN SWANN: So what exactly did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for?Well to understand that, you have to consider what Vice President Biden said in last week’s VP Debate: VICE PRESIDENT JOSEPH BIDEN: We WEREN’T TOLD they wanted more security. We did NOT know they wanted MORE security.BEN SWANN: The reason why Biden’s statement was so SURPRISING because the House OVERSIGHTCommittee announced last week that at least 13 SECURITY-RELATED incidents had taken place in thePAST six (6) months at the Mission in Libya and in the letter sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clintonfrom the Committee: “Multiple U.S. federal government officials have confirmed. . .that, PRIOR to the Sept. 11 attack, the U.S. mission in Libya made REPEATED requests for INCREASED security in Benghazi. . .The mission in Libya, however, was DENIED these resources by officials in Washington.” – Letter to Sec. of State Hillary Clinton
  79. 79. So that means: 1 - The U.S. Mission in Libya made REPEATED requests for security. 2 – Those REQUESTS were DENIED by Washington. 3 – Vice President Biden says the White House DIDN’T KNOW. 4 – Secretary of State Clinton now says she’s the one RESPONSIBLE; and she went on to say this: HILLARY CLINTON: . . .In the wake of an attack like this, in the fog of war, there is always going to be confusion and I believe it is absolutely fair to say that everyone had the SAME intelligence. Everyone who spoke. . . REPORTER: BAD intelligence it seems though. . . HILLARY CLINTON: Well, everyone who spoke tried to give the information that they had. As time has gone on, the information has CHANGED. We’ve gotten more detail. But that’s NOT surprising. That always happens.
  80. 80. BEN SWANN: But in the Spirit of “Reality Check,” let’s deal in REALITY. Because what Secretary Clintonsaid right there, is NOT TRUE. She’s going back to the YouTube video, we thought it was a protest, turns –out- it-wasn’t argument. As Reality Check has told you, information from across the INTELLIGENCE Communitywithin 24 Hours of that attack, pointed to an attack by Ansor al-Sharia – a Libyan Branch of Al Qaeda – andyet the prevailing narrative from statements from President Obama, UN Secretary Susan Rice and even Clintonherself, FOCUSED on the INFLUENCE of the YouTube video.So the bottom line here, even though NATIONAL Media CONTINUES to PRAISE Clinton for “FALLING onher SWORD,” as they say; she’s done NOTHING of the kind! Hasn’t RESIGNED! Hasn’t been FIRED! Isn’ttaking the fall for anything! She hasn’t even made a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the family of Secretary Stevens andthe three other Americans for NOT passing along and approving those REQUESTS for MORE SECURITY.Why not an apology to the YouTube filmmaker - - Who even if you disagree with his movie, was NOT responsiblefor those DEATHS of four Americans after all?At least this - - Tell us what SPECIFIC policies and protocol might be changed in light of what happened. You seeit’s HARD to take RESPONSIBILITY and CLAIM you’ve done NOTHING wrong. And that is REALITYCHECK!
  81. 81. It appears these Americans and others haveDIED because TERRORISTS as Baker DonelsonBearman Caldwell & Berkowitz and theirTERRORIST CELLS – Al Qaeda - have NOT beenstopped.
