02/10/13 ADECCO EMAIL (For Translation)


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02/10/13 ADECCO EMAIL (For Translation)

  1. 1. ADECCO – CARL ZEISS VISION JOB ASSIGNMENT: DID YOU KNOW? United States of America President Barack Obama’s and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz’ and Banker/JP Morgan Chase Bank’s DISCRIMINATORY practices are so SUBTLE and MASKED; however, see if you recognize these UNLAWFUL/ILLEGAL discriminatory practices. For instance, have you ever seen white employees who CANNOT do their jobs; however, relies on SUPERVISORS/MANAGERS to COVER-UP/SHIELD their INCOMPETENCE? Perhaps you have had to TRAIN LESS QUALIFIED white employees who may later wind up getting your job and perhaps you being DEMOTED and/or FIRED/TERMINATED? White employee(s) with LESS EXPERIENCE, QUALIFICATIONS, EDUCATION, etc. getting job(s) you qualify for? PLEASE FEEL FREE TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT www.vogeldenisenewsome.net TRANSLATION BUTTON (To Read In Another Language) IS IN THE UPPER RIGHT- HAND CORNER OF THE WEBSITE. OTHER DOCUMENTS CREATED and/or BEING SHARED BY VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME MAY ALSO BE FOUND AT: www.slideshare.net/vogeldenise TO: ADECCO – c/o Gerald and Brittany FROM: Vogel Denise Newsome RE: CZV Assignment – Notification of Complaints Submitted – Concerns Regarding THIRD Party(s) As United States of America President Barack Obama, His Legal Counsel/Attorney Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz And JP Morgan Chase Bank‟s Interference With Equal Employment Opportunities DATE: February 10, 2013
  2. 2. This is in follow-up to our telephone conversations on Wednesday (2/6/13) and Friday(2/8/13) regarding my concerns brought to CZV’s/Brian’s attention on Friday (2/1/13) andthe meeting on Thursday (2/7/13) requested by CZV’s Jerry Hostetler (?sp), Jerry Smith andBrian. While I may want to believe this matter is resolved, I am confident that it is NOTbecause of HISTORICAL reasons and because it appears to be a CONTINUED PATTERN ofattacks that have been leveled against me (i.e. spanning over 20 years) for RACIAL,DISCRIMINATORY and PREJUDICIAL reasons. Unlawful/Illegal practices that thePERPETRATORS clearly want to be kept HIDDEN from the PUBLIC’S/WORLD’S view.However, appears may have to also become a matter for PUBLIC SHARING to provide thePUBLIC/WORLD of how such issues continue to exist in 2013 and the attempts toCOVER-UP such RACISIM/DISCRIMINATION leveled against AFRICIAN-Americans.The following information is PERTINENT/RELEVANT in addressing the CONTINUEDPATTERN-OF-DISCRIMINATORY/RACIST attacks that have been leveled against me andto IDENTIFY the CULPRITS carrying out these UNLAWFUL/ILLEGAL practices – i.e.culprits who it now appears are looking to add ADECCO and/or CZV to their list of CO-CONSPIRATORS if they are not already WILLING participants:LAW FIRM/Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz – CLIENTS:United States of America President Barack Obama /Congressional Members (Senateand House of Representatives)/Supreme Court of the United States Justices/Federal JudgesAssociation and JP Morgan Chase Unless a man is honest we have no right to keep him in public life, it matters not how brilliant his capacity, it hardly matters how great his power of doing good service on certain lines may be... No man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others, can possibly do his duty by the community” - - Teddy Roosevelt. Essence of a conspiracy is an agreement to commit an unlawful act. Agreement to commit an unlawful act, which constitutes the essence of a conspiracy, is a distinct evil that may exist and be punished whether or not the substantive crime ensues. Id. Conspiracy poses a threat to the public over and above the threat of the commission of the relevant substantive crime, both because the combination in crime makes more likely the commission of other crimes and because it decreases the probability that the individuals involved will depart from their path of criminality. - - The Supreme Court of the United States finding in U.S. v. Jimenez Recio, 123 S.Ct. 819 (2003) The “freedom of speech and of the press” guaranteed by the Constitution embraces at least the liberty to discuss publicly and truthfully all matters of public concern without previous restraint or fear of subsequent punishment - - United States Constitutional Amendments 1 and 14 - - The Supreme Court of the United States finding in Thornhill v. State of Alabama, 60 S.Ct. 736 (1940)JP MORGAN CHASE BANK and ADECCO Relationship:https://www.adr.com/Home/LoadPDF?CMSID=628bee305ae04b8ab907c9b7d00c195dJP MORGAN CHASE BANK/JAMIE DIMON (CHIEF EXECUTIVEOFFICER/CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF JP MORGAN CHASE ) is United States ofAmerica’s President Barack Obama’s FAVORITE BANKER:http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/d/james_dimon/index.htmlThe above information and that to follow have been provided to ESTABLISH what is known asa NEXUS/RELATIONSHIP/CONNECTION to the PATTERN-OF-DISCRIMINATORY/RACIST attacks that have been leveled against me (Vogel DeniseNewsome). According to the United States of America’s DEPARTMENT OF LABOR’SEqual Employment Opportunity Commission, “Discrimination often is subtle, and there
  3. 3. rarely is a “SMOKING GUN,” because of the way such unlawful/illegal practices arecarried out and then COVERED UP! - - By the way the LAW FIRM/Baker DonelsonBearman Caldwell & Berkowitz (i.e. which appears to also haveTIES/CONNECTIONS to the KU KLUX KLAN) that is legal counsel to United States ofAmerica President Barack Obama and JP Morgan Chase is ALSO legal counsel for the UnitedStates of America’s Department of Labor. So that it is clear on how such matters have beenallowed to remain HIDDEN; however, is NOW getting PUBLIC EXPOSURE inaddressing RACISM and DISCRIMINATORY practices leveled against myself as well asPEOPLE-OF-COLOR here in the United States of America and the TRUE motives for theWARS that have been started by the United States of America here andABROAD/INTERNATONALLY! Conducting a Thorough Investigation Because discrimination often is subtle, and there rarely is a “smoking gun,” [Fn. 45 - See Aman v. Cort Furniture Rental Corp., 85 F.3d 1074, 1081-82 (3rd Cir. 1996)(“It has become easier to coat various forms of discrimination with the appearance of propriety, or to ascribe some other less odious intention to what is in reality discriminatory behavior. In other words, while discriminatory conduct persists, violators have learned not to leave the proverbial „smoking gun‟ behind.”); cf. McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. Green, 411 U.S. 792, 801 (1973). . .] determining whether race played a role in the decisionmaking requires examination of all of the surrounding facts and circumstances. The presence or absence of any one piece of evidence often will not be determinative. Sources of information can include witness statements, including consideration of their credibility; documents; direct observation; and statistical evidence such as EEO-1 data, among others - - See EEOC‟s Compliance Manual Section 15: Race and Color DiscriminationShortly after my FIRST Assignment (GSI – ending on about December 21, 2012) throughADECCO because I was drawing UNEMPLOYMENT Benefits, I submitted a claim to drawon the week(s) in which I did not work. My claim was handled over the telephone in which Imade known of the Work Assignment through ADECCO. It appears that based on this filing thefollowing events occurred: 1) United States of America President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz (“Baker Donelson”) RELIED upon this information and RESORTED to JP MORGAN CHASE Bank’s RELATIONSHIP (i.e. as a THIRD-PARTY) with ADECCO to provide them with information regarding income paid to me (Vogel Denise Newsome). 2) On or about FRIDAY, January 4, 2013, my Account (i.e. providing PAYROLL/PAY STUB information) with ADECCO was HACKED into/COMPROMISED (See Email ATTACHED) for purposes providing United States of America President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel/Lawyer Baker Donelson of determining whether I worked, how much I was paid and other reasons KNOWN to these CRIMINALS). ADECCO following its procedure, NOTIFIED me of the change to the PIN on this account to determine whether or not the change was made by me – i.e. in which it was NOT made by me and NEITHER authorized by me. At the TIME (8:04:26 A.M.) of such CRIMINAL acts, I was ON-THE-JOB at CZV which does NOT require COMPUTER/INTERNET access to carry out my day-to-day functions of the duty(s) assigned. This DATE (1/4/13) is also relevant because President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson having KNOWLEDGE it was a DEADLINE regarding PROTECTED activities in which I am involved and they have INTERESTS! Therefore, they were interested in seeing whether or not I would be responding and trying to determine whether or not I had an INCOME since PRIOR to the HACKING into my ADECCO account they had come AFTER my Federal Unemployment Benefits and worked with ANOTHER one of Baker Donelson’s BANKING CLIENTS (US Bank) to SHUT DOWN my Unemployment Benefits Card for purposes of DEPRIVING me monies so that the January 4, 2013 DEADLINE would be missed. However, they FAILED in their efforts and I was able to fulfill my obligations through their CRIMINAL attacks and their UNLAWFUL/ILLEGAL practices. The SECOND such FAILED efforts in that their attacks on one of my PUBLIC/SOCIAL forums had also FAILED and the PUBLIC/INTERNATIONAL communities were made aware of such CRIMINAL ATTACKS: 3) On or about MONDAY, January 28, 2013, I had another matter involving PROTECTED activities that required my attention. This obligation was met.
