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  • Vodafone 360 Apps are based on the JIL-standard (Joint Innovation Lab) –more information to come shortly in Jon presentation Vodafone 360 launched with over more than 1,000 Apps in October, rapidly grown to now over 7000…and counting Runtime is embedded on LiMo & S60 devices with BlackBerry and other OS to follow. Total number of devices in first half of this year is 50 = 20 embedded (this makes up the 2m) + 30 others that support download Our Apps can be developed to be viewed in an expandable view that remains open and dynamically updates on your desktop. A great example of this is Accuweather. All Apps work in the traditional full view. All of this highlights the opportunities to developers such as you here today. The reach is increasing and getting involved in a platform earlier on gives you a high probability to deliver apps to customers and also to help drive the development of the developer program.
  • Rapid growth and spread: By March ie 5 months since October launch, we'll have 50 models (20 embed + 30 downloaded) and expect to see 2m devices in total covering S60 and LiMo Summer 70+ (embedded + downloadable) expanding to other platforms: Android Winter 80+ (embedded + downloadable)...with even more OS to be confirmed Preinstalled and downloadable widget runtimes Available for mass market phones already used by millions not just high end devices Support for wide range of phone OS’s and form factors (touchscreen, keypad)
  • One Store The one place customers can discover, buy and discuss all the world of digital content Powerful Recommendations & Promo Engine Utilising content metadata, customer profile, behaviour and purchase history Discovery - A centralised backend + multiple front-end storefront strategy means customers have many ways to discover the Shop’s huge catalogue of content Any Shop content can be discovered by users, through various mechanisms: Browsing : each piece of content appears in the Shop catalogue, in up to 3 categories Search : each piece of content is indexed and available via the search engine Recommendations : each piece of content can appear in user’s personal recommendations, based on relevance score Dynamic lists : hot and popular content also has the potential to appear in dynamic lists such as Recent, Most Downloaded and Best Rated Flexible Categorisation Not just a fixed list of categories. Can have different categories in different markets Fast times to publish Typical process takes 10 days, which includes QA process With JIL you can publish around the world in one simple step Can add more markets for your apps at any time Advertising with apps inside are allowed and content with Adult material will be allowed soon (expected by summer).
  • Today our hero 360 devices apps have JIL APIs GPS location access Ability to fetch content in real-time and launch other apps on the device (i.e. browser, media player) Many more exciting technologies to come in 2010 Best of both worlds –rich context that from mobile devices* combined with the rich content from the web Creating a rich yet common platform across OSs, Operators and Manufacturers –more on this from Peters in a few moments By the summer, our JIL-based apps will be able to leverage File Access, Accelerometer, Camera and Sound. Opens up ‘Smart apps’, enabled by opening up device & network APIs Use one API to access the same feature across many phone OS’s and networks
  • We Have extensive experience in online mobile promotions can run targeted and personal campaigns This is your chance to excite the customer by providing: Compelling UE, that is relevant to the market(s) of our customers Good quality image and content description Accurate description of what your App does The Shop will also enrich this by: Suggesting Apps similar to yours Displaying ratings and reviews from customers One stop upload means that you can reach more devices, more platforms, more countries & markets much more easily
  • We have built this platform on well known web standards such as xHTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript, or as its collectively known AJAX unleashes an army of developers already familiar with the technology is open standards based: W3C (Subject to announcement: W3C contribution of JIL spec is an example of the commitment to open standards) Find out more about web standards & W3C in Wolfram’s talk The web runtime has rich input Not only touch but also keyboard and 5 way navigation Built from the core to run on many platforms e.g. LiMo & Symbian / S60 and is Hardware and OS agnostic JIL APIs, provide access to features lower down the software stack E.g. GPS location More to come as we shall see on the next slide In addition to the web runtime engine & JIL APIs we’re enabling new access to Vodafone’s core enablers: Billing – pay per download billing in beta today – will be opened to everyone by end March Following availability we’ll announce in due course Flexible Charging – microbilling Presence –get access to a host of presence information for example if the device is on 2g/3g/on roaming/is phone on/off Cell ID location
