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Converged Media with Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group

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Realizing sales dreams requires social, content, publicity, and advertising all working together - and Altimeter Group's Jeremiah Owyang can direct you to success. …

Realizing sales dreams requires social, content, publicity, and advertising all working together - and Altimeter Group's Jeremiah Owyang can direct you to success.

Register today and Jeremiah will help you satisfy content-hungry customers, spur internal collaboration, and make all of your media do more!

Join Jeremiah and Vocus to:
Engage customers anywhere online
Integrate media efforts and streamline internal operations
Meet present and future marketing demands!

About the Speaker:

Jeremiah Owyang is a Partner at Altimeter Group and specializes in how businesses connect with customers using the web. Jeremiah authors the award-winning blog Web Strategy and speaks at business and technology conferences around the world.

Access the full presentation and audio here: http://prsoftware.vocus.com/JeremiahOwyang?source=SM

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  • http://static6.businessinsider.com/image/4d6eb01ccadcbbca07010000/times-square-new-york.jpgI think this is applicable to B2B as well. Every buyer is influenced by brand impressions.The average person sees some 3,000 brand impressions every day.1 The media and information they consume might originate in traditional media, social media, advertising, or — with increasing frequency — a hybrid of all three. Consumers rarely pause to note provenance. Media are a veritable blur. The primary quest is for information, entertainment, or shopping. The goal is simply to find the “right” media, be it paid, owned or earned, along this highly dynamic customer journey. Brands are challenged to intercept this elusive customer and cut through the media clutter, regardless of whatever channel or medium consumers are engaged with.
  • ANIMATED SLIDE, MUST BE IN PRESENTATION MODE TO PLAYBut despite a fragmented industry, media are converging because consumers demand itComplexity is increasing in the business space. Consider these facts:There are new sources of information: Aside from press, media, analysts they are also relying on the crowd, friends, colleagues. Soon augmented reality will allow for new data forms we’ve not yet seen. (that’s about 5 factors)New forms of media: The channels as we know them Paid Owned and Earned are starting to intermix, as a result a new form of media is impacting them. Social websites have social ads, making content and advertising a new form. (that’s about 3 factors)New screens: Traditionally we’ve thought of TV, Laptop, and Mobile, but now we must factor in a tablet experience (which is different than the aforementioned) and with Google Glass augmented reality coming, that will be a fifth screen to build a strategy for. (that’s 5 factors)To understand the complexity, this model suggests 5 X 3 X 5 which is 75 different permutations. Next, the brand must understand this for every single phase: awareness, consideration, intent, purchase, support, loyalty, advocacy, (that’s 7 steps, resulting in 525 permutations per persona) then multiple times every product group and then geography, the math is staggering on the complexity.
  • Gray area: eg. RetweetsOutlying channels don’t neatly conform to the categories of paid/owned/earned media. This is to be expected from some forms of digital media. Online contests and sweepstakes, for example, are often hybrids of paid, owned, and earned media. And as mentioned above, shared media (“likes,” “retweets,” “shares,” etc.) are considered by some to be a wholly separate channel from earned media. Moreover, shared media may or may not contain original content (e.g., a comment or other earned media) added by the sharer. Co-created content is another category that could be assigned to earned or to shared media. We acknowledge these arguments, but for the purpose of this report we will consider “shared” media to be part of earned.Definitions for Reference- Paid media: are display or broadcast advertising. In digital channels, paid media include banner ads, Pay Per Click (PPC) search ads, advertorials, sponsorships, sponsored links, and pay-per-post blogging. The common factor of all these channels is that they are a form of advertising for which a media buy is necessary.Owned media are all content assets a brand either owns or wholly controls. Owned media channels include websites, microsites, branded blogs, videos, and the brand’s own(ed) presence on social media and social network channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc. Owned media is largely content marketing, i.e., content a brand owns and/or publishes that involves no media buy.Earned media is user-generated content created and/or shared by users. (It bears mentioning that some consider shared media to be a separate channel. More on this below in Outlying Channels.) Types of earned media include consumers’ social media posts, tweets, reviews, videos, photos, and open online communities. Another component of earned media is mentions in media or on social channels that are the result of PR or media relations. For brands, earned media is the most elusive and difficult of the three channels; while it can be influenced, it cannot be directly controlled.
