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Collected Wisdom on Social Media Measurement

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Want to really get ahead in social media? Learn to measure it. …

Want to really get ahead in social media? Learn to measure it.
As businesses ‘crack the code’ of social media, big results and recognition await marketers who can analyze, track and report social's ROI.
Our new social measurement guide - with advice from experts like Marshall Sponder, Christopher Penn and Google's Justin Cutroni - will help.

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  • 1. (Taken from the new How to Track and Measure Social Media Marketing guide by Vocus)
  • 2. With social, we are passing the peak of faddishness. Companies are starting to crack social‟s code and turning to it for business advantage, intelligence and insight. “ ”Gerald Kane, Carroll School of Management at Boston College
  • 3. The data we require comes from multiple sources. We need to integrate it, compare it and connect it to our business systems to see what effect these posts, tweets, shares and clicks are having on our business. “ ”Brendon O’Donovan, Vocus
  • 4. You have to be able to place a monetary or quantitative value on the end result. For a „standard‟ B2B company, your funnel is: Sales, Opportunities, Leads, Prospects, A udience. If you map out the funnel well, you should be able to set values per stage of the funnel, in reverse. “ ”Christopher Penn, SHIFT Communications
  • 5. You can only measure what you‟re in control of. Success, in terms of metrics, is dictated by your ability to control points of measurement and get people in your organization to agree on basic measurements and how to pull them. “ ”Marshall Sponder, Web Metrics Guru
  • 6. When it comes to people taking some sort of social action and then correlating that with sales, we like to tie the two together… Commerce being the simplest example, I might look to my social network as a channel that generates sales, so I would put a promotion out to that group: „Thanks for following or circling – here‟s an offer.‟ Those kinds of things are very trackable. “ ”Justin Cutroni, Google Analytics Evangelist
  • 7. When you‟re getting into attribution modeling, start with a basic model. For most businesses in e-commerce, a decay model is a good one to use. For a last- click model, you may see social having a low value, but in a decay model, a very high value. “ ”Justin Cutroni, Google Analytics Evangelist
  • 8. Want to measure social media better? The new Social Media Measurement Guide from Vocus includes more advice from Marshall Sponder, Christopher Penn and Justin Cutroni. It covers: o Essential social media metrics and KPIs o Essential Google Analytics features for beginners o Attribution modeling to discover the actions that lead to outcomes o Metrics for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest