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Marketing Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth with Chris Brogan

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Watch the full webinar with audio here: http://bit.ly/1nl7c7u …

Watch the full webinar with audio here: http://bit.ly/1nl7c7u

If your marketing isn’t delivering the results you want, it may be time to find your inner freak. Ditch transaction-minded messaging and develop a freak-level passion for your community that instills a sense of belonging, drives referrals, and increases customer lifetime value.

Listen to world-renowned marketer and author Chris Brogan in his Vocus Webinar replay. Chris will help you:

Start long-term customer relationships with ‘warm data.’
Create more targeted content that attracts customers.
Use engagement to drive a relationship-based selling environment.

Want bigger ROI? Become a marketing freak. Watch the webinar now!

About the Speaker:

Chris Brogan is publisher and CEO of Owner Magazine and a New York Times best-selling author of seven books. He published his most recent book, “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth,” this April. Chris is a sought-after keynote speaker and has consulted with companies like Disney, Microsoft, Coke, Google and PepsiCo.

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  • 1. Marketing Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth
  • 2. HOW THE FREAKS SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH  Marketing in the age of personal business. Chris Brogan / @chrisbrogan #proudfreak
  • 3. PEOPLE ARE TOO BUSY “Busier than ever.” “Not enough time.” “Smart phone addicted.” “Too much choice.” “Money is tight (prioritizing).”
  • 4. PEOPLE FEEL LIKE NUMBERS “They didn’t remember my name.” “I left a message, but never heard back.” “Their website stinks.” “I don’t know what to do to get started.” “They filled my inbox with boring coupons.”
  • 5. YOUR COMPETITORS …are not similar businesses. …aren’t even in your industry. …don’t care what you’re working on. …probably don’t know you exist. …aren’t always even human.
  • 6. YOUR COMPETITORS * Time * Money * Attention Span * Ease of Use * A Sense of Belonging (or not)
  • 7. PEOPLE LOVE FEELING SPECIAL “They knew it was time to reschedule.” “They gave me a great idea on how to stretch out my time between visits.” “Me? I’m part of the VIP club. Not just a plastic card thingy, but the real VIP experience.”
  • 8. I’M CHRIS BROGAN publisher/ceo - ownermag.com chris@ownermag.com @chrisbrogan #proudfreak
  • 9. THREE MAIN POINTS Commit to clarity & integrity. Business is about belonging. The Monchu is the Media.
  • 10. COMMIT TO CLARITY/INTEGRITY Envision Commit Invest Act Communicate Connect Serve
  • 11. COMMIT TO CLARITY/INTEGRITY Your vision isn’t your words. It’s how you act them out. A brand is an inside/out experience.
  • 12. COMMIT TO CLARITY/INTEGRITY Help people see themselves and their role within your business and the monchu. - with stories, with media, starring themselves.
  • 13. COMMIT TO CLARITY/INTEGRITY Make the right choice always over the easy choice or the more profitable choice.
  • 14. COMMIT TO CLARITY/INTEGRITY Spend time, (sometimes) money, and (always) attention on your monchu. - with whatever they need in and around your offerings
  • 15. COMMIT TO CLARITY/INTEGRITY Schedule time to observe, interact, and engage with your monchu. - phone call, email, social networks, whatever works.
  • 16. COMMIT TO CLARITY/INTEGRITY Tell their story in between and around your sales efforts. Make the channel about back-and-forth, not just sales. - newsletter, other platforms.
  • 17. BUSINESS IS ABOUT BELONGING Where do you feel understood? What makes you feel like you belong? How do you take that feeling with you?
  • 18. BUSINESS IS ABOUT BELONGING Reebok Gary Muller Dr Dre / Beats Donna Maria Rachel Rodgers
  • 19. BUSINESS IS ABOUT BELONGING - Know their name and preferences. - Share the passion, not just the product. - Keep them in the loop (but personal, not mass). - Always reinforce the tribe’s persona.
  • 20. BUSINESS IS ABOUT BELONGING - Simple database - The bigger story - Email marketing - Buyer persona to start
  • 21. THE MONCHU IS THE MEDIA The word “monchu” means “one family.” It’s an Okinawan word. It means the family you choose, not your blood family.
  • 22. THE MONCHU IS THE MEDIA - The biggest change I made to MY online efforts. - Their story is THE story. - Best source of topics for media making.
  • 23. THE MONCHU IS THE MEDIA - Newsletter - Podcast (?) (!!!) - Blog - Instagram / Pinterest - Video
  • 24. THE MONCHU IS THE MEDIA - How to information. - Interviews and profiles. - Tools for the space. - Stories to reinforce the tribe. - “Serving suggestions.”
  • 25. CHRIS BROGAN publisher/ceo - ownermag.com chris@ownermag.com @chrisbrogan #proudfreak
  • 26. The Vocus Family About Vocus Vocus (NASDAQ: VOCS) provides leading cloud-based marketing and public relations software that enables companies to acquire and retain customers. The company offers products and services to help clients attract and engage prospects, nurture and convert customers, and measure and improve marketing effectiveness. More than 16,000 annual subscription customers across a wide variety of industries use Vocus software. The company is headquartered in Beltsville, MD with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit http://www.vocus.com or call (800) 345-5572. PR Suite | Marketing Suite Online News Releases Publicity Email Marketing @Vocus @PRWeb @Helpareporter @iContact