  • http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?id=1008948&R=1008948b2http://www.slideshare.net/sodaspeaks/the-soda-report-11690932/download
  • Converged Media utilizes two or more channels of paid, earned, and owned media. It is characterized by a consistent storyline, look, and feel. All channels work in concert, enabling brands to reach customers exactly where, how, and when they want, regardless of channel, medium, or device, online or offline. With the customer journey between devices, channels, and media becoming increasingly complex, and new forms of technology only making it more so, this strategy of paid/owned/earned confluence makes marketers impervious to the disruption caused by emerging technologies.
  • From a brand perspective, converging media types has tremendous value: The insights that accompany analyzing earned media instruct and inform the areas in which to amplify using paid and where to innovate with respect to owned. Owned media provides the platform upon which earned and paid can exist and is foundational to the brand presence and messaging, which inspires earned. Paid media helps drive volume to owned and earned channels, and ultimately what amplifies the brand message. MORE AND MORE, EARNED INFORMS CREATIVE FOR PAID AND OWNEDMore and more brands use earned to inform paid and owned investmentReveals demographic trendsHighlights what audience is talking/cares aboutShowcases optimal channels for investment
  • http://jess3.com/facebook-vs-twitter/
  • no original date givenUPDATE: Nov, 2011SOURCE:http://originalrunners.com/http://twitter.com/#!/weddingrunnershttps://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http://media.nucleus.naprojects.com/pdf/OPEN_Insight_3_SocialMedia.pdf“When Goldman and her team of five employeeswanted to launch a new runner color, they turned totheir 2,000 followers on Twitter (@WeddingRunners).Ten percent of their followers got engaged andsupported development of a hot pink runner. Thisinput pushed the company’s creative power in adirection it might not have gone otherwise. “Twohundred people asked us for runners in Eva HotPink, so we took their advice. It quickly became oneof our top sellers,” says Goldman.”Tags:#retail#twitter#smb#crowdsource#jessica
  • https://business.twitter.com/en/optimize/case-studies/sharpie/Tags:#retail #art#b2c #teens #poe #paid #ugc#jessica
  • SOURCE: https://business.twitter.com/success-stories/monterey-countyChallenge: Introduce new visitors to the hidden gems of Monterey via word of mouth reviews and trusted information from travelers who are passionate about the region.Solution: @SeeMonterey used Promoted Tweets to drive users to a contest landing page where they could win a trip to Monterey by sharing their favorite Monterey experiences through Tweets and Retweets. To reach an engaged audience for the contest, the bureau and their agency, Borders Perrin Norrander (@bordersperrin), partnered with travel content website Trazzler. Trazzler helped @SeeMonterey reach nearly 1.3 million followers using Promoted Tweets to promote the “Win a Free Trip to Monterey” contest. The followers who posted the three most creative Tweets won vacations to Monterey.Tags: #smb #smallbusiness #travel #tourism #b2c#poe #paid #twitter #contest#jessica
  • MKESXSW was a Beer and Bratwurst How a burger joint used Foursquare to draw a crowd (Part I) Tags:#smallbusiness #foodbev #hospitality #foodbev #b2c#foursquare #twitter#foottraffic#jessica
  • http://blog.steffanantonas.com/case-study-how-to-use-foursquare-to-draw-a-crowd-into-your-restaurant.htmhttp://mkesxsw.info/In order to attract people to his restaurant to raise money for the Milwaukee Social Media Community to host an event at popular interactive conference South by Southwest (SXSW), Joe promoted the possibility of restaurant-goers earning the coveted Swarm Badge , which is awarded to users who check in at a location where over 50 other users are checked into at the same time. As a result, the restaurant raised over $500 toward the SXSW meetup.Tags:#hospitality #foodbev #b2c#foursquare #smallbusiness #foodbev#twitter #foottraffic#jessica
  • In “The Bug Circus Generator” ad from telecommunications company Qualcomm, creepy crawlers inhabit a miniature circus and power a smartphone with their limbs.The 89-second commercial for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform features a praying mantis on a bike, tarantula on a treadmill, scorpion on a rotating wheel as well as Madagascar cockroaches and a death feigning beetle on the merry-go-round and in a cannon. At one point, the clip flashes, “100% Bug PoweredSmartphone.”The video attracted more than 600,000 views within its first few days, and is currently at 1.2 million. VIDEO URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPwDkVnF-YQEMBED CODE FOR VIDEO <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CPwDkVnF-YQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>http://mashable.com/2011/10/19/bug-circus-generator-smartphone-snapdragon/Tags:#b2b #tech #mobile #chips #contentmarketing #entertain#youtube#jessica
