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How to Beat Content Marketing Overload

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In a world filled with content, how do you beat the overload and stand out? …

In a world filled with content, how do you beat the overload and stand out?

We’re inundated with content. News articles, blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates – it’s hard to know what to pay attention to.

Our customers are flooded with the same things and they feel the same way. How can we create content that grabs their attention?

Learn how with our new white paper How to Beat Content Marketing Overload. You’ll learn to:

* Use different types of media to capture attention and increase reach.
* Use transmedia storytelling to get your idea to stick.
* Provide a seamless experience that unites the offline and on.

If you want to attract and keep customers this year, you’re going to have to beat the content marketing overload. Download this guide for free now: http://bit.ly/1ktAPy1

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  • 1. How to Beat Content Marketing Overload
  • 2. What is content overload? Content marketing overload is real. In fact, you’re probably suffering from it right now. People are weary of the plethora of content they are exposed to and have started to tune it out.
  • 3. What’s a marketer to do? The answer to attracting customers and keeping them is found in “hooks,” methods that lure your audience into consuming and sharing your content.
  • 4. Be unconventional 1. Stand out with visual media 2. Stand out with the Internet of Things (IoT) 3. Stand out with user-generated content (UGC)
  • 5. Be unconventional Pew Research reports that: • More than half of Internet users post or share photos or videos online • Fifty-four percent of adult Internet users post their own creations, an increase from 46% in 2012 • Forty-seven percent repost other people’s and brands’ photos and videos
  • 6. Use different media sources To cut through the noise, marketers need to utilize multiple sources to make an impact: 1. Let others speak with word-of-mouth marketing 2. Engage seamlessly with sponsored content 3. Speak for yourself with branded content
  • 7. Go live “Going live” means integrating interactive experiences with content. The term also extends to integrating content with online video. Some ways marketers can help their content “go live” includes: 1. Sharing an experience 2. Interacting with the community 3. Remembering that face to face contact still matters
  • 8. Base content on context More and more data is now available to brands. They can use that data to create relevant content, or they can continue with content strategy models that are quickly becoming outdated and impossible to sustain.
  • 9. Provide a seamless experience Content is not a differentiator – the experience is. Attracting customers isn’t just about presenting a pretty picture or even a transmedia experience. It’s about providing consistent brand experiences online and off. 1. Tell a broader and deeper story with transmedia 2. Take the online experience offline
  • 10. Want your content to rise above all the clutter? Download a copy of the “How to Beat Content Marketing Overload” guide today!