  82. 82. NEWS ANCHOR: Is the United States supporting Al Qaeda in SYRIA? Reality Check looked at a reportfrom Reuters last week that indicates that the answer is YES! So why did an Irish journalist claim that Ben was "supporting propaganda in support of Syriasleader?" Ben has the REALITY CHECK that you wont see anywhere else.BEN SWASENN: It was Sunday when Anonymous was able to hack the Reuters News Service Twitteraccount. Well as part of that, they twitted our Realty Check based on a Reuters article that the ObamaAdministration IS SECRETELY PROVIDING SUPPORT TO OPPOSITION FORCES in SYRIA. Heres aclip from that report:
  83. 83. BEN SWASENN: But the BIG QUESTION that NO ONE IS ASKING, "WHO ARE THESE REBELS THAT THE U.S. IS SUPPORTING? Well buried at the bottom of that Reuters Article, "Recent News reports from the region has suggested thatthe influence and numbers of Islamist Militants someof them connected to Al Qaeda or its affiliates havebeen GROWING AMONG ASSADS OPPONENTS.” In response a PRO-OPPOSITION REPORTER from theIrish Times Online, Mary Fitzgerald, called our story PRO-ASSAD propaganda. So is Are we that TRUE? SHIELDING for Assad? Or maybe we are just SHIELDING FOR THE TRUTH!HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  84. 84. FACT NUMBER 1: There is NO QUESTION that Al Qaeda FIGHTERS ARE PART OF THE OPPOSITION FORCES ATTEMPTING TO OVERTHROW Syrias Government - - From the New York Times: July 25: "One al-Qaeda operative a 56-year old known as Abu Thuhu who lives near Kirkuk in Iraq, spoke to an Iraqi reporter for the New York Times on Tuesday. We have experience now fighting the Americans, and more experience now with the Syrian revolution,’ he said. Our big hope is to form a Syrian-Iraqi Islamic state for all Muslims, and then announce our war against Iran and Israel, and free Palestine." Well we already know that much of the opposition in Libya to overthrow Gadaffi were al-Qaeda fighters. But if we look at HISTORY, NONE OF THIS IS ANYTHING NEW!HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  85. 85. FACT NUMBER 2: The creation of al-Qaeda wasnt Islamic fundalmentalism, it was the CIA. The Mujahideen was created by the CIA to create problems for the Soviets. You might say thats crazy talk right? Heres Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. HILLARY CLINTON: To be fair, we had helped create the problem we are now fighting. REPORTER: How?HILLARY CLINTON: Because when the Soviet Unioninvaded Afghanistan, we had this brilliant idea that we were create a forcegoing to come to Pakistan andof Mujahideen, equip them with stingermissiles and everything else to go after the Soviets inside ofAfghanistan. HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  86. 86. BEN SWASENN: Ah, so its NOT a conspiracy theory, its HISTORY; and its HISTORY thats being REPEATED in Libya and NOW in SYRIA! But there is a BIGGER PROBLEM HERE! One that EVERY American SHOULD BE QUESTIONING! Were fighting al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, but were ALSO BOMBING al-Qaeda TARGETS in PAKISTAN and in YEMEN; and as we do that, something occurs KNOWN AS COLLATERAL DAMAGE! Hundreds of civilians in Yemen have been KILLED in just the first half of 2012, by U.S. AIR STRIKES AIMED at al-Qaeda fighters. From NPR: "In the mid-May strike in Joar, for example, Yemeni officials said two militants and eight civilians were killed. According to residents we spoke with, no militants were killed but there were 17 to 26 civilian deaths. That was just one of more than 40 documented strikes this year alone."HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  87. 87. BEN SWASENN: By the way, in that picture right there, that boy is 15 years old and he was wounded while watching his father and brother die in one of those air strikes. So what YOU NEED TO KNOW TONIGHT IS HEAVY! OUR GOVERNMENT IS BOMBING SITES AROUND THE WORLD IN AN ONGOING WAR WITH AL-QAEDA - in IRAQ where al-Qaeda had NO presence BEFORE the U.S. War, al-Qaeda is NOW THRIVING! The SAME al-Qaeda - YES - CREATED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT in order to HARM the SOVIETS and today, at least 13,000 CIVILIANS in Afghanistan are DEAD as a result of that War with al-Qaeda. So with all respect to Ms. Fitzgerald, from the Irish Times, this is NOT propaganda! Rather it is the QUESTION that EVERY American SHOULD BE DEMANDING ANSWERS ON FROM CONGRESS and this PRESIDENT! WHY ARE WE GIVING al- Qaeda fighters MONEY and WEAPONS to OVERTHROW yet ANOTHER GOVERNMENT in the Middle East? TODAY our Government claims they are FREEING the people of Syria! TOMORROW, if HISTORY TELLS US ANYTHING, we will be KILLING and WOUNDING civilians in AIR STRIKES and then REFERRING to them as COLLATERAL DAMAGE in a War with an ENEMY who we BROUGHT to POWER - - and that is REALITY CHECK!!!!HILLARY CLINTON: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CREATED AL-QAEDA!