  • http://blog.zuberance.com/events/slidecast-a-marketing-imperative- balancing-paid-vs-earned-media/
  • Above: Altimeter found a workflow pattern based on 34 interviews, while we heard a variation on workflow patterns, this one was common
  • If your effort is kicking off, start by conducting analysis of what’s happened in earned, and owned channels. We often heard from interviews that earned tells you what target market is saying or where they are, which informs owned.  However in most cases, launches were built off existing products so analysis on owned was common.  This analysis should be conducted looking back several periods (months to years).
  • Often companies jump to decide what they say, without analyzing what people want to hear, and that’s why the prior phase on analysis and reporting was a requirement.  Companies can now develop a content strategy, but should understand how it changes and varies depending on the following variables:  product type, geography, channel, screen, and source of information.  Note that this spans many internal teams from corpcomm, brand marketing, media buying, social media team and all related agency partners.
  • This phase requires both internal governance on message and engagement orchestration that includes communication, internal collaboration, a series of meetings, a clear leader and the tools to support.  We’re currently seeing a variety of tools from CMS, media network management, and social media management system (SMMS) technologies span this environment.
  • Real time measurement and iteration (center item) should be occurring as a baseline, as a result, post-publication, teams will identify hot paths and hot conversations where content is resonating.  Then, teams should invest in sending in content experts, community managers, product leads, executives, or influencers to trigger further discussion.
  • New media units have been on the rise from Facebook and Twitter in the form of social ads.  These units often can be promoted based upon resonating with earned or owned content in social networks.  Double and triple down on content that’s resonating to reach a broader audience, or tap into the social graph by allowing those involved to share with their networks.
  • Nothing is static in this real time world –even your umbrella messaging and tag lines.  Understand that messaging must evolve and change in real time to meet needs the changes of the market.  Savvy marketers will know when to bend, by involving customers into these process –and know when to stay on overall message to lead market to a new stance in positioning.
  • SOURCE: http://golinharris.com/#!/insights/real-time-marketing-research/GolinHarris interviewed 3,200 U.S. consumers to learn about RTM’s value. We explored the impact of real-time marketing on how people think and act in relationship to diverse products and brands. Because RTM marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum, the research also investigated the effect RTM on other marketing activities.Learning #1: Real-time marketing delivers what marketers want most.Our research measured the likelihood of communication with and without RTM to deliver positive outcomes most marketers seek, such as an increase in positive perceptions; interest in a product; likelihood to seriously consider, choose or try a product or brand; and to recommend it to others.When it’s added to the marketing mix, real-time marketing provides a dramatic lift to each of these five coveted outcomes. Marketers who serve as the stewards of brands should consider RTM strategies as part of any communication program intended to capture attention, drive WOM, increase preference, or bolster the likelihood to try or buy.Learning #2: RTM turbocharges your other marketing efforts.Marketers today employ many different methods to share their stories. From publicity and paid media to brand websites, social channels, search marketing and WOM programs, marketing investments are more diverse than ever before.RTM makes these investments work harder, amplifying each activity’s effectiveness. Our research shows a significant lift in likelihood to seek out, pay attention to, and participate in brand communications delivered in common channels when RTM is added to the mix. Marked increases were found regardless of channel including websites, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media, recommendations from trusted contacts, and PR or advertising-generated stories delivered through “traditional” media.
