Vocus SoMe Award Nomination - Social Tool of the Year

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Vocus SoMe Award Nomination - Social Tool of the Year

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Vocus' SoMe award nomination for Social Tool of the Year! http://www.someawards.com/

Vocus' SoMe award nomination for Social Tool of the Year! http://www.someawards.com/

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  • 1. Vocus SoMe Award Nomination Social Tool of the Year
  • 2. Overview: Vocus Marketing Suite
  • 3. Features The Vocus Marketing Suite is a comprehensive automation solution that helps you easily and efficiently attract and engage prospects, nurture high-quality leads, and drive results.
  • 4. Extensive social tools are offered in the suite, including…
  • 5. • Social CRM: Vocus’ Social CRM tracks and records every engagement with your prospects across email, landing pages, news releases and even website visits. Our technology measures click-throughs, opportunities and successes, and even helps you identify your contacts social identities (matching email addresses to social media profiles). The Suite highlights tweets from prospects already in your CRM and shows you their profiles with just one click. • Buying Signals™: Turn social into sales. Our proprietary technology monitors and filters millions of conversations for prospects looking to buy a product or service to connect you with the right prospects at the right time. These leads are delivered straight to your one-stop dashboard. • Recommendation Engine™: Build your presence, network and community by engaging with intelligence. Our social media recommendations boost your visibility and awareness. It filters and suggests content, conversations and influencers to engage with. • Social Analytics: With our integrated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and Bit.ly Analytics, you can watch your likes, follows and shares grow, all in one place. Understand which posts are working and the demographics and geographics of your network. Keep track of how often you’re mentioned, re-tweeted and followed. Know how your content is being shared, what’s connecting with your target audience, what you need to change, and how to do it best.
  • 6. For SoMe, we think one of these tools shines brightest because there’s nothing on the market today that compares!
  • 7. Buying Signals™ Included in the Vocus Marketing Suite, Buying Signals™ is our proprietary tool that scans millions of conversations for prospects looking to buy a product or service like yours. No scouring. No tedious searching. Just quality leads. Our proprietary, responsive technology delivers those leads straight to your one-stop dashboard.
  • 8. Buying Signals™ The Data Science team at Vocus currently analyzes the Twitter firehose for 10 different “Buying Signals,” which represent different phases within a buyers decision-making cycle. We use a combination of open-source baseline machine learning libraries (such as support vector machines et al.) and significant in-house proprietary algorithms tailored to our needs to perform the analysis.
  • 9. What Buying Signals™ Look Like
  • 10. Signal Types Users can choose from a variety of signal types to customize the content specifically for their business: Recommendation: These types of buying signals deliver prospects seeking general information. Desire | Shopping | Seeking: These are people who are interested in purchasing a product or service, or have an imminent need. Broken | Stolen: These signals show prospects who have recently broken or lost something they need to replace.
  • 11. Across Social
  • 12. Signal Examples in the Suite
  • 13. Filtering Signals in the Suite
  • 14. Creating Buying Signals™ in the Suite
  • 15. Purpose • Social media has changed the way customers buy things. They engage businesses on their terms, swap information about vendors, and share recommendations and reviews online. Now, technology is offering marketers a new way to catch up. • The Buying Signals™ proprietary software was developed to make it easier for businesses of all sizes struggling to justify the ROI of social media to find valuable prospects on social media, engage with those prospects, and nurture them to sale.
  • 16. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2011 Global Multi-Channel Consumer Survey, more than 80% of customers now conduct research online before they buy in-store. According to a recent IBM survey, approximately 40% of social media users go to social sites to share opinions and access company reviews. Another 23% of social users log into these sites to interact with brands directly.
  • 17. Success with Buying Signals™: Customer Stories
  • 18. Read the full success story »
  • 19. Read the full success story »
  • 20. Read the full success story: Living Fuel: Vocus Marketing Suite Gets us 20 to 30 Leads a Day »
  • 21. Read the full success story: Outward Media: Vocus delivered $2 Million in Leads » VP of Sales and Marketing at Outward Media Nancy Arter
  • 22. Challenges • Businesses who aren’t socially savvy may not know how to engage with a prospect once a Buying Signals™ is delivered. • Customers do most of their research online before ever contacting a business, so these brands need content online that can help to verify their credibility.
  • 23. Challenges • Development of contextual language identification – going beyond just keywords and developing a tool to identify contextual need. That is the power in Buying Signals – we’re not just looking for a keyword association, we’re filtering out the tweets that are most likely to be stating a need in context.
  • 24. Metrics • Vocus’ Data Science team processes about 15 million Buying Signals per quarter with the majority being in the middle of the decision-making cycle and then lesser, but still significant populations at both the beginning and end of the cycle. • After we released Buying Signals™, revenue for the full year 2013 was $186.9 million, a 9% increase over the comparable period in 2012.
  • 25. Additional Resources • Video: Buying Signals • Free Guide to Buying Signals • Five Extra Benefits of Social Media Buying Signals • Buying Signals: A Three-Part History • Eight Questions to Ask When You See Buying Signals • How to Get Great Results with Buying Signals: Part One • How to Get Great Results with Buying Signals: Part Two
  • 26. Thank you for your consideration! - The Vocus Team