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8 Things Marketers Should Know About Facebook

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Delivering real business results with Facebook is tough. Brands are crowding in, users expect more, and marketers struggle to keep up with new features. …

Delivering real business results with Facebook is tough. Brands are crowding in, users expect more, and marketers struggle to keep up with new features.
Get ahead of the curve with our Marketer’s Guide to the New Facebook. Based on interviews with Facebook staff, marketing experts and the latest research, it’s your roadmap to the new features, tactics and best practices you need to know. Download the full guide here: http://www.vocus.com/blog/facebook-marketing-guide/

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  • 1. Eight New Things Marketers Should Know About Facebook Excerpts from „A Marketer‟s Guide to the New Facebook‟ by Vocus
  • 2. Graph Search o Graph Search lets users search their “social graph” – the people they‟re connected to as friends, or friends of friends. o It delivers results like “Restaurants in London my friends have been to” or “Chinese restaurants in New York my friends checked in at that my friends Like”. 1
  • 3. Graph Search Tips o To get found more, include up-to-date contact information, including phone number, address, etc. on your business page. o Select the appropriate category for your business (local business or place, company, brand or cause) to appear in more searches.
  • 4. Facebook Nearby o Nearbymakes your business more visible to local mobile users, based on categories like “Local Business or Place” and “Restaurant/Café. o Optimize for Nearby by encouraging customer check-ins and Likes. The more data Facebook has about you, the more likely your business will appear in Nearby (and Graph Search). 2
  • 5. You Can Optimize for Likes o Increase your Likes, shares and interactions by posting „human‟ content like photos, humor and educational stories. o Sharing your business‟s successes, awards and achievements can also generate Likes. o To drive comments on your wall posts, ask your fans to answer questions. 3
  • 6. Ideas for More Likes… o A good way to increase engagement is to ask fans for ideas about improving your products and services. o Facebook‟sPoll featuremakes it easy for customers to respond with a set of predetermined answers. This exercise can also provide valuable feedback for your business.
  • 7. Your Fans Can Like by SMS o If a customer has Facebook text messages enabled, they can Like you by texting your page name to 32655 (Facebook‟s texting short code). o If your page is facebook.com/vocus,texting“Vocus” to 32655 will Like the page. o If you have a retail location, display these instructions to encourage more Likes. 4
  • 8. Facebook On-the-Go o You can now manage your Facebook page on Apple and Android devices (in the US, Canada and many other countries). o Mobile administrators can perform almost any function, from adding a post to creating offers or viewing metrics via Insights. 5
  • 9. You Can Promote Posts o Promoted posts deliver your sponsored stories to your fans‟ News Feeds. o When fans Like, share, comment or claim an offer from your promoted post, their friends may see the post, too. o Promoted Posts are now available to pages with as few as 30 Likes. 6
  • 10. You Can Create Custom Audiences… o Custom Audiences help you target your paid campaigns better by uploading your customer email and phone lists to Facebook. o Remember to segment your lists before uploading them. Facebook doesn‟t let you break down the data further afterwards. 7
  • 11. And Lookalike Audiences! o Facebook now lets you create Lookalike audiences. These are paid campaigns delivered to new prospects in your geographic area who share similar demographics, Likesand other criteria with your existing fans. o You can exclude existing customers from Lookalike Audiences to target only new prospects. 8
  • 12. Want more tipsfor breakthrough Facebook results? Click to download our Marketer’s Guide to the New Facebookfree at the Vocus Blog!