  • The tweet, designed and approved within minutes, proved to be one of the most-electrifying marketing moments of the game, garnering more attention for the brand than its pricey TV ad. Within the first hour, the message was retweeted 15,811 times and drew 19,610 Facebook likes, while Oreo got boatloads of positive free media coverage that lasted for days.http://adage.com/article/special-report-digital-alist-2013/ad-age-s-digital-a-list-oreo/239942/http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/04/oreos-super-bowl-tweet-dunk-dark_n_2615333.htmlTags:#food #cpg #b2c #superbowl #entertainment#POE #rapiditeration #agile #jessica
  • Above: Edelman’s David Armano shows a workflow between Paid Owned EarnedAnalyst Note: This early diagram quickly delineates a workflow among channels focusing on strength of eachSocial Marketing and Engagement, Slideshareby David J Carr (twitter, blog), Digital Strategy Director, Chemistry CommunicationsAnalyst Note: The integration of social listening, social engagement, email, website and communitiesSocial Marketing and Engagement, Slideshare

by David J Carr (twitter, blog), Digital Strategy Director, Chemistry Communications
Analyst Note: The integration between multiple channels both from awareness push to engagement and across screens


  • 1. Vocus Webinar Converged Media: Paid, Owned, Earned with Jeremiah Owyang
  • 2. The Webinar will start shortlyTweet this webinar! #VocusWebinar @vocus
  • 3. 3 The Converged Media Imperative: Combine Paid, Owned & Earned MediaJeremiah OwyangIndustry AnalystAltimeter Group
  • 4. 4 Agenda  Defining Converged Media  How Successful Brands Deploy Converged Media  Converged Media Success Criteria  Workflow: Coordinating Paid, Owned, and Earned  Summary© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 5. Image by Mark Garbowski used with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons http://toomuchglass.net/2010/12/02/la-la-la-la/ We‟re Tuning Out the Noise© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 6. As consumption habits shift, brands require media ubiquity The average consumer sees c. 3,000 brand impressions a day. Media is and will continue to converge as brands are challenged to intercept this elusive customer, regardless of medium, channel or time of day© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 7. 5 FACTORS 3 FACTORS 5 FACTORS 5X3X5=75 awareness consideration intent purchase support loyalty advocacy 75Xfactors 3 5 7=525© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 8. Digital Paid, Owned, and Earned media Display, banner ads corporate website Sponsored posts, ads microsites PPC ads corporate blog Pay per post blogging© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 9. Investment in Earned and Owned increases in 2012 Source: Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) via eMarketer, 2012© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 10. A closer look into each media type Source: Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) via eMarketer, 2012© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 11. Now, let‟s define Converged Media  Two or more channels of paid, earned, and owned media.  Consistent storyline, look, and feel.  All channels work in concert, enabling brands to reach customers throughout the customer journey© 2013 Altimeter Group 2012
  • 12. Creating branded ‘surround sound’: how media types influence and enable each other OWNED PAID Instructs where to amplify EARNED Drives volume© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 13. 13 How many of you haveQ deployed converged media campaigns in the last 30 days?
