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Buying Signals: Turn Social Media into Revenue

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  • 1. Buying Signals Turn Social Media into Revenue You Mon Tsang Senior Vice President, Products
  • 2. In Less Than 15 Years… @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 3. We Live in Public @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 4. How many of you live your life in public?
  • 5. We Live in Public @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 6. We Live in Public @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 7. We Live in Public @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 8. We Live in Public @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 9. A Buying Signal is a signal from a potential customer that shows an intent to buy a product or service
  • 10. What Used to be Buying Signals? Banner Click Search and Click Store Visit @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 11. Today’s Buying Signal @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 12. This is real??
  • 13. Yes, and the obvious demo shift 75% aged 18 to 49 are on social networks 95% aged 12 to 17 are active online, 80% of them are active on social *2012 Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 14. The Impact of Online 80% of customers do online research before buying in the store *PricewaterhouseCoopers 2012 @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 15. The Impact of Social 64% Of social media users said that social had influence on buying decisions *Edison Research, June 2012 @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 16. Dissecting the Buying Signal
  • 17. When in the Buy Cycle? Positive Event Driven (Pre-Buy) Wedding, Pregnancy, Graduation, Trade Shows, Major Events @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 18. When in the Buy Cycle? Negative Event Driven (Pre-Buy) Theft, Loss @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 19. When in the Buy Cycle? Early in the Cycle Desire, Seeking Solution
  • 20. When in the Buy Cycle? Research Phase Fact Check, Advice, Brainstorming, Recommend @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 21. When in the Buy Cycle? Active Shopping, Referral @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 22. When in the Buy Cycle? @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 23. When in the Buy Cycle? @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 24. Which buying signal do you think would be best for your organization? Event Driven, Pondering Phase (Early), Research Phase (Mid), Active Buying (Late)
  • 25. Customer Example “Buying Signals introduces us to new customers who are looking specifically for the types of products we provide…many of the people we connected with said they would try our products. Thanks, Vocus!" @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 26. Customer Example “Buying Signals is a valuable tool for quickly recognizing potential leads and reaching out to them. It helped us start real conversations with potential customers who were looking to purchase or searching for answers to questions.” @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 27. Customer Example “Buying Signals is an incredibly easy way to find people who are looking for your services in real time.” @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 28. Ready to Start?
  • 29. Configuration • Find your keywords – Think outside the box! • Try a few “signal words” – “Does anyone…” – “I am looking for…” @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 30. Configuration in Vocus Marketing Suite @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 31. Best Practices for Responding
  • 32. Best Practices for Responding Get to know the Twitterer you’re talking to…before you start the conversation @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 33. Best Practices for Responding To promote or to help? Err on the soft touch. @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 34. Best Practices for Responding Incentivize! @FUTUREFANOFMINE Use 15% off Coupon Code: HELLO2U @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 35. Best Practices for Responding Does this Twitterer still in need? Check before you respond. QUESTION ANSWERS @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 36. Best Practices for Responding @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 37. Best Practices for Responding @YouMon @Vocus #VocusWebinar #MktgCloud
  • 38. As a consumer, how would you like to approached by a business on Twitter after tweeting a buying signal? Help/Advice OR Coupon/Offer
  • 39. Questions? You Mon Tsang Senior Vice President, Products
  • 40. Buying Signals Turn Social Media into Revenue You Mon Tsang Senior Vice President, Products