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10 vocalcom pouhet

  1. 1. Testimonial Vocalcom Frédéric Pouhet, Chief Information Officer for pre-sale development and planning Business unit, for Teleperformance France1/ The companyWith over than 128 000 agents working in 263 contact centers in 50 countries and benefits of 2billion, it’s now unnecessary to introduce the outsourced call centers worldwide leader. Created inFrance in 1978, the firm is now deployed in various activities: customer service, telesales,fundraising, cash recovery, hotlines. Quoted in both Paris and NewYork this company is still led by itsfounder, Daniel Julien.Fréderic Pouhet is in charge of pre sales, development and planning business unit:“Our assignment allies three missions: to propose the pre-sale engineering for commercial offers, toensure development missions and most of all guarantee project oriented solutions’ installations”2/ When and in which context did you start your collaboration with Vocalcom and Avaya?“I’ve joined Teleperformance by being hired in one of its branches (Comunicator). His center wasspecialized in telemarketing operations, mainly in outgoing calls.After a year, we moved this center. We used this occasion to have a global reflexion upon optimizingand harmonizing our tools. After having benchmarked multiples solutions on the market, we selectedthe Hermes.NET HMP solution provided by Vocalcom. This solution stood out by its quality,productivity and performance indicators, overall it is well thought, ergonomic and with a userfriendly interface.Vocalcom’s offer is a global solution and really a multichannel one: we can handle and manageincoming and outgoing call campaigns, call blending, e-mail campaigns, even use chat, visioconference and integrated recording tools: the possibilities of use are quite wide and match perfectlyour clients’ needs, keep in mind that it’s essential to us.With these feedbacks from our teams and our clients alike, we deployed largely this solution insideTeleperformance. Half of our sites in France and in nearshore (Maghreb) are now equipped withVocalcom’s Hermes.ASAI solution, powered by Avaya’s technologies. “
  2. 2. 3/What is made possible by the combination of Avaya and Vocalcom?“Historically, and for stability issues, Teleperformance established it structure based on Avaya’stechnologies. With such a critical project, deploying Hermes.NET, and benefits at stake, we chose thebest of both worlds while keeping the rationality in the system and the tactical choices already made.Avaya’s hardware’s stability is known and undisputable; Vocalcom environment is peerless in bothpredictive and applicative, effective and, as I said, more productive. Combining both offers allow thecreation of tailored solutions offering both ergonomics and easiness of use for all.Moreover, another point giving Vocalcom some credits is its permanent innovation policy; they keepworking on their tools to have them up to date. New products as The Wave or The Drive (interactivekiosks) indicate that Vocalcom understood very well how valuable chat can be in both customerservice and completion of in shop experience. It’s comforting to work with a client oriented companywhich anticipate their needs. “Our Interviewee :Fréderic Pouhet has a Master degree in software engineering from University of Mans. He’s been incontact with call centers’ world soon after his degree; once he collaborated with multiples marketfigures such as Cofinoga and Comunicator before he integrated Teleperformance in 2007.