  • 14. Which media type are Facebook and Twitter?© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 15. Answer: all three!  Paid: • Sponsored tweets, posts, engagement ads  Owned: • Branded Facebook or Twitter page • Brand-curated content • Branded Facebook apps  Earned: • Fan/user-generated content posted related to brand • May be on brand‟s page or elsewhere© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 16. What does this look like on Facebook? Paid Owned Earned© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 17. What does this look like on Twitter? Owned Paid Earned© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 18. Converged Media Example:Earned + Paid Earned Paid Bazaarvoice deploys paid advertisements with user ratings and reviews. Microsoft advertises with transparency; shoppers click on the ads to learn more from their peers.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 19. How Successful SMB Brands Deploy Converged Media© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 20. The Original Runner Co. turned to Twitter followers to launch a new aisle runner color The Original Runner Co, makers of fabric aisle runners, e.g. for weddings, asked its 2000 Twitter followers for feedback before launching a new runner color. Ten percent of followers engaged, and supported the development of a hot pink runner. The company has 5 employees.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 21. Sharpie lets its fans do the copywriting, promotes tweets as ads Targeting teens interested in creativity and self- expression, Sharpie used Promoted Tweets. Through Promoted Accounts, they attracted an artistic following from whose tweets were made more Promoted Tweets. The campaign helped Sharpie increase its following by 6x at 1000 followers per day.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 22. Monterey‟s Convention & Visitors Bureau, SeeMonterey, leverages paid tweets to drive engagement and content 1.3M reach To reach new potential visitors, the MCVB invests in paid tweets and travel agency partnership topromote fans to share their favorite Monterey experiences. Reaching more than 1.3M followers, the contest generated ~1k entries, 2k new followers with a 99.6% retention rate. SeeMonterey repurposed content from the campaign on their blog and other owned properties.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 23. How a small Milwaukee Burger joint draws a crowd (Part I) Local Milwaukee Burger Joint, AJ Bombers noticed its growing Twitter following was using Foursquare more and more, so they decided to set up the elusive “Swarm” badge for the shop, earned from a gathering of 50+ Foursquare users.AJ Bombers cross-promoted the event as a fundraiser fora Milwaukee Beer & Bratwurst part at SXSW (for whichAJ Bombers was a sponsor), across Twitter, Facebook,Twtvite. Foursquare itself even tweeted the event.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 24. And „swarm‟ they do; AJ Bombers draws mass foot traffic, engagement (Part II)• Increased sales by 110%, doubling its typical Sunday sales numbers• 100 pre sign-ups; 161 check-ins generated by the event in one day• Hundreds of tweets generated by the event, marked increase in word of mouth• 56 users signed up for Foursquare for the first time just to get the badge• Biggest Foursquare check-in event in the mid-west hitherto, first “Swarm”• Picked up by multiple media outlets• Took only 1 week to organize the event© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 25. B2B can go viral too: Qualcomm‟s Snapdragon‟s Bug Circus Generator crawls across the internet Using tiny creatures to promote a tiny product, (Snapdragon‟s CPU is called „Scorpion‟), the campaign was right on- brand… and managed to bite users with the viral video bug attracting more than 600k views in the first few days– now 1.2M.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 26. Converged Media Success Criteria© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 27. Altimeter identifies 11 criteria to successful converged media deployment© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 28. Brands that do not integrate paid, owned and earned media types are at a disadvantage  Fragmented messaging, inconsistent branding  Redundant efforts, no communication/ collaboration  Departments competing for budget  Low customer engagement/ advocacy  Convergence begins to occur in traditional media© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 29. The value of each media type depends on the business Q: Which category has the biggest impact on your business in terms of generating sales, new customers, and revenue from marketing-related efforts?  Owned media such as your Biggest impact on business by website or blog category  Paid media such as search engines, banner ads or other advertising Paid Owned  Earned media such as reviews, online forums, other sources for 32% 36% peer advice Earned 32% Source: Zuberance Paid, Owned, Earned Media Study, April 2011© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 30. Workflow: Coordinating Paid + Owned + Earned© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 31. Execution Workflow: Coordinating Paid, Owned, and Earned as one orchestration© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 32. Periodic Strategic & Analysis Reporting  Investigate what’s happening in Paid, Owned, Earned channels  What instructs what?  