  • Background on JIL, why it was formed, it’s vision, mission JIL operators know their local markets, have a deep customer relationship Together they represent 1.1 billion customers JIL is about openness that’s what we have built this technology on W3C standards
  • JIL is already here and you can jump right in We have the developer site: jil.org We have published the specifications JIL has already attracted thousands of developers around the world Vodafone Samsung H1 and M1 devices in the European market and there will be more to come Enjoying support from leading handset manufactures JIL device specifications, backed by the four operators, give us power to ensure the platform is consistent across devices, OEMs and platforms –for you this means less fragmentations
  • Key points JIL.org publishing with back-end operator integration – Vodafone the first to integrate by end March, other operators coming this year Publish once, distribute/sell across multiple operators addressing 1 billion customers Flexible distribution & charging models one-time purchase today subscriptions, premium content “micro payments” in due course Standard 70/30 revenue share developer/operator Consolidated reporting, settlement and ratings One check every month across all operators/markets View download/purchase stats and customer feedback from global customer base
  • Vodafone 360 and widgets

    1. 1. Vodafone 360 and widgets Sanj Matharu Principal Manager, Dev Marketing @sanjmatharu
    2. 2. Vodafone 360 – Platform reach <ul><li>Apps </li></ul><ul><li>Over 9,000 apps </li></ul><ul><li>Available on 2m+ devices </li></ul><ul><li>S60, LiMo - today </li></ul><ul><li>W3C based </li></ul><ul><li>Android, BlackBerry ® and other platforms - soon </li></ul>
    3. 3. More Devices Today Mid 2010 End 2010 2m devices by March 2010 Launch 70 models 50 models 80+ models 38 models
    4. 4. The Vodafone Shop One store across all countries & devices Powerful recommendations & promo engine Various ways to discover Shop Flexible Categorisation Publish in 10 days including QA Advertising supported
    5. 5. More Features Today End 2010 GPS Location Launching Apps File Access Audio Playback Accelerometer Pay per Download Phonebook Access Video Playback Email/SMS/MMS Start phone calls Calendar Access Access call records Device status information Customisation: Wallpaper & ringtones Timescale subject to change Camera API Location through Cell ID Access to the Web User Presence In App Billing
    6. 6. Distributing Your Applications Reach Your Market Targeted promotions Personalised recommendations Sophisticated algorithms to reach your target market Content articles are shown more to users most likely to enjoy them Target more customers with fewer builds Flexible recommendation algorithms
    7. 7. Key Technologies Built on web standards Develop with open W3C Web standards you already know HTML/JavaScript development CSS / SVG (graphics scaling) Rolling out Network Enablers Billing Flexible charging Presence Cell ID location Browser UI toolkit Application APIs Middleware Kernel H/W abstraction layer (HAL) Hardware Web app Web app xHTML CSS SVG JavaScript Web Runtime Responsiveness Web Rich UI Scripting e.g. S60 e.g. Symbian
    8. 9. What is JIL? <ul><li>JIL is a Joint Venture between Vodafone, Softbank and China Mobile and Verizon Wireless </li></ul><ul><li>Broad coverage across Europe, Asia, US </li></ul><ul><li>Combined customer base of almost 1bn customers </li></ul><ul><li>JIL widgets offers a W3C standards based solution for web based application development on mobile </li></ul>1bn customers
    9. 10. JIL Today <ul><li>Developer site launched </li></ul><ul><li>Specs published </li></ul><ul><li>8000 developers registered </li></ul><ul><li>First JIL handsets in market </li></ul><ul><li>Public support by Samsung, RIM, LG and Sharp </li></ul><ul><li>And now by HTC, Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo </li></ul>JIL Platform
    10. 11. Distribution Publishing with JIL is open, transparent and simple Distribution via a single website Simple procedures: apply, submit, feedback Multiple business models 70% revenue share to developer Comprehensive feedback and sales reports
    11. 12. How do I start?
    12. 13. Web & Mashups: loads of APIs Facebook , twitter , flickr , kuler , todoist , you tube , amazon , google , …. http://www.programmableweb.com/apis
    13. 14. Tools Tools on developer.vodafone.com and jil.org
    14. 15. developer.vodafone.com jil.org @mobilewidgets Where’s the good stuff?