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Vocalcom the recorder Vocalcom the recorder Document Transcript

  • The Recorder leads Vocalcom in the midst of company “social revolution”Are SaaS and social network based collaboration every software application future? Apple’s iCloudor Android OS (also on PC, strongly inspiring for Windows 8) are the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, it’s inthe professional IT sector that cloud deployed solutions raised. Other sign of interest, over 14 000people came to the Cloudforce Social Business convention in London the 22nd of May. Companies asactivision, Burberry, Google, Hewlett Packard, Kimberly-Clark or LinkedIn exposed their using socialand mobile cloud technologies strategies.Vocalcom already anticipated this major change by announcing plural key developments.First of all, hermes solution is now fully available on line, in the Salesforce.com Force.com cloudplatform.Moreover, a larger part of their offer is to be available by cloud. As consequence, one of the essentialsolutions, used in call centers to help agents gain competences, their formation and salesconfirmation— The Recorder, talk recording tool is now available in SaaS.Over the traditional use as a learning and follow up tool, this element is a core component for thesale process. Beside its role as a tracking for specific clients such as market places, emergenciesservices, this solution records the phone talk which is now a proof of order and a suitable solution toavoid the loss consequent to the unreturned signed contracts. According to Finaref (loan company),this solution would multiply the transformation rate by an average of 2,6.By developing its recording solution in SaaS, Vocalcom offers the possibility to overstep multiplestroubles usually encountered by internalized recording software solutions such as technical andhuman investments, the impossibility for clients to access to the recordings and their inability toensure recording’s integrity or any legal value to the oral contracts.The Recorder Solutions has been developed in collaboration with Document Channel and offers by itsfeatures the possibility of calculating the voice print, encrypting the recordings, time stamping andsigning electronically the recordings giving them an evidential value such a preconized by NF Z42-013norm on evidential recording conservation.This solution is hence approved and agreed by the National Federation of Trusted third party, theILM (Information Lifecycle Management) Federation and the Professional for digital economyassociation.Finally, this solution can adopt a payment model based on the message, thus no initial investment isrequired. With a permanent access with no regards to solicitor’s localization, simultaneous log in anda nimble adaption to consequent processed volumes without any reloading.