  4. 4. 4) From my research and the ability to determine that United States of America’s President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson had STALKED/TRACKED me down and was engaging in FURTHER STALKING crimes – i.e. following me from JOB-TO-JOB and STATE-TO-STATE and contacting my employers for purposes of NOTIFYING them of PROTECTED activities in which I am involved. Engaging in such CRIMINAL acts in contacting my employer(s) – i.e. as ADECCO and CZV for purposes of having my employment TERMINATED, it is important to note the following: EEOC COMPLIANCE MANUAL at No. 2, Page 13: "Adverse Actions Can Occur After the Employment Relationship Between the Charging Party and Respondent Has Ended" . . . Examples of post-employment retaliation include actions that are designed to interfere with the individuals prospects for employment, such as giving an unjustified negative job reference, refusing to provide a job reference, and informing an individuals prospective employer about the individuals protected activity. [See, e.g., EEOC v. L. B. Foster, 123 F.3d 746 (3d Cir. 1997), cert. denied, 66 U.S. L.W. 3388 (U.S. March 2, 1998); Ruedlinger v. Jarrett, 106 F.3d 212 (7th Cir. 1997)]. CONTINUED criminal/civil violations leveled against me and in FURTHERANCE of PATTERN-OF-DISCRIMINATORY practices. In fact, with one of my previous employers (MESSINA Staffing and The Garretson Firm Resolution Group), it appears President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson relied upon the TIES/RELATIONSHIP of President Obama’s CAMPAIGN Manager/DEPUTY Chief of Staff/DIRECTOR of Personnel for the TRANSITION TEAM (Jim MESSINA) to Messina Staffing and The Garretson Firm Resolution Group to come AFTER one of my previous jobs. Then President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel RESORTED to one of their MANY tactics and had ANOTHER lawsuit brought against me (Vogel Denise Newsome) for purposes of getting their hands on EVIDENCE that they did NOT want the PUBLIC/WORLD to see. Of course I did NOT entertain their FRIVOLOUS lawsuit in that my research found that they file lawsuits against PRIVATE citizens for purposes of getting their hands on evidence – i.e. as in the Debra Palfrey (a/k/a the D.C. Madam who apparently had information they did NOT want released regarding the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center Attacks in that there are allegations that HIGH PROFILE Political Figures on Capitol Hill involved in 09/01/11 Attacks were Clients of hers) matter. So what it appears happened, Baker Donelson being legal counsel to also former President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard “Dick” Cheney (i.e. whose Government Attorney and CHIEF OF STAFF DAVID ADDINGTON being a Baker Donelson employee) had a FRIVOLOUS Criminal Lawsuit filed against Ms. Palfrey. It appears because of Ms. Palfrey’s FINANCIAL situation, she turned to a FEDERAL PUBLIC Defender to assist her with legal actions. What President Bush and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson did NOT tell Ms. Palfrey and the PUBLIC/WORLD was that: a) Palfrey was FIRST represented by A.J. Kramer/Office of the FEDERAL Public Defender for approximately 2½ months BEFORE a withdrawal motion was filed; and b) FUNDING and APPROVAL of appointment of attorneys for the Office of the FEDERAL Defender is handled by the DIRECTOR of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts – i.e. in Palfrey’s case, the DIRECTOR at that time JAMES C. DUFF (an EMPLOYEE of Baker being Donelson). Therefore, it appears providing the United States of America’s WHITE HOUSE and CONGRESSIONAL Members with MEANS, MOTIVES and ACCESS to information/evidence that Debra Palfrey possessed – i.e. moreover, to DESTROY information/evidence and get rid of Palfrey because of the SMOKING GUN TRAIL leading back to the United States of America’s WHITE HOUSE and Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz . . .
  5. 5. Therefore, it appears that once President Bush and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson were able to get the documents from Palfrey, she was KILLED/MURDERED and this was covered up as a SUICIDE although Ms. Palfrey made it PUBLICLY known that she would NOT be committing SUICIDE: http://www.prisonplanet.com/audio/010508palfrey.mp3 http://www.infowars.com/dc-madam-predicted-she-would-be-suicided/ The reason why this information is PERTINENT/RELEVANT is because it goes to the ESTABLISHED PATTERN-OF-CRIMINAL activities by United States of America Presidents and their Legal Counsel Baker Donelson and their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS in that about a year ago President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson used my (Vogel Denise Newsome’s) former employer to bring a FRIVOLOUS lawsuit AGAINST her for purposes of getting their hands on documents/EVIDENCE they did NOT want the PUBLIC/WORLD to see. However, FAILED in their attempts to get the documents and this information is NOW a matter PUBLIC record. As shared, such VICIOUS attacks that have been leveled against me by Baker Donelson have SPANNED OVER 20 YEARS! Now it appears that they are doing everything they can to keep ADECCO and the PUBLIC/WORLD from finding out; however, failing in such attempts because here we are! How bad is it? It