  88. 88. Taking on the United States of America’s CREATEDMiddle East TERRORIST CELL(S) – Al Qaeda - beingused to OVERTHROW the Syrian Government
  89. 89. The RIGHT to DEFEND AGAINST “INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST” –MASKED as Al-Qeada - by WHATEVER Means NECESSARY!HOLDING the United States of America’s President andCONGRESSIONAL Members RESPONSIBLE for what appears to betheir ROLE in the OVERTHROW of Syrian Government!
  90. 90. Syria President Bashar al-Assad KNOWS the INTERNATIONALTERRORISTS – United States of America and its Middle EastTERRORIST CELL (Al-Qaeda) - he is FIGHTING.If “CHEMICAL WEAPONS” that are alleged may be used – HOLD theUnited States of America’s President Barack Obama/CONGRESS andtheir Legal Counsel/Advisor Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell &Berkowitz and their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORSRESPONSIBLE!
  91. 91. Baker Donelson is Legal Counsel/Advisor to the UnitedStates of America Presidents, Congressional Members andSupreme Court of the United States.http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/092812-david-addington-article-englishIt appears Baker Donelson played a MAJOR Role in using itsemployees – David S. Addington and Lawrence Eagleburger toproduce a FALSE “Iraq Study Group Report” with its SupremeCourt Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the Panel as well. NOWeapons of Mass Destruction were found in IRAQ. Look at theLIVES lost from such LIES and TERRORIST’S Acts!
  92. 92. George C. MontgomeryBaker Donelson is Legal Counsel/Advisor to the United States of America Presidents, Congressional Members andSupreme Court of the United States – Places its employees in positions as U.S. Ambassadors, in agencies as theFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for purposes of furthering its WHITESUPREMACIST/TERRORIST Agendas. For instance, Howard BAKER (a descendant of founder of BakerDonelson) served as CHIEF of Staff to United States President as well as U.S. Ambassador. http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/bd-howard-baker-wiki-info http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/baker-howardbioGEORGE C. MONTGOMERY a Baker Donelson employee also served as a U.S. Ambassador and is hailed forknowing “the value of working with U.S. embassies on behalf of his clients in the MIDDLE EAST. Diplomatsalways have the most UP-TO-DATE PICTURE of the region, he says, and the MOST IN-DEPTH understandingof the POLITICS and CULTURE.”
  93. 93. The United States of America LIED about“Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq itappears for purposes of GAINING access tothe region to build and organize itsTERRORIST Cells – Al Qaeda – toOVERTHROW Middle East Governments andtake CONTROL!They were successful in getting SaddamHussein. Now they are AFTER SyriaPresident Bashar al-Assad; however, did NOTexpect President al-Assad to use whatevermeans NECESSARY to DEFEND Syria fromthese INTERNATIONAL Terrorists.
  94. 94. Syria President Bashar al-Assad may know that the United States of America is BROKEFINANCIALLY – i.e. CANNOT afford to CONTINUE to SECRETLY finance its Middle EastTERRORIST CELL – Al Qaeda and OPPOSITION forces.Therefore, it appears that United States of America President Barack Obama – likePresident George W. Bush – took on a battle on the advice of WHITE RACIST LegalCounsel Baker Donelson and NOW MUST “TUCK-TAIL” in DEFEAT. It is time toHOLD the United States of America RESPONSIBLE for its ROLE in the Middle EastWAR CRIMES and then ABANDONING opposition forces who are continuing to lookfor monies and weapons from the United States of America and itsCONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS!
