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Introduction to jil widgets
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Introduction to jil widgets


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Introduction to JIL widgets Vodafone DevEvent Madrid July, 2010
  • 2. Widgets? • You may have heard of them as Mobile Widgets, Mobile Web Apps, HTML5 Apps, ... • Widgets allow you to use the web Javascript HTML technologies you are familiar with to create applications, and giving you CSS access to mobile device features that previously were only available to native applications (like location or access to camera) • Widgets also allow you to package and distribute your applications through standard operator stores • Essentially, a widget is a “more powerful” web application, put in a box 2 All rights reserved, copyright 2010
  • 3. So how do I write one? • You use the same technologies you are used to for writing web pages: XHTML, Javascript, CSS • There are only 3 things that change: • you need to add a config.xml file that tells the JIL runtime how to run your widget • you need to “package” all your contents together in a ZIP file • you will have access to some extra index.html Javascript APIs, what we call Handset APIs, for enabling extra functionality (like style.css accessing the Accelerometer) main.js • for submitting your application, you would also need one step called signing, but that one can wait for now config.xml 3 All rights reserved, copyright 2010
  • 4. JIL SDK • You can create widgets using your editor and the tools you are used to • To help out, we also have a JIL SDK available which takes care of generating some skeleton for your project and also helps with the packaging • You can download it now from our website: (note: registration needed) video in 4 All rights reserved, copyright 2010
  • 5. The JIL APIs • Some of the features JIL enables you to use include: • Accessing the device accelerometer to detect how user moves the device • Reading the location of the device (latitude and longitude) • Access some of the device metadata (like screen size or phone manufacturer) • Taking pictures with the device camera • Audio playing from file or streaming • Launching some of the native applications available, like the operating system browser • You can find a more detailed overview at 5 image (c) Randall Munroe’s -
  • 6. Future planned features in JIL 1.3 (Q12011) • File access APIs (in line with W3C Webapps) • W3C Geolocation • HTML5 APIs : Canvas and Audio • Asynchronous calls in most APIs • Accelerometer and Orientation event listeners WHICH NEW APIs WE’LL HAVE IN JIL • Better support of standard web rendering 1.3? (aiming to fully support JQuery Core) • Alignment with W3C security policy framework • Any features you want to see added? 6 image (c) Randall Munroe’s - All rights reserved, copyright 2010
  • 7. Tools of the trade • JIL SDK • available from • integrated environment based on Eclipse • includes code editor, debugging and a full emulator based on Android • simplest way to start if you’re new to JIL • MacOS X version coming soon! • Transit SDK and Firefox plugin • available from • a smaller footprint environment for adding to your existing Eclipse installation, plus a Firefox plugin that simulates some of the JIL APIs • early stage project, but very useful if you are used to work in firefox • integrates with the firefox plugins you know and love (like WebDeveloper toolbar or Firebug) 7 All rights reserved, copyright 2010
  • 8. And let us know if we can lend a hand! • We would love to hear your suggestions and requests for future planning of the JIL platform • There will be people answering questions during the event, but afterwards feel free to post them in our forums! • • Or you can also contact us using • 8 image (c) -