Listen to and observe your customers  Listen to competitors too • What their customers say • How they‟re responding© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 33. Content Strategy  What message represents, reflects, speaks for the brand?  Understand how content strategy varies: • Persona segments, product type, geography, channel, screen, source of information  Spans many stakeholders; internal depts. and external agencies© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 34. Publication Across Channels  To execute across channels, brand must define: • Governance, engagement plan(s), communication, internal collaboration, series of meetings, designated leader, tools to support  Agency and brands are increasingly adopting collaboration tools spanning multiple teams  Growing ecosystem of tools • CMS, Media Network Mgmt, SMMS, etc.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 35. Engagement  Teams must identify hot paths and hot conversations where content is resonating  Trigger further discussion via: • Content Experts, Community Managers, Product Leads, Executives • Advocates and influencers  Also partake in ongoing discussion and monitoring© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 36. Amplification  Leverage converging media • Use Paid to amplify Earned and Owned • And Earned to amplify owned and paid… • And Owned to amplify earned and paid…  Explore new ad and promotion types via owned and earned • Social ads, UCG • New aggregation platforms (eg. Bazaarvoice)  Tap into social graph by allowing those involved to share with their networks© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 37. Restructuring  Messaging must evolve and change in real-time to meet the needs and changes of the market  Leverage emerging tools for customer collaboration  Staying on-message vs. taking new positioning? • Involve customers in the process; be innovative© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 38. Measurement a baseline requirement across all phases  Conduct in real-time to allow for rapid iteration  Communicate progress to company via simple reporting • Daily wrap-ups, trend diagrams, real-time tickers© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 39. Real-time marketing turbo-charges other efforts Source: GolinHarris, The Promises and Pitfalls of Real-Time Marketing. http://golinharris.com/#!/insights/real-time-marketing-research/© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 40. 40 When the Super Bowl lost power, Oreo quickly stepped into the spotlight During the unexpected 34 minute power outage at the Super Bowl, Oreo stayed agile, designing, captioning, and approving a clever tweet in minutes which, within an hour, received more than 15,811 retweets and drew 19,610 Facebook likes.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 41. And then the cycle repeats…© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 42. But remember, workflows are unique to the organization© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 43. 43 Who ownsQ converged media initiatives at your organization? Who manages it?
  • 44. Putting the Pieces Together© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 45. We asked brands, agencies and vendors to rate the maturity of the Converged Media space…. Respondent Average Group (1-5) ALL 1.95 Brands 2.18 Vendors 1.72 Agencies 2.08 Respondents rated the maturity of the Paid, Earned and Owned space on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is Very Immature and 5 is Very Mature.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 46. Summary  Converged is here. Facebook and Twitter ads are proof. Those who take advantage now will have an edge.  Its not easy. Immense internal change must occur as lines blur, both internally and with agency partners.  Leverage data and platforms that propel campaigns forward by aggregating ad data, corporate content, and social, then derive analytics.  Converged media is rapidly bleeding into offline channels and also creates demands for real-time marketing capabilities.  As consumer gadgets and devices and media channels proliferate, this will only become more complicated.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 47. 47Q & A
  • 48. THANK YOU Jeremiah Owyang jeremiah@altimetergroup.com web-strategist.com/blog Twitter: jowyang With assistance from Jessica Groopman, Researcher Disclaimer: Although the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of the information. The authors and contributors of the information and data shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.© 2013 Altimeter Group
  • 49. The Vocus family About Vocus Vocus is a leading provider of cloud marketing software that helps businesses reach and influence buyers across social networks, online and through media. Vocus provides an integrated suite that combines social marketing, search marketing, email marketing and publicity into a comprehensive solution to help businesses attract, engage and retain customers. Vocus software is used by more than 120,000 organizations worldwide and is available in seven languages. Vocus is based in Beltsville, MD with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For further information, please visit http://www.vocus.com or call (800) 345-5572.PR Suite | Marketing Suite Online News Releases Publicity Facebook Apps Email Marketing @Vocus @PRWeb @Helpareporter @NorthSocial @iContact