Five Marketing Predictions for 2014 with Geoff Livingston

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Five Marketing Predictions for 2014 with Geoff Livingston



Watch the full webinar replay with audio here: ...

Watch the full webinar replay with audio here:

What will drive the biggest revenues for marketers in 2014? Will Vine be a must-have or has-been? Which wearable tech will take off?

Peer into Geoff Livingston’s crystal ball to identify and leverage the marketing platforms and trends that will move the needle for your business next year.

Get the foresight you need to stay ahead of competitors, generate more leads and drive more revenue in 2014! Learn to:

-Develop customized mobile campaigns with existing tools
-Upgrade automated marketing efforts by doing more than emails
-Create native advertising campaigns without eroding customer trust

About the Speaker:

Geoff Livingston is the founder of Tenacity5 Media, a marketing consultancy serving companies and nonprofits. Geoff has advised more than 10 members of the Fortune 500, including AT&T, eBay, Ford and Google. He has also written four books, including co-authoring “Marketing in the Round” and “Welcome to the Fifth Estate.”



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  • Mobile is not a new wrinkle. Rather it offers a different behavior set that changes entire approaches. <br /> The contextual marketing revolution that everyone is talking about pivots off of mobile location, and the needs to be relevant and nonintrusive. To succeed you need to understand geofencing and how distance triggers media. <br /> You also have to understand how people consume mobile media. <br />
  • O’Neill Case Study <br /> It collapsed the primary navigation menu, allowing visitors to expand it by tapping a Menu link; increased the size of the font, tap areas and detail photos; reduced the number of columns; and spent a lot of time “fixing Magento forms.” <br /> The redesign achieved some fairly spectacular results on iPhone/iPod: <br /> Conversions increased by 65.71%. <br /> Transactions went up 112.5%. <br /> Revenue increased by 101.25%. <br /> Similarly, on Android devices: <br /> Conversions shot up by 407.32%. <br /> Transactions increased by 333.33%. <br /> Revenue increased by a whopping 591.42%. <br />
  • URL for video: <br /> 680% increase in ROI <br />
  •   <br /> Interactive media normally refers to products and services on digital computer-based systems which respond to the user’s actions by presenting content such as text, graphics, animation, video, audio, games, etc. <br />
  • Android Central Podcast: <br />
  • <br />
  • Vine is truly a creative melting pot. Animators, comedians, cinematographers and daredevils all utilize the app&apos;s short, looping and shareable video tools in their own ways. After spending some time exploring, you&apos;ll begin to notice some common formulas on the app. <br />   <br /> Perhaps the most impressive Vine videos are those created by stop motion experts using the app. The artists use tools such as clay, action figures, Legos, food, pencils, paper and more to create fluid animations out of everyday objects. <br /> iPhone skilss are a must <br />
  • Online Publishers Associated (OPA), 73% of its members already used native advertising as of June 2013, while 90% plan to use native ads by the end of the calendar year. - See more at: <br />
  • <br />
  • Registration Information will follow this podcast <br />
  • Online Publishers Associated (OPA), 73% of its members already used native advertising as of June 2013, while 90% plan to use native ads by the end of the calendar year. - See more at: <br />
  • Registration Information will follow this podcast <br />
  • Registration Information will follow this podcast <br />
  • Registration Information will follow this podcast <br />
  • Registration Information will follow this podcast <br />
  • Registration Information will follow this podcast <br />
  • Registration Information will follow this podcast <br />

Five Marketing Predictions for 2014 with Geoff Livingston Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Happy Reve-New Year! With Geoff Livingston
  • 2. Five Big Marketing Trends for 2014
  • 3. A Special Webinar Created for Vocus • Presented by Author and Tenacity5 Media Founder Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving) @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 4. The Five Trends for 2014 1) Mobile dominates 2) Glass loses to the wrist 3) Vine wins the social networking video war 4) Native advertising best practices emerge 5) Marketers go beyond email with automation solutions #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 5. 1) Mobile Takes Precedence • Mobile accounts for 31% of all traffic (IBM) • 17% of Cyber Monday sales occurred via mobile (IBM) • Smartphones outselling computers • Tablets are generating more page views than computers or smartphones (Adobe) 5 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 6. 2014 Will Bring Separation • Some brands offer mobile sites • Bounce rate for those without mobile is extremely high • Apps allow intense brand experiences • Context created by mobile location data • Loyalty is created now 6 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 7. The End Game for Mobile • Mobile number permission becomes a priority • Earned media drives credibility & sales • ROI: SMS based deals • ROI: Location data allows geofencing – intelligent ads and content 7 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 8. Mobile Action: Adaptive vs. Responsive Design 8 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 9. Mobile Action: Use Local Extensions for Search 9 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 10. Mobile Action: Build Specific Landing Pages 10 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 11. Mobile Action: Collect Numbers Source: VentureBeat 11 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 12. 2) Glass vs the Wrist 12 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 13. Wearable Media Action: Rich Media Production 13 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 14. Wearable Media Action: visuals with short text • Visual assets include photos and graphics • Smart calls to action – Savable coupons – Mobile only deals – Trigger by proximity • Understand that a mobile attraction often ends on a computer 14 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 15. Wearable Media Action: Audio 15 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 16. Wearable Media Action: Video 16 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 17. 3) The Rise of Vine 17 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 18. Why Vine May Be Your Best Option • No formal business offering on SnapChat • No formal record for SnapChat (viral only) • Instagram more established, but getting complicated & busy • Vine is a pure play • Twitter’s stronger ad networks 18 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 19. Action: Master Vine (and Mobile Video) 19 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 20. 4) Native Ads Grow Up 20 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 21. The Core Issue Is Trust 21 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 22. Native Ads Action: Disclosure • Always disclose in the first two lines, and show the brand • The P&G Way: Treat it like a branding opp • Insist on attribution through all publication touches • Think 1950s: Sponsor great content 22 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 23. Speaking of Plugs… The Next Vocus Webinar Is on Native Ads with Steve Rubel 23 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 24. 5) Marketing Automation Gets Serious 24 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 25. Automation Core Disconnects • Marketers tend to come evolve from a creative or PR discipline • Interfaces and usability an issue • Lead scoring, social integration, web tracking and landing pages not first steps in traditional marketing 25 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 26. Automation Action: Begin with KPIs Image by Ben Buchanan 26 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 27. Automation Action: Understand Lead Paths Image by Rapidan 27 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 28. Automation Action: Campaign Approach 28 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 29. Automation Action: Build Content Appropriately • Social content • Value add web site based content • Emails • Customized contextual content • After the sale! 29 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 30. BONUS: Five More 2014 Predictions! 6. Social media loses luster to other tactics 7. Marketing analyst is the hot job (big data) 8. Google incurs federal antitrust action 9. Content moves toward depth (events, etc.) 10. Coin changes everything 30 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 31. Thank You! Questions? 31 #vocuswebinar @geoffliving #vocuswebinar @vocus Tenacity
  • 32. The Vocus Family About Vocus Vocus is a leading provider of cloud marketing software that helps businesses reach and influence buyers across social networks, online and through media. Vocus provides an integrated suite that combines social marketing, search marketing, email marketing and publicity into a comprehensive solution to help businesses attract, engage and retain customers. Vocus software is used by more than 120,000 organizations worldwide and is available in seven languages. Vocus is based in Beltsville, MD with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For further information, please visit or call (800) 345-5572 PR Suite | Marketing Suite @Vocus Online News Releases @PRWeb Publicity @Helpareporter Facebook Apps @NorthSocial Email Marketing @iContact