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  • 1. JIL Publishing for Vodafone 29 March 2010 1
  • 2. Announcing JIL publishing – what’s new • Widget upload to Vodafone 360 markets is now live on JIL.org – Free and Paid: UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland – Free only (for now): Italy, Portugal, Greece • Daily reporting and monthly settlement – 70/30 revenue share to developer paid by Vodafone, payment in $, €, £ • Tailored marketing for each country – Unique title, description, images, pricing • Publishing to other JIL operators later this year • Verizon Wireless (US), Softbank Mobile (Japan), China Mobile • Unified upload, reporting and settlement 2
  • 3. Announcing JIL publishing – what’s the same • Vodafone 360 Shop customer experience stays the same – Marketing metadata – title, description, categories, images, etc. – Customer support – developer responsible for technical support of widget • Vodafone Widgets Developer Platform still available – Manage widgets already available in Vodafone 360 Shop – Upload new free widgets for a few more months 3
  • 4. JIL Publishing – Free Widgets 4
  • 5. JIL Publishing – Paid Widgets 5
  • 6. JIL publishing – key changes for Vodafone developers • Package widgets according to JIL 1.2 spec – See next two slides • Register on JIL.org • Sign up for JIL Publisher ID (through TrustCenter) – Required for Paid apps, Optional for Free apps – $99/year per JIL account – Certain documents may need to be faxed/posted • Sign widgets before uploading – Self signing (in JIL SDK) and test signing (on JIL.org) – Signing events at no cost to developer • Submit bank/tax details via JIL.org to create vendor account with Vodafone – Paid widgets only 6
  • 7. JIL 1.2 packaging format • Spec finalized early 2010, based on W3C 1.0 Candidate Recommendation • Different config.xml structure than old Opera/Vodafone format used today – Widget ID must be in format http://jil.org/wid/<username_hash>/<widgetname> – Create SHA-256 JIL username hash at http://www.webutils.pl/index.php?idx=sha1 – Must declare <jil:billing required="true"/> for Paid widgets • Docked (e.g. Mini) view mode not planned for initial release of Vodafone run-times that support JIL 1.2 packaging format – This “active icon” feature currently available in Apps Manager for S60v3/v5 when old Opera/Vodafone packaging format is used • Later this year, Vodafone run-times will support JIL 1.2 packaging format – Some new run-times will only support this format, not old Opera/Vodafone format – Once this happens, developers must use JIL 1.2 format to publish new apps to 360 Shop – Publishing through JIL.org will be required for new apps at that time 7
  • 8. JIL 1.2 config.xml example <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <widget xmlns=“http://www.w3.org/ns/widgets” xmlns:jil=“http://www.jil.org/ns/widgets1.2” id=“http://jil.org/wid/b4c3addd8a1004ee5c651ca52bdc42353ad5a51db258aa0597cfb4f63df36e41/ExampleWidget” version="1.0.1" height="150" width="100”> <name>Widget Example</name> <description>An example widget</description> <author email=”developer@mail.com">Developer</author> <icon src="icon.png"/> <feature name="http://jil.org/apis/api.DeviceInfo" required="true"/> <jil:access network="true" localfs="true" remote_scripts="false"/> <jil:maximum_display_mode height="300" width="200"/> <jil:billing required="true"/> </widget> 8
  • 9. JIL publishing – backward compatibility • For backward compatibility, two versions of uploaded widgets are stored in JIL platform – Original uploaded in JIL 1.2 format – Converted version in old Opera/Vodafone format (only config.xml changed) – Vodafone 360 Shop presents appropriate version to customers based on run-time in their phone • To enable access to remote network resources in converted widgets – Include protocol and host in same string when constructing URLs in code – Opera/Vodafone format requires remote network resources to be declared Code example: Converted Opera/Vodafone config.xml // This example is too complex var protocol = “http”; example: var host = “www.mydomain.com”; <widget> var page = “index.html”; ... <security> var url = protocol + host + page; <access> <protocol>http</protocol> <host>www.mydomain.com</host> // This example will work correctly <port>80</port> var host = “http://www.mydomain.com”; </access> var page = “index.html”; </security> ... var url = host + page; </widget> 9
  • 10. JIL publishing – when Vodafone developers should use Where should you publish widgets to Vodafone 360 Shop today? Widget Payment Where to Publish/Update Packaging Notes Status Model Format FREE widget.vodafone.com/dev Opera/Vodaf •DO NOT need to be re-published on JIL.org one •If migrate widget to JIL.org, de-publish from widget.vodafone.com/dev to avoid duplicates Already in 360 Shop PAID Vodafone will follow up Depends •MUST be re-published on JIL.org (invite individually •Not immediate for most since available in more only trial) than 5 paid markets that JIL supports initially •Download stats, user feedback will be lost FREE widget.vodafone.com/dev Opera/Vodaf •May use JIL.org, but not required until JIL 1.2 one support rolled out across all run-times New PAID JIL.org JIL 1.2 •Docked mode not supported (S60v3, S60v5) (open to all) 10
  • 11. Resources • jil.org > Get Started – SDK - Eclipse-based editor, debugger and emulator • jil.org/vodafone – Vodafone-specific docs, tools, guidelines (not updated for JIL 1.2 yet) – Vodafone 360 Shop UE and metadata requirements – API reference – VF phones only support two JIL Handset APIs today! • widget.vodafone.com/dev – Manage widgets already available in Vodafone 360 Shop • @mobilewidgets – Vodafone Widgets team on Twitter • mobilewidgetdev.wordpress.com – Vodafone Widget team blog