Commercial appeal by vocalcom


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Commercial appeal by vocalcom

  1. 1. Vocalcom commercial appeal: Brands and companies must get wiser in customers solicitation.76% of French people are ambushed everyday… It’s the frightening outcome of a new study on impactof commercial solicitations. By the rise of new tech and especially the 2.0 web, companies are makingthe most of new ways of targeting potential customers. This efficiency isn’t without consequences asFrench are assaulted by their mails on a daily basis. Three persons out of four are feeling “assailed bycommercial e-mails received everyday”Sales, specials offers, discounts, end of stock, exclusive deals… our mailboxes are overflowing of thiskind of e-mails. “We receive an average of 35 daily e-mails, problem is we do become imperviousafter 10 or 12 commercial e-mails” estimates Alexandre de Chavagnac, Tédemis CEO.This abundance of e-mails is totally counter effective and against the object of a commercial message“for over 80% of French, these e-mails are uninteresting and are discarded immediately moreover,73% are considering as relevant one e-mail out of four.”On companies’ side, the conversion rate is dramatically low or marketing campaigns as nearly 62% ofFrench are only opening one e-mail out of four.Customer wants more personalized offers.Constantly approached, consumer is not receptive an more to offers proposed. However, potentialcustomers are only asking to receive interesting offers with a one and only condition: these offershave to be really interesting.Who would refuse to receive an appealing offer on THE gift one would offer to his significant otheron Valentine’s Day period? Each and every one is delighted to benefit from a discount, to receive agift or a service on the desired product.It’s on this particular point that companies must rethink their customers approach by adopting amore accurate targeting: to scope needs and desires in order to identify potential buyer. The act ofbuying is made between two partners, company and client. Thus, le customer has to play the gameand give a few more data on his behavior. It is indeed a reality as 41% of French say that they areready to “give more personal data if it could help a merchant site to send them more personalizedoffers”.As far as commercial environment is evolving, this change creates a band new relationship betweensalesman and potential buyer, aiming for a perfect balance. Remains crucial information on Frenchcustomers: they are rejecting vividly mass marketing. It is up to companies to hear the message.