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Design for all goes mobile(over theair11)
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Design for all goes mobile(over theair11)


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. John Wyer - Developer Community Manager, Vodafone Group @vodafonedev #vsa2011
  • 2. Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards 2011
    • What is it?
      • A contest to find the best Android 2.2+ application to enhance the lives of users who are ageing and/or disabled.
    • When is it?
      • Competition entry closes October 15 th 2011
      • Competition finals November 15 th 2011
    • Who runs it?
      • Vodafone Foundation, Vodafone Group Developer Marketing, Vodafone Public Policy
      • European Disability Forum (EDF) and AGE Platform (AGE) supporting content creation and relationship with finalists and winners
    • The total prize fund of €200k
      • 1 winners per category (4)
        • Social participation
        • Independent living
        • Mobility
        • Wellbeing
  • 3. Selection Process
    • First Jury Round in progress
      • Filtering of all entries by Vodafone, EDF, AGE
      • Agree on 3 finalists per category to go to the final based on following criteria:
        • Effectiveness: does it help to overcome everyday obstacles?
        • Availability : how many people can it help across which markets
        • Ease of use, delivery and installation
        • Multi-functionality : does it help to support multiple disabilities?
    •   Final Jury Round
      • Jury comprising of Vodafone Group, Foundation, EDF, AGE and media partner
      • 10 min pitches + 5 min Q&A from each finalist
      • Winner chosen live at event
    4 All entries reviewed 12
    • Two rounds, 1 winner across 4 categories
  • 4. Resources to help you!
    • Competition Website -
      • Information about entry criteria and selection process
      • Legal terms & conditions
      • Technical guidance
      • Information re designing for accessibility
      • Videos from users
      • Contact us about the competition on – [email_address]
    • Guidelines
      • Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 Best practices for mobile web design and development
      • WCAG 2.0 Technology agnostic guidelines from W3C
      • BS8878 Web accessibility: Code of practice
      • Barriers Common to Mobile Device Users and People with Disabilities Who is affected and what challenges they face
      • Designing for accessibility By and for Android developers
      • Android accessibility from the Google Eyes Free project
      • http:// /mobile-accessibility-guidelines/
  • 5. Thank you and good luck! @vodafonedev #vsa2011
  • 6. Design for All goes Mobile www blog: twitter: Over The Air: 30 th September 2011
  • 7. My name’s Denise… www blog: twitter: Hello!
    • Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosed in 2003
    • Neurological condition – unpredictable, variable & different in each case
    • Symptoms: fatigue, weakness, numbness, visual disturbance, poor balance & vertigo
    • Use wide range of assistive technology to make day-to-day tasks more manageable
  • 8. My main symptom is extreme fatigue… www blog: twitter: Zzzzz
  • 9. Sometimes my eyes go a bit funny… www blog: twitter: Visual impair-ment
    • Eyesight can vary throughout the day,
    • as well as from day to day
    • Can be affected by fatigue, heat,
    • quality of light, exercise and illness
    • Can include: visual disturbance,
    • blurred vision, double vision, colour
    • distortion and poor peripheral vision
  • 10. www blog: twitter: Missing pieces Visual disturbance…
  • 11. Blurred vision… www blog: twitter: Snellen chart
  • 12. www blog: twitter: Double Trouble Double vision…
  • 13. www blog: twitter: Colour distortion… Visible spectrum
  • 14. www blog: twitter: Poor peripheral vision… Side vision
  • 15. Sometimes it feels like I’m wearing Mickey Mouse gloves… www blog: twitter: Poor dexterity
  • 16. And sometimes I’m in a wibbly wobbly world of my own… www blog: twitter: Jelly Babies
  • 17. Sometimes my hearing seems muffled… www blog: twitter: Poor hearing
  • 18. And sometimes I suffer from vertigo… www blog: twitter: Not fear of heights
  • 19. But what is Assistive Technology? www blog: twitter: AT
    • Assistive Technology (AT) is any product or service designed to enable independence for disabled & older people
    • (Source: user group consultation at the King’s Fund in 2001)
    • Term useful for those in know, but unfortunately not everyone understands what it means
    • Technology doesn’t have to be complex
  • 20. Plastic not so fantastic… www blog: twitter:
  • 21. Maggie Winchcombe OBE, FCOT www blog: twitter:
    • “ When I was looking back over old OT journals from the 1970s, I was shocked to see adverts for products that haven’t changed in nearly 40 years”
    • One of UK’s leading occupational therapists (OTs), qualified in 1973
    • Fellow of College of OT (2006) & awarded OBE (2007)
  • 22. www blog: twitter: Ikea The battle of the bland…
    • Ugly, clinical looking assistive equipment
    • Grateful helped to keep independence
    • Frustrated as home looked more like
    • hospital
    • Surely this CAN’T be the way it has to be…
    • Looked for alternative mainstream
    • products that did same/similar job
    • Aware people can benefit from learning &
    • support of others with similar experiences
  • 23. www blog: twitter:
  • 24. Enabled by Design’s ethos www blog: twitter:
    • Time to recognise people for being just that, people
    • and
    • move away from ill-informed stereotypes
    • applied to ageing & disability
    • Our ethos:
    • Believe world is made up of people with range
    • of abilities, each person having own personal strengths & qualities
    • Passionate about harnessing strengths to
    • empower people to live as independently as
    • possible
    Stereo- types
  • 25. Design for All (DfA) www blog: twitter: Design for All (DfA): Design philosophy targeting use of products, services & systems by as many people as possible without need for adaptation. Design for All is design for human diversity, social inclusion & equality. Closely related to Inclusive Design & Universal Design Result: Products & services suitable for general public including older people & people with disabilities Important note: One design can never truly be accessible to all, so important to know audience & needs
  • 26. Accessibility for the Masses www blog: twitter:
    • Mainstreaming accessibility:
    • Remove stigma attached to independent living products
    • Make people's lives bit easier & more manageable
    Mainstreaming accessibility
  • 27. www blog: twitter: “ Usability rules the web” – Jakob Nielsen (IT expert, writer and advisor on software and web design)
  • 28. Design for All goes Mobile www blog: twitter: Mobile tech
    • Mobile tech no longer the
    • reserve of rich/business people
    • Accessibility needs to reflect
    • this
    • Needn’t mean different/niche
    • Design for All key to this
    • Principles relevant to mobile
    • phones, user interfaces, support services, apps…
    • Usability and good communication important too
  • 29. Usability – The Golden Rules www blog: twitter:
    • Simply presented information
    • Content reduced to essentials
    • Manageable logical structure
    • Intuitive usability
    • Uniform appearance, consistently designed
    • Good design and appealing graphics
    • Quick delivery of information
    Taken from ‘ The Little Know It All – Common sense for designers’ – Die Gestalten Verlag ISBN: 978-3-89955-167-9 The Little Know-It-All
  • 30. My Golden Rule - Communication www blog: twitter:
    • Talk to your audience –
    • as wide a cross section as possible
    • Listen to them
    • Feedback is indispensible
    • Do this throughout the process from start to end
    • But don’t let that be the end, carry on communicating!
    • Accessibility standards and guidelines alone are not enough
  • 31. www blog: twitter: Questions? Thank you for listening!
  • 32. Where to find us: www blog: twitter: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @enabledby or Email: [email_address]