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American express American express Document Transcript

  • American Express Customer Service barometer 2012 edition: French Customers are the more demanding of the worldFrench customers have the highest expectations in terms of Customers Services —and they are lessand less satisfied. It is what is shown by the precious Customer Service Barometer realized byAmerican Express, for the third edition of this precious study aiming to know precisely customers’habits, opinions and needs in 11 countries over the world.Uncompromising, grumpy and above all talkative…French are the grumpiest: indeed, they are the most numerous (55%) to think that companies do notmeet their expectations over Customer Services, far ahead Australians (40%) and Mexicans andEnglish (39%) and Germans (38%). And it doesn’t get better: half of French customer thinks thatcompanies didn’t adjust properly their attitude toward Customer Service (50% against 51% in 2011),which represents the strongest average for all the interrogated markets. If one were to believe thissurvey, only Indians, Japanese and Mexicans would make true efforts in this area.Ultimately, 42% of French customers declare having interrupted commercial transaction because of abad Customer Service.More over: French are keener than most to badmouth a faulty service. On an average, half ofworldwide customers declare speaking systematically of a bad customer experience, they are 60% tospeak about it to 15 persons in France… and only 39% to speak about their positive experience to 8persons, give or take.Phone is still the preferred channelPhone, and more likely face to face interaction, is still mainly favored by French customers: whenthey have to contact the Customer Service for a complex demand (sending back an item orrequesting help for a specific matter) they are a majority to prefer having a contact by phone (41%)and when the demand is really complex (filling a complaint, contesting over something), they are37% to prefer a real life conversation with customer service.Another proof showing that French are expecting a personalized and close relation, they declare upto 90% never having used Social Medias to seek and answer from a customer service (highest rateamong the consulted markets).Finally, for26% of them, the main reason motivating them to a hypothetical change of brand orprovider is a too long wait for solving a problem and especially the fact of being transferred fromcounselor to counselor without obtaining a solution (22%).