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2012 State of the Media Report

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The Vocus 2012 State of the Media Report paints a picture of rapid change in the media industry. …

The Vocus 2012 State of the Media Report paints a picture of rapid change in the media industry.

And unlike in previous years, it’s change for the better. Forward-thinking outlets are reversing the trend of decline through new ways of delivering content. Newspapers are figuring out paywalls. Magazines are going tablet-first. TV news networks are doing innovative things with the Web and radio stations are squaring up to music-streaming services.

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  • 1. Welcome! Welcome!As we enter 2012, the media industry is  , ybeginning an evolutionary revival.The outlets that survived the layoffs and the closures are adapting quickly to the digital age.  g g2012 is going to be an exciting period and a transformative time.  #vocus
  • 2. Julie Holley Julie Holley• Managing Editor, TV/Blog/IRO Content, Vocus, Inc.• Julie Holley brings a wealth of journalism, editorial and technical skills to  her position having worked as a newscast producer for CBS and ABC  affiliates in Washington D.C.• She also served in variety of other TV roles including field producer and  assignment editor giving her an understanding of television as a whole• Outside of work, she volunteers for the non‐profit,  , p , Civil Air Patrol as a public affairs officer                @julieholley #vocus
  • 3. Rebecca Bredholt• Managing Editor, Magazine Content, Vocus, Inc. g g , g , ,• More than ten years of magazine industry experience• Currently a Featured Travel Writer for Yahoo!• Active member of Magazine Professionals Forum on LinkedIn• Ms. Bredholt has worked in every magazine department  possible, from art directing cover shoots, to managing  possible from art directing cover shoots to managing editorial, to supervising printing – and even marketing/public  relations #vocus
  • 4. Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson• Managing Editor, Radio Content, Vocus, Inc. g g , , ,• Kyle Johnson brings both broadcast and public relations  experience to Vocus • Spent 18 years at WTOP Radio, the all‐news CBS affiliate in  Washington, DC • Held positions as assistant editor drive‐time editor traffic Held positions as assistant editor, drive time editor, traffic  reporter, weekend anchor, and general assignment reporter• Last seven years at the station were spent as the station’s  primary reporter for the state of Maryland #vocus
  • 5. David Coates David Coates• Managing Editor, Newspaper Content, Vocus, Inc.• David Coates had 15 years of newspaper reporting and editing experience  before joining Vocus in 2004 • Came to Vocus from the Washington Times where he was the assistant  g sports editor and oversaw a staff of more than 20 writers and editors • Assigned stories, attended editorial meetings, edited copy and  coordinated the daily production of the Washington Times sports section  yp g p• Spent 10 years at the (Newark) Star‐Ledger in New Jersey as a sports  reporter  #vocus
  • 6. Newspapers  Facts and FiguresNewspapers – Facts and Figures• Nearly same number of newspapers closed as in 2010 y p p• Bureaus at major dailies shut down• Gannett cut 700 jobs in 2011• Patch.com adding, but also contracting at same time #vocus
  • 7. Newspaper Trends/AnalysisNewspaper Trends/Analysis• More competition for hyperlocal news More competition for hyperlocal news  – Main Street Connect and Sun Spots establish roots – Aol’s Patch.com adjusting its model • Smaller newsrooms – Leaner and meaner  – More responsibilities, less time to do things – Ink‐stained wretch vs. digital savvy geek #vocus
  • 8. Newspaper Trends/Analysis IINewspaper Trends/Analysis II• Paywalls – New York Times successful this time – Other major dailies (Baltimore Sun, Dallas Morning News,  Commercial Appeal) – Boston Globe incorporates no el concept Boston Globe incorporates novel concept • John Paton’s influence –NNewsroom cafes f – Emphasis on digital • S i l M di Social Media – Not your father’s New York Times – Embraced by small newspapers #vocus
  • 9. Newspapers – What does it mean to PR?• Social media is important, but not for pitching p , p g• Best way to be heard is to listen more• Know your audience #vocus