appears Baker Donelson relied upon their TIES/CONNECTIONS to Government Agencies to POST FALSE and MALICIOUS information on the INTERNET regarding me for purposes of having me BLACKLISTED/BLACKBALLED and to engage/RECRUIT “WHITE Employers” in their CONSPIRACIES leveled AGAINST me: on matter of public concern Where statement of “opinion” reasonably implies false and defamatory facts involving private figure, plaintiff must show that false implications were made with some level of fault to support recovery - - United States Constitution , Amendment 1 - - Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co., 110 S.Ct. 2695 (1990) Such VICIOUS attacks have been responded to PUBLICLY with the TRUTH being told by me and, again, are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD! Paul proclaimed his innocence to . . . leaders. When is it wise to make a public response to false accusations, and when should we just let them go? In the case of Paul, the gospel would have been discredited if he had not spoken up. His circumstances made him look like a criminal, and he had no history with these leaders to expect them to assume otherwise without a proper defense. If we have been publicly slandered by credible sources, we should probably make a public response. Otherwise our own witness will be compromised. . . Jesus warned us that some people will say all manner of evil against us falsely, so we should not be surprised when it happens. But we do need to exercise wisdom when we become aware of it. - - 2009-2010 Standard Lesson Commentary (King James Version) - August 29, 2010 Lesson Entitled: “Upheld By God” - Subtitle: “Let’s Talk It Over.”5) On or about FRIDAY, February 1, 2013, realizing that I had AGAIN become a VICTIM of President Barack Obama’s and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson’s STALKING, and that such evidence was being observed in the CHANGE in the work environment of CZV – i.e. appears to be turning to a HOSTILE and DISCRIMINATORY work environment TARGETING me – I spoke to one of CZV’s Managers (Brian) and made him aware of my concerns. Making known that it appears that from my observation, if not addressed, such practices may continue and/or escalate. Sharing with Brian that the subtle approach being used were attempts by a co-worker (Tammy) “to find FAULT with my work while MASKING the TRUE motives;” however, such attacks were met with my sharing with her that:
  6. 6. The harasser can be the victims supervisor, a supervisor in another area, a co-worker, or someone who is not an employee of the employer, such as a client or customer. . . . Constructive Discharge/Forced To Resign Discriminatory practices under the laws EEOC enforces also include constructive discharge or forcing an mployee to resign by making the work environment so intolerable a reasonable person would not be able to stay. a) Jerry Smith (1st Shift Manager) stood by me and watched me perform my duties and found NOTHING wrong with my work process; b) Tony (2nd Shift Manager) stood by me and watched me perform my duties and found NOTHING wrong with my work process – i.e. I have not seen Tony in almost TWO weeks. While concerned, I would not be surprised if Tammy is EYEING this position being she is BUDDY-BUDDY with Jerry Smith. c) Betty (1st Shift co-worker) was assigned TWICE to review my work and found NOTHING wrong with my work process. I advised Betty “that she TRAINED me well and that I was carrying out duties the way she had TRAINED me;” and d) Virginia (1st Shift co-worker) was assigned to watch me perform my duties and found NOTHING wrong with my work process. Tammy mentioned to me that there were SWIRLS showing up so she wanted to see how I was placing the padding on the tools. I shared with her that my work processes had been checked and I also asked Tony whether or not I was doing it correctly and he advised I am. Also mentioned to Tammy that each individual may have their way of doing things and there are those who suffer from OCD. Therefore, no matter how I may do my work, a person with OCD may find fault with it. According to Jerry Smith, this was being done with the 2 nd Shift Crew because there were problems such as BREAKS, SCRATCHES, etc. of the lenses being processed; however, the problem was NOT with my work – i.e. POLISHING will remove scratches, etc.. Nevertheless, I have been REPEATEDLY targeted WITHOUT just cause! In fact, TAMMY had mentioned to me on ONE occasion that the problems were NOT with me with the issues being found and that any such errors/issues were BEYOND the area of my work; however, there she was on FRIDAY, February 1, 2013, it appears FULFILLING her duties in what may be the CREATION of a HOSTILE and DISCRMINATORY work environment – i.e. for instance, in a previous conversation, I noticed how it BOTHERED her that an AFRICAN-American male (Antonio) was driving an Escalade (i.e. an EXSPENSIVE vehicle). I’ll leave it at that. Antonio is NO longer there and he was noticing how management was watching him and shared his concerns with me. On FRIDAY, February 1, 2013, Tammy (White Female) made a comment to me about my clothing. My impression, seeing what happened to Antonio and the comment to my clothing left me with the impression that AFRICAN-Americans are not supposed to be driving an Escalade and/or able to DRESS