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Mastering Mobile Marketing Guide

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Mobile marketing isn’t just another trend. In fact, data shows it’s taking over as the most effective way to get targeted messages to prospects and customers. Vocus delivers everything you need to …

Mobile marketing isn’t just another trend. In fact, data shows it’s taking over as the most effective way to get targeted messages to prospects and customers. Vocus delivers everything you need to know about optimizing your campaigns with mobile in our new guide, Mastering Mobile Marketing.

This free guide will show you how to:

-Select the type of mobile design that is right for your brand and message.
-Optimize brand awareness and lead generation using mobile.
-Boost conversions with strategically developed apps.
-Deploy and optimize mobile-only landing pages.

Don’t go the way of the dinosaur and get left behind as marketing continues to evolve. If you’re looking for mobile strategies that deliver real results for your marketing and lead gen initiatives, download the full guide: http://bit.ly/1e4uYjI

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  • 1. Mastering Mobile Marketing
  • 2. Why Mobile? For the first time in 2013, “time spent on non-voice mobile activities will surpass time spent online on desktop and laptop computers,” according to eMarketer.
  • 3. Mobile Usage • Smartphones have surpassed 125 million U.S. consumers, and 50 million people now own tablets. • It’s a “brave new digital world” that presents a “new paradigm in digital media fragmentation in which consumers are always connected.” – comScore
  • 4. Do It or Lose It SuperMonitoring says that 57 percent of mobile users “won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.”
  • 5. Design Types • Responsive design: If the site doesn’t load quickly or show a relevant medium-friendly message – i.e. a “landing page” – customers will leave, and the businesses’ mobile marketing efforts will be for naught. • Responsive vs. adaptive: Adaptive designs typically load faster than responsive designs, and use “a predetermined set of screen and device sizes.” • Mobile-only design: Mobile-only means website designs that are distinctly different from their desktop counterparts. Marketers that choose mobile-only design are committing to create content for and maintain two websites for one brand.
  • 6. Promoting on Mobile Mobile advertising relies on three factors:
  • 7. Other mobile tactics Text message/SMS: use proper opt-in to lower the barrier to sharing info.
  • 8. Dedicated Apps “The conversion rate in the store for shoppers who use a retailer’s dedicated app is 21 percent higher than those who don’t –such apps provide a more relevant and tailored shopping experience that helps people make an immediate buying decision.” -Deloitte
  • 9. Landing Pages, Email and Experiences • Matthew Kelleher of RedEye told eConsultancy, “[There’s] not much point in optimizing email if you don’t have a mobile site, as the journey will end in disappointment for the customer or prospect, earning you negative brand perception marks.” • Mobile-only landing pages impact conversion rates. If the pages confuse and frustrate, load too slowly, or are in any other way a negative experience, consumers bounce, and conversion rates drop.
  • 10. Incorporating Rich Media • Rich media works well in general, but video works the best. Mobile users don’t only watch full-length YouTube videos. Extremely short videos of Vine and Instagram length are intriguing. • General Motors, Doritos, Lowes, Ma rc Jacobs and many other major brands are regular Vine users
  • 11. Want to become a mobile marketing master? Download a copy of our Mastering Mobile Marketing Guide at the Vocus Blog!