  95. 95. It appears from the News coverage, the PLAN was to put Mitt Romney in the White House. However,it appears that an ELEVENTH (11TH ) Hour event may have occurred that caused for theSCRAPPING of this 2012 ELECTION FRAUD/SCAM - - putting Barack Obama BACK in the WhiteHouse RATHER than going with Mitt Romney. What may that have been? OOPS1. The POSTING of Vogel Denise Newsome’s SlideShare Document entitled, UNDERSTANDING THE GAME AND WHY THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE: 2012 NOVEMBER ELECTIONS http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/president-barack-obama-obamafraudgate2. The November 5, 2012 (day BEFORE Presidential Election) Supreme Court of United States filing by Vogel Denise Newsome: http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/103012-petition-for-original- writ-et-al-us-supreme-court-received-110512
  96. 96. Well we always say that elections have CONSEQUENCES especially for the LOSING Campaign. ItsCLEAR that the Romney Campaign was PREPARED for a VICTORY ELECTION NIGHT. Sourcestoday told of the moment that Romney himself said, "Its NOT going to happen" while his wife AnnCRIED by his side that night. The Campaign VICTORY CELEBRATION FIREWORKS in BostonHarbor had to be TAKEN DOWN - disassembled - and then SOMEHOW this ended up on the web.The Romney PRESIDENTIAL TRANSITION WEBSITE featuring the OFFICIAL Logo of thePRESIDENT-ELECT, a section on the INAUGURATION and how to JOIN the RomneyAdministration that of course wasnt to be.The PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT That EXPOSED The United States of America’s2012 ELECTION FRAUD: http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/president-barack-obama-obamafraudgate
  97. 97. The POSTING of Mitt Romney’s PRESIDENT-Elect Website was NO ACCIDENT!This is information the PUBLIC/WORLD needs to see so they can understand how CORRUPTand TAINTED the United States of America’s ELECTIONS are.Elections CONTROLLED/RUN by White Supremacist and Jewish ZIONISTS!
  98. 98. In May 2008, Obama asked Lu to begin planning for a possible presidential transition. Obama warned him to tell NO one about the nascent operation, even his own wife, so Lu quietly rented a small office in D.C. and secretly met with people who had worked on previous Democratic presidential transition efforts. The planning efforts produced policy options on a wide range of topics, compiled names of and began vetting potential political appointees for top jobs, arranged over 100 security clearances, and managed the logistics for expanding the operations after Election Day. http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/chris-p-lu-wikipedia-info-president-barack-obamaWhile President Barack Obama’s knowledge of becoming President of the United States ofAmerica appears to have been as early as May of 2008, report(s) allege that Mitt Romney appearsto have known as early as JUNE 2012, if NOT before! WHAT FRAUDULENT/CRIMINAL ACTS – STEALING/THEFT of Americans’ VOTING RIGHTS!
  99. 99. Now YOU know the TRUTH as to WHY Michelle Obamahad on an OLD DRESS and Ann Romney the RED.Now YOU know the TRUTH as to WHY Mitt Romneydid NOT have a CONCESSION Speech, WHY he hadthe Campaign VICTORY CELEBRATIONFIREWORKS on his side and WHY Mitt Romney’sPRESIDENT-Elect Website was up and ready to gothe NEXT day and the PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTleading to the “ELECTION BEING YANKED” right fromunderneath Romney and WHY it took OVER an HOURfor him to prepare and give his CONCESSION Speech –i.e. it appears they had to BREAK THE NEWS WHYthey were NOT putting him in the White House!Now you KNOW WHY the STOCKS CRASHED thefollowing day!
  100. 100. THE BONE THROWN FOR DISTRACTIONPURPOSES - - WHY the General Petraeus SEXSCANDAL does NOT pass the “SMELL TEST” - it appears:1. FRONT/COVER-UP for the LAST minute decision to YANK of the Presidential Elections from Mitt Romney that was originally PLANNED2. The PLAN was to place Mitt Romney in the White House; therefore, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, General Petraeus and others would have been out – AVOIDING a carry over in the Benghazi Attack Investigation(s); however, because of the LAST-MINUTE blow and the EXPOSURE of ObamaFraudGate, this was a CRISIS that the Obama Administration, CONGRESS, the SUPREME COURT of the United States and their Legal Counsel/Advisor Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz did NOT see coming.  PS http://www.slideshare.net/VogelDenise/president-barack- obama-obamafraudgate