nicely. Based upon the VICIOUS attacks that are leveled AGAINST me, this appears only to act as a FRONT shielding an ILLEGAL MOTIVE and RACIST/DISCRIMINATORY agenda – it appears that CZV may have been contacted and advised of protected activities and perhaps THREATS made against them if they do NOT TERMINATE my employment.6) On MONDAY, February 4, 2013, Brian came to me with a Complaint from TAMMY (White Female) alleging I was “acting like a mother hen!” How does that sound? Brian asked for my feedback. I directed Brian to my conversation with him on FRIDAY, February 1, 2013 and AGAIN REITERATED my concerns and observations – i.e. HIGH TURN over in the POLISHING section, etc. and my concerns regarding the TWO culprits’ (Tammy and Marisa (?sp)) PERSONAL and INTERNAL issues motivated by “ILL intent.” IMPORTANT TO NOTE: My Friday, February 1, 2013 VERBAL complaint coming approximately FOUR Days after the PROTECTED activity
  7. 7. carried out on Monday, January 28, 2012, and I had noticed the CHANGE in the work environment turning towards what appeared to becoming MORE HOSTILE towards me. The January 28, 2012, PROTECTED action taken by me which involved providing United States of America President Barack Obama with information. According to Brian, he came to me instead of Jerry Smith. Apparently, Tammy had gone to Jerry Smith (1st Shift Manager and her FRIEND/DRINKING - BEER – Buddy) to engage him; however, Jerry had spoken to Brian and Brian agreed to talk with me. Again, I shared with Brian my conversation with him on Friday, February 1, 2013, and that I do NOT engage in such work practices as OFFICE POLITICS/GANGS/CLICKS in that clearly they EXCLUDE a certain GROUP of people and are practices that “I do NOT stoop to NOR engage in.” Furthermore, that I am there at CZV to do a job and will continue to do it. Mentioning to Brian that when I began working at CZV that I ate alone until invited by Tammy to join her and Marisa (?sp). However, upon seeing their mentality and DISCERNING certain things, I elected to separate myself from them. Brian thanked me for sharing with him my concerns and encouraged me to continue to do a GOOD job and he is pleased with my work. Brian mentioned that he would share this with Jerry Smith. I had no reason to believe that Brian would not.7) On TUESDAY, February 5, 2013, familiar with OVER 20 YEARS of STALKING and the OBAMA Administration/Baker Donelson practices in contacting my employers, I decided to begin a PRODUCTION Log as to how many TRAYS were being PROCESSED by me and sent through. On this date, I had begun later in the Shift to BEGIN keeping count. At the end of the Shift, my counter had shown approximately, 88 POLY and 41 PLASTIC. Why? Because based on my experience and training, I knew that there most likely would be an attempt to make it appear that I was SLOW and could NOT do the work – which was NOT the case and the problem was NOT with me!8) On WEDNESDAY, February 6, 2013, PRIOR to going into work, I called and spoke with Gerald “Jerry” Rauen at ADECCO and placed him on NOTICE as to the meeting I had with Brian on Friday, February 1, 2013 and then with the incident regarding Tammy going to Jerry Smith on Monday, February 4, 2013. During my conversation with Rauen at ADECCO I shared with him my concerns brought to Brian’s attention as my observation of Tammy (CZV employee) and Marisa (?sp – an ADECCO employee) and the attacks that have been leveled against me. I shared with Jerry my concerns that hopefully, the MONIES that ADECCO receives from CZV would not have an ADVERSE affect in my sharing of this information and their handling of this matter. Rauen thanked me for sharing the information and told me to keep up the GOOD work and that he had NOT been made aware of any issues with my job performance. PRIOR to getting started, Tammy had come to Daniel (another Adecco employee) and I to mention that she wanted us to wash blocks since it seemed as though we were finishing our work ahead of time and had time to spare in washing. She called us over to meet with JerryHoestetler who showed Daniel and I what he wanted done. During this meeting, it again appeared that the washing was to be done by those (i.e. not JUST Daniel and I) employees who had the time to share in washing the blocks. However, that Tammy was ONLY targeting Daniel and myself. Therefore, I asked Tammy for clarification purposes as to who was supposed to wash blocks and she mentioned that Daniel and I and HESITATED – but added – “and whoever else had the time to do it.” MARISA (?sp) came to me during the Shift and advised that Daniel and I did NOT need to wash blocks because she had done them and our help was not needed. However, from my observation, Marisa could NOT be trusted. In has EVER come to me on the line to speak. When I returned from the LAST Break of the Shift, Tammy was WAITING on me to ATTACK. She had verbally stated something “AT” me rather than talking “TO” me while walking away MUMBLING something. Daniel was concerned about Tammy’s behavior and asked me what was that about? Of course I continued doing my work in that it was obvious to me that Tammy was attempting to create a HOSTILE work environment and wanted me to engage her an ALTERCATION which I did NOT entertain! Rather than take me Break in the Break Room, I had taken it elsewhere.
