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  • 1. The benefits of Vocalcom’s workshopsSecond part of Vocalcom’s workshop on Customer relationship has been attended by around100 people.Five year from now, customer services should have created 15 000 jobs in Tunisia.Vocalcom’s 360° proficiency on customer relationship sector arouses interest of many actorson the market—particularly in Tunisia where multiples related problems are still waiting to besolved. Editor’s local branch decided to share some of this know-how, as well as the one of itsclients, during an unusual event thought as a workshop on Customer Relationship Management.After a first session focused on finance, bank and insurance sectors, on March, 22nd; a secondworkshop has been held on April, the 10th, this time centered mainly on service, industry and carcentered businesses . A “back to basics” work must be done in Tunisia: Jihene Bouzaiene, Headof Topnet (internet provider) Customer Service, declared that “many Tunisians companiesintegrate their customer services units, but manage it poorly. Creating it is not enough, you haveto animate and run it properly to keep customers loyal.”On Ali Kassab’s (Vocalcom’s CEO for MENAT region) opinion, this requirement must be satisfiedby adopting adapted technologies, hence, this event “ massives investments in advertising anddirect marketing are not enough to approach customers if you’re not putting emphasis on howimportant having contact with them is. The company must master its Customer Relationship andthat’s why Vocalcom created during the last decade a global offer having in mind all the ways ofcontacting clients: voice, sms, web, chat and social networks”.Safouene Fatnasi, ETAI’s General Manager –specialized in data input and process for motorcompanies professionals — highlighted the importance of attracting to customer relationsrelated jobs good human resources: “ for example, in France 350 000 persons are employed forCustomer Relations, the country counts 60 million inhabitants. If we are referring to localexamples such as Algeria, 15 000 should be created in the next five years in Tunisia, whereservices sector is a major one. “Build around dialogue with multiples Vocalcom’s clients, this workshop allowed its hundredthattendants to study closely WIV’s (food industry) customer case, presented by company’s CEO,ETAI’s case, a study offered by Foued Cheraga, a business plan adapted to Customer Servicescenters and a demonstration of solutions created by Vocalcom.According to Ali Kassab this kind of events will happen again as soon as September 2012.