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Jay Baer Bricks and Feathers Content Marketing Vocus Webinar

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Watch the full webinar replay here: http://buzz.vocus.com/JayBaer?source=SM …

Watch the full webinar replay here: http://buzz.vocus.com/JayBaer?source=SM

Does your content generate reads, but not leads?

It might be because your initiative doesn’t have enough types of content, says Jay Baer of Convince & Convert. Your content marketing program needs both bricks and feathers to convince people to take action.

Feathers are the lightweight social and blog posts that attract customers. Bricks are the heavier content pieces that collect leads and drive conversion. Balance them both and turn content from a dead-end into a road to success.

Watch the full webinar replay to hear from Jay and learn how to:
-Map out your conversion journey
-Create a balance of bricks and feathers that drives results
-Measure the effectiveness of each piece of your content journey

About the Speaker:

Jay Baer is the New York Times best selling author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype. A digital marketing pioneer, Jay has consulted for more than 700 brands, including 30 of the FORTUNE 500. His firm, Convince & Convert works with mid-sized and large companies on social media and content marketing strategy, and produces a blog that’s been ranked as the #1 content marketing blog in the world by the Content Marketing Institute. Jay is also the host of the popular Social Pros podcast, and is an acclaimed keynote speaker.

Watch the full webinar replay here: http://buzz.vocus.com/JayBaer?source=SM

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  • 1. Bricks + Feathers = Content Success with Jay Baer
  • 2. Bricks & Feathers = Content Success
  • 3. Jay Baer Author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype Marketing Keynote Speaker Social Media and Content Consultant and Coach
  • 4. Which Weighs More? •5 pounds of feathers •5 pounds of bricks Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 5. What is a Feather? •The tsunami of social and content that envelops us all Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 6. This is a Feather Twitter.com/Vocus Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 7. This is a Feather ConvinceAndConvert.com Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 8. This is a Feather Facebook.com/AtlanticCityNJ Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 9. This is a Feather HungoverOwls.tumblr.com Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 10. What is a Brick? •The building blocks of digital communication •Longer, more in-depth content with greater impact Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 11. This is a Brick Vocus.com/blog/bricks-and- feathers-jay-baer-ebook Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 12. This is a Brick http://ar.gy/21Quotes Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 13. This is a Brick blog.Qmee.com Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 14. This is a Brick Youtube.com/user/immunoprecipi tation Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 15. Live Poll Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 16. Live Poll Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 17. Feathers Drive Interest. Bricks Drive Action. Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 18. Feathers Drive Interest. Bricks Drive Action. Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 19. We Need More Information Than Ever Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 20. Barriers to Knowledge are Being Eliminated Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 21. How Do You Fill the Information Gap? Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 22. With Lots and Lots of Feathers Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 23. River Pools Wins with Feathers •1,000 + questions answered •105 pages viewed, on average •75% of sales are virtual Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 24. In B2B, 70% of the Decision is Made BEFORE the Prospect Contacts the Company Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 25. Don’t be a 19 Year-Old Dude Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 26. Feathers Alone Will Work.....If You Have a Ton of Very Useful Feathers Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 27. Live Poll Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 28. Live Poll Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 29. The Better Approach (Usually) is to Combine a Few Bricks with Many Feathers Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 30. Different Content Answers Different Questions Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 31. Understand the Buyer’s Journey •Suspects •Broad Audience •Little Existing Knowledge •Suspects Want to Know What Your Company Knows •Supply Suspects with Feathers Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 32. Understand the Buyer’s Journey •Prospects •Have Supplied Personal Information •They Need Information Tailored to Their Circumstances •Supply Prospects with Detailed Feathers, and General Bricks (Webinars, videos) Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 33. Understand the Buyer’s Journey •Leads •Prospects That Meet Defined Criteria •They Need Information Tailored Even More to Their Specific Needs •Supply Leads with Detailed Bricks (white papers, ebooks, comparison tools) Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 34. Understand the Buyer’s Journey •Opportunities •Customers Ready to Buy •They Need Finishing Touches •Opportunities Must be Taken Across the Finish Line by a Real Person (sales) Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 35. Suspects • Feathers • Blog • Social Prospects • Bricks and Feathers • Blog • Webinars • Videos • Infographics Leads • Bricks • White papers • eBooks • Configurators Opportunities • People • Phone • Email • Face-to-Face
  • 36. Bricks Should be a Youtility •Marketing So Useful, People Would Pay For It Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar •Marketing that Customers Want, Instead of Marketing the Company Needs
  • 37. Youtility Lets You Market Sideways Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 38. Be a Digital Dandelion •Of All the Places Your Bricks Could Live, Your Website Probably Has the Least Visibility •Your Site is the Stem, Other Sites Are the Seeds: • YouTube • SlideShare • Scribd • Guest blogging, etc. Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 39. Market Your Marketing Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 40. Content is Fire. Social Media is Gasoline. Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 41. Live Poll Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 42. Live Poll Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 43. Getting Started •Make a List of All Customer Questions •Ask Customer Service •Ask Operations •Ask Sales Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 44. Getting Started •Make a List of All Customer Questions •Ask Customer Service •Ask Operations •Ask Sales •Ask CUSTOMERS! Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 45. For Each Customer Question, Ask Yourself: “blog post, or bigger?” Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 46. For Each Customer Question, Ask Yourself: “blog post, or bigger?” Then create editorial calendar and develop feathers + bricks Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 47. How Many Feathers do you Need? As Many as You Can Make. Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 48. How Many Bricks Do You Need? For Small/Medium Business, Plan on 4-6 per Year Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 49. Bricks and Feathers Comparison Jay Baer | @Jay Baer | @Vocus | #VocusWebinar
  • 50. Thanks for attending! #VocusWebinar @vocus
  • 51. The Vocus Family About Vocus Vocus is a leading provider of cloud marketing software that helps businesses reach and influence buyers across social networks, online and through media. Vocus provides an integrated suite that combines social marketing, search marketing, email marketing and publicity into a comprehensive solution to help businesses attract, engage and retain customers. Vocus software is used by more than 120,000 organizations worldwide and is available in seven languages. Vocus is based in Beltsville, MD with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For further information, please visit http://www.vocus.com or call (800) 345-5572 PR Suite | Marketing Suite Online News Releases Publicity Facebook Apps Email Marketing @Vocus @PRWeb @Helpareporter @NorthSocial @iContact