  8. 8. Tammy later came to me and mentioned to me that she was acting under the direction of Jerry – Jerry Hostetler in that he was trying to figure out why we were NOT meeting our numbers when in the BEGINNING of the assignment we WERE. Therefore, what was the REASON why our production had dropped? I advised, Tammy that we can ONLY process what is sent to us. I advised Tammy to look and she can see for herself that ALL trays had been processed and that we can only work and process those trays that are sent our way. Furthermore, we had COMPLETED ALL trays sent our way that night. Tammy was the person RESPONSIBLE for blocking and sending the trays through to Daniel who would get them and then process and pass them on to me. I mentioned to Tammy that I could foresee such attempts to make it appear that Daniel (? Asian- American) and I were NOT doing the work. Therefore, I was a STEP- AHEAD and had BEGUN keeping COUNT of the NUMBER of trays processed – i.e. something Marisa was doing at one time; however, for some reason STOPPED keeping record of the number of trays being processed. Near the end of the Shift while cleaning my area, I went and pulled the mop and leaned it against the table in my area so that I could mop my area. I had wet the floor and before I could go and get the mop that was resting against the table in my area, Marisa came through and took the mop. When I shared with her that I was about to mop my floor, she was ADAMENT about returning the mop advising me that she was trying to hurry up and get her area cleaned up so that she could go and wash blocks. I advised Marisa that was the same reason I was cleaning my area so that I could also wash blocks as instructed by Jerry Hoestetler – i.e. I knew NOT to trust her because her actions and character displayed DISTRUST. At the end of the Wednesday Shift, my counter had shown approximately, 149 POLY and 64 PLASTIC. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Poly is run for approximately 2.5 MINUTES and Plastic for approximately 1.5 MINUTES. Therefore: 149 x 2.5 minutes = 3725 ÷ 60 minutes = 6.2 HOURS 64 x 1.5 mines = 96 ÷ 60 minutes = 1.6 HOUR(S) Trays are being PROCESSED on two lines with my having to run/walk back and forth BETWEEN both lines because Jerry Smith made it CLEAR in a meeting that he did NOT want POLY run on the PLASTIC side and vice versa. Should he hear that this is being done AFTER being told not to COMBINE the lines, this WILL result in DISCIPLINARY action. When Brian came to check on how we were doing, I shared with Brian my concerns regarding Tammy’s comments and what she had mentioned regarding Jerry Hostetler’s comments about production. I showed Brian my count for the Shift and my computation; therefore, it was not clear to me why I was attacked. I showed Brian that ALL of the trays had been processed and he agreed with my computation that time was NOT spent just being idle. He mentioned to me that he will talk to Tammy as well as Jerry to find out what is going on.9) On THURSDAY, February 7, 2013, PRIOR to starting, I was met by Brian who had asked me if I could meet with them. Brian asked me to follow him so I did. He took me to Jerry Hostetler office where Hostetler and Jerry Smith joined. I was advised that there had been COMPLAINTS submitted regarding my work; therefore, they were wanting my feedback and advising that there are “TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY” – so they wanted to hear mine regarding the Complaints. In reiteration of the above information regarding my meetings with Brian and encounters with Tammy, a SYNOPSIS of what I shared in this meeting is as follows: a) My FIRST coming to Brian on Friday (2/1/13) and sharing my concerns/complaint with him regarding Tammy and Marisa. Doing so in hopes of SQUASHING such employment practices that I believed were not CONDUCIVE to productive work environment. Wanting
  9. 9. to address such issues at the early stages so that it would SNOWBALL/NOT ESCALATE into anything further – i.e. which clearly was the right action to take based on the meeting called and the HIDDEN/ILL motives at play.b) My carrying and conducting myself in a PROFESSIONAL manner and NOT engaging in OFFICE Politics/Gangs/Clicks which EXCLUDE members of certain Groups – i.e. in this case I was the ONLY African-American in the meeting and those who LAUNCHED complaints (Tammy and Marisa) BOTH are WHITE.c) The ATTACK on my clothing and the fact that I do NOT own a pair of blue jeans and that I wear clothes that I believe are CASUAL and I can work in.d) Tammy’s mentioning Jerry Hostetler concerns about the fall in PRODUCTION – i.e. however, FAILING to mention the HIGH TURN over in POLISHING. In fact, that on Wednesday night (2/6/13), Marisa yelling to Caleb to SLOW DOWN! Another observation that Daniel and I noticed about Wednesday was THE DROP and the number of trays Tammy had processed and sent through. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: From my observation Marisa (White) was NOT able to keep up with her WASHING duties of the lenses and keep the trays moving through. Therefore, she yelled at Caleb, telling him to SLOW DOWN. Not only that Tammy was NOT blocking and sending the number of trays through in efforts to COVER-UP Marisa’s INCOMPETENCE and they were TARGETING the POLISHING area and may have been DELIBERATELY finding FAULT with their work and working to get them TERMINATED and/or MOVED to HIDE/SHIELD Marisa’s INCOMPETENCE. While Caleb SLOWED DOWN, I continued to process my work and passed them on to Polishing/Caleb for handling and he just allowed them to STACK UP and processed, it appears, when given the okay by Tammy and Marisa to begin sending them through! IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Tammy and Marisa were successful in getting Antonio and Jacob out of POLISHING. To me it appears it’s only a matter of time for Caleb if the issue is NOT addressed. Caleb will be the next VICTIM. Interestingly enough is the fact that the AFRICAN-American (Antonio) is NO longer at CZV. He was replaced by Jacob (White) – who spent time TEXTING as well as going on 15 minute breaks while on the line (i.e. PRIOR to the scheduled breaks). However, Jacob was NOT let go but from my understanding MOVED to ANOTHER department at CZV – i.e. the African- American let go and provisions made for the White person in another department. During one of the Group Meetings it was made known that Gerald (Manager) knows Jacob’s FATHER. Believed Jacob’s father and Gerald worked together. NOW they are TARGETING Daniel and I in and appears are trying to DEPRIVE us of EMPLOYMENT opportunities while they make SPECIAL provisions for WHITE employees as Marisa and Jacob.