  • 10. Television Trends / AnalysisTelevision Trends / Analysis• Additions of Spanish‐language stations have slowed as they  p g g y have penetrated the major markets• Networks still taking a huge interest in the Spanish‐language  market k t• Slight increase in resource sharing among stations• Investigative reporting is making a come back Investigative reporting is making a come back #vocus
  • 11. Television Trends / AnalysisTelevision Trends / Analysis• Fierce competition for the attention of viewers• TV extends its brand beyond the screen to websites, social media  and other platforms as part of their overall strategy• Social media has become a way of life at TV stations Social media has become a way of life at TV stations – Sources for stories and interviews – A way to keep the news flowing between newscasts and extend  their brand #vocus
  • 12. What does this mean for PR?What does this mean for PR?• More ways to reach the media  o e ays o eac e ed a• More competition for the attention of journalists• Reporters have even less time to turn their stories than  p they did a year ago• So, what do you do? – Offer them compelling stories; not obvious promotions for your  company or product – They want to interview “real people” They want to interview  real people – Engage them through social media before pitching them when  possible #vocus
  • 13. What does this mean for PR?What does this mean for PR?• So, what do you do? Continued… So, what do you do?  Continued… – Make it easy for them – Be ready when they call – Try your best to accommodate their timeline – Offer to help coordinate the logistics #vocus
  • 14. Magazine HighlightsMagazine Highlights• More magazines started than stopped for the second year in a  g pp y row• America sure loves to eat, and then read about how to lose  weight. i ht• Magazines now = websites, blogs, apps, Facebook pages, etc. #vocus
  • 15. What s New? What s Hot?What’s New? What’s Hot?• Regional Magazine are still the bulk of titles launching, but a few national  titles bucked the trend: l b k d h d ‐‐Hispanic Retail 360 ‐‐HGTV Magazine ‐‐Social Media Monthly ‐‐Lucky Peach• Some regional magazines that launched include YUE magazine, meant for  luxury shoppers of Chinese descent living in NYC; and Crane’s Michigan  l h f Chi d li i i C dC ’ i hi Business, which comes out monthly to about 5,000 readers• We saw 50 online‐only magazines launch in 2012 & 2011 #vocus
  • 16. Social Media UsageSocial Media Usage• About 50 percent of magazine brands now have an active  p g Twitter handle and/or Facebook page• People following magazine brands & editors on Twitter don’t  seem to be subscribing to print t b b ibi t i t• We still need something to Tweet about. Content has to come  from somewhere, and it’s coming from traditional magazine  , g g titles  #vocus
  • 17. Trends to WatchTrends to Watch• Newsweek (print) married Daily Beast (online) and is now  (p ) y ( ) giving birth to NBC’s online videos (TV)• Laura Lang, Time Inc.’s CEO, has no publishing experience• Nomad Magazines are made for tablets only. People are  paying for products/packages like magazines on iPads #vocus
  • 18. What is Radio?What is Radio?• Definition is Changing Definition is Changing• Streaming Music Services• What Women Want What Women Want• Emergence of Digital #vocus
  • 19. Is Anybody Listening?Is Anybody Listening?• Listenership Up Listenership Up• Where do you get your News?• Formats• Demographics #vocus
  • 20. Where does radio go from here?Where does radio go from here?• Partnerships• Technology – Satellite, HD and Internet Radio• College Radio College Radio #vocus
  • 21. What does this mean for PR?What does this mean for PR?• More than Sound More than Sound• Interactivity• Content is King Content is King #vocus
  • 22. About VocusAbout Vocus Vocus is a leading provider of cloud-based marketing and PR software that helps organizations reach and influence buyers across social networks, online and through the media. Vocus provides a suite of software for online marketing, social media and PR that makes it easy for organizations to generate online visibility, build their social networks and attract new customers in today’s new customer-led buy g cycle. buying cyc eVocus Twitter: @Vocus Blog: www.vocus.com/blog Facebook: www.facebook.com/Vocus Website: www.vocus.cominVocus Twitter: @invocus Blog: www.vocus.com/invocus Bl /i #vocus # Email: invocus@vocus.com