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Branding Rules 14 Brand Secrets from Industry Experts

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Download the full guide: http://bit.ly/1crWQMz …

Download the full guide: http://bit.ly/1crWQMz

We asked 14 well-known and respected marketers and authors a simple question: If you could impart only one piece of advice about branding, what would it be?

See what experts like Chris Brogan, Scott Monty, Laura Ries and the American Red Cross branding team had to say. Their answers, illustrated by Gapingvoid’s Hugh MacLeod, provide timeless advice to guide your business’s branding efforts.

With our eBook, discover how to:

-Focus internally before communicating an external branding message.
-Distill your message into a single, cohesive thought.
-Evolve your brand as you converse and collaborate with your audience.

Ready to master the art of branding? Download Vocus’ 2014 Branding Rules eBook now! http://bit.ly/1crWQMz

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  • 1. Branding Rules 14 Brand Secrets from Industry Experts
  • 2. What is branding? Branding means so many things to different people that it has become nebulous. Branding is the logo on the coffee cup. But it‟s much more than that. Brands are seen and unseen, something recognizable yet indefinable. But if branding is at once concrete and abstract, contrived and uncontrollable, the logo and not, the slogan and the customer experience – how can you create a memorable and meaningful brand?
  • 3. We asked 14 well-known marketers and authors one question… If you could impart only one piece of branding advice, what would it be?
  • 4. “My number one piece of advice on branding is make and keep commitments.” – Chris Brogan
  • 5. “Stop looking out the window. Start looking in the mirror.” – C.C. Chapman
  • 6. “Follow your heart to build your brand and follow the data to market it.” – Chris Lester
  • 7. “Your brand has to be rooted in your values „reason for being.’” – Selma Bouhl and Seth Spiro
  • 8. “The brand is the heart and soul of any great company.” – Pamela Mulder Ratti
  • 9. “Narrow your focus.” – Laura Ries
  • 10. “You get one message and sometimes one chance to connect with a target audience, prospect or customer.” – Erin McCahill
  • 11. “Your brand value should be your north star.” – Toby Bloomberg
  • 12. “Inspiration is the most important part of your digital strategy.” – Paull Young
  • 13. “Branding is what the customer experiences day in and day out.” – Scott Monty
  • 14. “Stop sending out messages best suited to be emblazoned on steer butts.” – Shel Israel
  • 15. “Successful branding is about cooperating with customers to co-create and co-communicate the vision.” – Todd Defren
  • 16. “Branding involves finding and externalizing the most profound connection of an organization or offering with its audience.” – Ellis Pines
  • 17. “If you want consumers to love your brand, then you need to love your consumer.” – Eric Duehring
  • 18. What is the secret to branding? Listen to your customers and provide those customers with services and products that meet a need as well as delight. Make promises and fulfill them. Communicate with stories and messages that are relevant, engaging and sharable. Stay the course and commit 110% to your brand, and your brand will win. That, with a little luck, strategy, creativity and good timing, is the secret to branding.
  • 19. Want to learn more branding secrets? Download a copy of our Branding Rules eBook here »