  10. 10. Shared from my observation that Antonio and Jacob were getting the job done and it reminded me of this movie (Ice Castles) that I had seen where the problem were NOT with the male skating partners but the “go-to-girl!” Furthermore, how Jacob had ADMITTED to SWAPPING lenses around – i.e. a question I had because it was NOT clear to me how this could happened if he took them out and replaced them in the same order prior to removal. Furthermore, they may be marked with L=Left and R=Right.e) Shared that the reason that I took my concerns/complaint to Brian and NOT Jerry Smith was because of my concerns that Jerry Smith could NOT be impartial in that his Buddy/Drinking Buddy (Tammy) was involved and his inability to remain FAIR and IMPARTIAL in the handling matters.f) Shared that when I do NOT understand something, that I have NO problems in asking for clarification and proceeding to do my job as instructed by MANAGERS. For instance, when Jerry Smith advised NOT to run POLY on the Plastic side and NOT to run PLASTIC on the Poly side because it would lead to DISCIPLINARY action, that on the PRIOR day (2/6/13), Noel had tried to get me to go AGAINST the instructions that Jerry Smith had given and I REJECTED, advising that I did NOT hear this from Smith, therefore, I will continue to run both sides as instructed.g) Shared concerns that I saw the 2 nd Shift more so as the Police Academy 2 Group and because of his behavior and/or conduct, that Jerry Smith had given me the nd impression that he wanted the 2 Shift to FAIL! IMPORTANT TO NOTE: That it was brought to my attention (i.e. Tammy sharing this information) that the 1st Shift was upset with the bringing on of the 2nd Shift because it cut in on the 1st Shift employees’ overtime and/or eliminated overtime for the 1st Shift employees all together. When we began working at CZV, there seemed to be NO problem with OVERTIME. However, I NOTICED the CHANGE and the CANCELLING of the ability to work OVERTIME when President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson TRACKED/STALKED me down to this employer.h) Jerry Smith mentioned in the meeting that he can come over as being a little rough/hard (i.e. which to me was an UNDERSTATEMENT) and was an area in which could improve.i) Shared my concerns on the attacks that have been leveled against me and how I have taken the necessary steps (i.e. separating myself during breaks) to NOT engage in ALTERCATIONS with Tammy and Marisa and NOT come DOWN on their mental level in that I could discern their spirits and motives were not right.j) Shared that my experience led me to observe and that my conclusions had NOT been wrong and the meeting with them supported it. That while my background is in corporate, I strive to do a good job no matter what and take pride in my work.
  11. 11. k) Regarding the alleged DROP in production, I advised I saw that coming and, therefore, have begun to keep a COUNT of the number of trays processed. l) During the meeting all THREE (Jerry Hostetler, Jerry Smith and Brian) advised me that I am doing an EXCELLENT job and to keep doing so. Thanking me for my time. m) Jerry Smith came to me AFTER the meeting and thanked me for my feedback and advised that he had learned things about me from the meeting that he had not known and appreciated it. Moreover, shared that our work ethics may be similar in wanting to get the best results. Advised to keep working and NOT to give in to the young people’s work practices. At the end of the Thursday (2/7/13) Shift, my counter had shown approximately, 111 POLY and 166 PLASTIC with NO trays left over.10) On FRIDAY, February 8, 2013, PRIOR to starting work, I noticed that the NUMBER counter that had been there since about the time I started working at CZV (i.e. approximately ONE month) has COINCIDENTALLY disappeared. That at the beginning of the Shift there were approximately 44 POLY and 16 PLASTIC left over from the 1 st Shift. Virginia had mentioned to me that at the LAST minute, Betty was PULLED from Fining to go and work with BOB and Alba (?sp) and they SLAMMED her with Trays; however, she could only do what she could. However, I KNEW from this information what was probably going on. My conclusion was RETALIATION. Why? Because the Number Counter that had been there since my starting work with CZV had DISAPPEARED and this was the very NEXT day AFTER the Thursday (2/7/13) meeting. Nevertheless, this did NOT stop me from counting the Trays BEFORE I started and to get an idea where the NEXT attack would be coming from. Jerry Smith saw me counting the Trays and making a note as to what I was starting with. My conclusion was that they knew I was onto their NEXT attack and the REMOVAL of the Number Counter SOLIDIFIED that. It appears that the ONLY reason why the Number Counter from the Plastic side was NOT taken, was because it is screwed/bolted down onto the machine. Not changing anything the way I worked, I began my work moving from side-to-side as usual and keeping count. I had found ANOTHER Number Counter that I would walk over to (i.e. AWAY from Poly) that I used to track the work done by ME on that side. From my observation, Jerry Smith realized that I was onto them, therefore, requested that Tammy assist in processing the Trays on the Poly side since they were STACKING up and, like Virginia, I continued to do my work as normal with KNOWLEDGE that the LAST–MINUTE piling of Trays may have been RETALIATORY and further attempts to get me to QUIT and/or find FAULT in the EXCELLENT work that I was doing! Tammy asked me to help her with processing the Poly trays because she felt it was TOO much for her to do by herself. Making up some lie that those trays the Poly trays needed to be processed for alloy purposes – i.e. I had seen them staked up before on the 1 st Shift as well as 2nd Shift. While the 1st Shift is allowed to run Poly on the Plastic side and vice versa, the 2nd Shift was PROHIBITED from doing so! However, I advised her that I am NOT to run Poly on the Plastic side per Jerry Smith and REMINDED the Managers of these INSTRUCTIONS in the meeting held on Thursday. That unless, authorization comes from management which would allow me to do that, I could not assist her – i.e. in other words was not going to allow her to SET ME UP. I advised Tammy unless a Manager advises me otherwise; I would NOT be defying Jerry Smith’s
