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  • 1. Twitter and Salesforce.com Announce Global Strategic partnershipImportant news in the world of Social CRM: Salesforce.com, the specialist in cloud computingcompany, and the microblogging platform Twitter announced the establishment of a global strategicpartnership to offer customers Salesforce Radian 6 full access to the "firehose" of public tweets fromTwitter. The combination of the two solutions offers companies the ability to analyze more than 400million tweets generated daily, listening to opinions, and interact with their customers. Built in 2011,Radian6 is a monitoring solution for online conversations, allowing a company to monitor in real timeeverything that is said about him or about his products on blogs, forums and social networks,including now Facebook and Twitter. If Twitter provides free programming interfaces to exploit asmall portion of the stream of tweets, it allows only a few customers and partners access to the"firehose", which concentrates the entire public dialogue on the social network .Unique access to "Firehose": 400 million tweets per day!Marcel LeBrun, Senior Vice President and General Manager Salesforce Radian6 has more detailsabout the prospects of this new association: "The alliance between salesforce.com and Twitter offercompanies the opportunity not only to create a real relationship with their customers, solveproblems but also to gain followers to build a strong brand identity. "Jana Messerschmidt, VicePresident of Business Development, Twitter, has also captured the interest of the introduction ofTwitter in a process of Social CRM:" Companies are expecting from Twitter a real time connectionwith clients around topics that are really important. Salesforce knows how to implement andfacilitate these interactions. " Note that this announcement follows the one a week earlier, about theacquisition of Collective Intellect, another specialist in the Social CRM, Oracle.Salesforce also embraces VocalcomVocalcom has also grasped the meaning of this fundamental shift in the market have made availableon the Salesforce "cloud" of its suite Hermes, becoming the first vendor to offer a software for callcenters full, available simply format pay-as-you-go, fully hosted mode.