  12. 12. instructions. Tammy, therefore, went and talked with Brain who came to me and asked me to assist Tammy with processing the Poly on the Plastic side – i.e. information that was also shared in the Thursday meeting (that I would await instructions from management as to protect myself and to assure that information is received correctly). Remember, Tammy is the White employee that had submitted the complaints against me. I shared with Tammy that it was not my wanting to help her but due to her complaints why it was important that I had MANAGEMENT Approval. Furthermore, why it was important to me to address concerns such concerns on FRIDAY (2/1/13) due to the PATTERN that it appeared was developing. I advised Tammy that I had notified ADECCO of my concerns/complaints on WEDNESDAY (2/6/13) in that ADECCO employees were involved BEFORE their Thursday attack. Advising Tammy that experience and observation of her and Marisa had proven to be correct. Tammy shared that she has approximately 10 years of experience. I advised Tammy I have OVER 20 years and a COLLEGE degree. That my CORPORATE background prepared me with meetings as that with the Managers on Thursday (2/7/13) and I found to be very informative. Moreover, that their time would be better spent in doing their jobs correctly rather than attacking me. I shared with her that as in the meeting that I would NOT be coming down to her and Marisa’s level NOR entertaining their spirits. Tammy after receiving this information appeared to be ANXIOUS to move on – i.e. LEAVING trays behind for me to process. PRIOR to the final BREAK, Loretta (i.e. THIRD person in the chain-of- command that Jerry Smith advised me of AFTER the Thursday Meeting) came to me and advised that I am to shut down the machines at 11:30 – i.e. NOT to run anymore trays. My work process was to STOP at 11:45 and BEGIN cleaning because at the time it does NOT take me a WHOLE hour to clean my work area. My concerns that such a request was done to CUT into my PRODUCTION numbers; therefore, I began running and pulling the trays when the machine stopped and stacked them and at 11:30, stopped running the machine as requested. Nevertheless, I finished processing the trays that had already been processed. At the end of the Friday Shift, my counter had shown approximately, 130 POLY and 154 PLASTIC – i.e. which included some of the Poly that was processed in assisting Tammy. Therefore, the TOTAL count for the 2nd Shift did NOT include the number of trays Tammy processed. In conclusion, should ADECCO want to know how: HOW IS BAKER DONELSONBEARMAN CALDWELL & BERKOWITZ LINKED TO VOGEL DENISE NEWSOME?Its attorneys appeared as opposing counsel in PROTECTED Activities involving Newsome!Matters in which they took a SHELLACKING and apparently has led to theirENGAGEMENT of other CRMINAL Activities – i.e. planning and carrying out of theSeptember 11, 2001 World Trade Center Attacks and other TERRORIST Acts. Clearly these arethe results when such CRIMINALS are not stopped. They go on to commit further CRIMES! Essence of a conspiracy is an agreement to commit an unlawful act. Agreement to commit an unlawful act, which constitutes the essence of a conspiracy, is a distinct evil that may exist and be punished whether or not the substantive crime ensues. Id. Conspiracy poses a threat to the public over and above the threat of the commission of the relevant substantive crime, both because the combination in crime makes more likely the commission of other crimes and because it decreases the probability that the individuals involved will depart from their path of criminality. - - The Supreme Court of the United States finding in U.S. v. Jimenez Recio, 123 S.Ct. 819 (2003)Furthermore, are using their CONNECTIONS/RELATIONSHIPS to CLIENTS to STALKNewsome from Job-To-Job/Employer-To-Employer and State-To-State in the carrying out oftheir CRIMINAL/CIVIL violations AGAINST her on behalf of THEMSELVES and theirCLIENTS! It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz andits Attorneys/Lawyers are a WALKING LIABILITY! Hopefully, ADECCO isNOT using Baker Donelson and or its AFFILIATE firms as Legal Counsel. Furthermore, fromresearch I have found a case for instance in Utah involving Title VII/Civil Rights violations byAdecco against another employee for participation in PROTECTED ACTIVITY:
  13. 13. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Adecco USA (United StatesDistrict Court – Utah - 1:06-cv-00124-BSJ)http://www1.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/7-13-10.cfmhttp://www.staffingindustry.com/Research-Publications/Daily-News/EEOC-Adecco-settles-suit-for-62-500By copy of this email, I am providing Congressional members with a copy of same in that itappears that such issues are a matter of PUBLIC/GLOBAL/INTERNATIONAL interests.Reiterating: Unless a man is honest we have no right to keep him in public life, it matters not how brilliant his capacity, it hardly matters how great his power of doing good service on certain lines may be... No man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others, can possibly do his duty by the community” - - Teddy Roosevelt.Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. With Warmest Regards, Vogel Denise Newsome