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D tchemcollect logoguidelines

  1. 1. Brand Marketing Guidelines Corporate Logo Guidelines 10/01
  2. 2. Brand Marketing Guidelines Corporate Logo Guidelines The ChemConnect logo represents our corporate brand identity and its integrity must be strictly maintained in order to continue to build and protect our brand. Chemconnect Logo The ChemConnect logo represents ChemConnect the company, and the products and services we provide. • When our logo is being used with other company logos or identities it should be equal or larger and placed prominently. • The ChemConnect logo must always be accompanied by ® symbol. • In order to preserve a consistent image, new designs or marks should not be created as it will cause confusion and dilute our identity. • In addition, to ensure that we continue to reinforce our brand name, the swirl should not be used as a stand alone element. The swirl must always be accompanied with the ChemConnect name. • Always use a capital letter for the initial and middle “C”. The ® should appearat the first or most prominent mention in text (but not in headlines or titles, for aesthetic reasons). Uses The ChemConnect logo should be used as follows: • Corporate Identity: As the corporate signature on ChemConnect business cards, stationery and e-mail sign offs. • Marketing Materials: As our corporate identifier placed prominently on all materials, as well as the corporate sign-off on the back cover of two sided pieces. Includes: – Printed materials – Advertising – online and print – Web including www.chemconnect.com – External training programs/workshops – Other communications to Members: 1. Direct marketing programs such as e-mails and newsletters 2. Materials relating to sales programs which target 3. Specific Member training • Presentations: Use as the opening and closing mark and as the corporate identifier on slides, overheads, video and electronic presentations. • Promotional Items: As the corporate signature on all promotional items. • Event Materials: Booth graphics. • ChemConnect Programs, Publications and Internal Groups: All other ChemConnect communications including press releases, internal departmental communications and documentation. Corporate Logo Guidelines 10/01 1
  3. 3. Brand Marketing Guidelines Reproduction Specifications The ChemConnect logo must always appear exactly as shown. The letters and spacing are shown in the correct design and proportions. No text or graphic may touch the edges of the logo. Digital files for each treatment are available at http://www.chemconnect.com/cclogos/ and should require no manipulation (except for sizing). Preferred format - Horizontal logo This is the preferred format for the ChemConnect logo and should always be used unless there is insufficient space. Stacked logo Should be used as an alternative in communications where space is at a premium and the preferred horizontal format will not work. 0.83X 1.33X X 1.33X 0.23X X Note: The area beneath the logo should not be used for the ChemConnect URL. This area is being reserved for the future, if/when a revised corporate tagline is developed. Corporate Logo Guidelines 10/01 2
  4. 4. Brand Marketing Guidelines Minimum Clear Space • In order to stand out as a distinctive element and to maintain the integrity of our corporate identity, the area around our logo must be kept clean and uncluttered, text and other graphics should not overlap or intrude on the clear space. • The minimum clear space distance should be 75% of the height of the h in the ChemConnect logo. 0.75h h 0.75h h 0.75h Minimum Size • The minimum size of the ChemConnect logo will depend on the type of communication vehicle. When our logo is being used with other company logos or identities it should be equal or larger in size and placed prominently. • The ChemConnect logo must always be accompanied by ® symbol. Minimum Logo Size Usage Horizontal Vertical Print 28mm 21mm Web 100 pixels 95 pixels 28mm 21mm Minimum Print Size Corporate Logo Guidelines 10/01 3
  5. 5. Brand Marketing Guidelines Logo Colors ChemConnect logo color specifications are determined by the medium in which it is presented and/or the method by which the logo is produced. Full Color Logo Treatments The full color logo is preferred and should be used unless the communications piece allows only a one-color treatment. Web Color/RGB Treatment* Logotype: RGB: 0, 0, 102 Red Swirl: RGB: 153, 0, 0 Blue Dot: RGB: 0, 0, 102 Orange Swirl: RGB: 248, 153, 56 *The corresponding Hexadecimal/HTML values for the RGB colors are: Brick #990000, Blue #000066, Orange #FF9933 4-Color/CMYK Treatment Logotype: 100c 72m 0y 18k Red Swirl: 0c 100m 65y 34k Blue Dot: 100c 72m 0y 18k Orange Swirl: 0c 27m 100y 0k Spot Color/Pantone Treatment Logotype: Pantone 280 Red Swirl: Pantone 201 Blue Dot: Pantone 280 Orange Swirl: Pantone 130 Corporate Logo Guidelines 10/01 4
  6. 6. Brand Marketing Guidelines One Color Logo Treatments When full color is not possible the following one-color options may be used. Both positive and reverse options are shown. In limited color applications, the use of the black (positive) and black or blue (reverse) are preferable. However, each situation has many variables and color usage should be carefully considered according to the specifics of the project. In choosing between positive or reverse, the option which provides the greater contrast with the background should be used. Positive Options 100% Black Reverse Options 100% White Corporate Logo Guidelines 10/01 5
  7. 7. Brand Marketing Guidelines Background Colors Ideally the full color logo should only be placed on a white or gray background. If the ChemConnect Logo is to be placed on a patterned or graphically complicated background, use a white box and the minimal clear area to help distinguish the logo. Correct Usage Incorrect Usage Corporate Logo Guidelines 10/01 6
  8. 8. Brand Marketing Guidelines Unauthorized Logo Treatments In order to build and reinforce our brand image it is vital to maintain consistency in our logo treatments. The following are examples of INCORRECT treatments and SHOULD NOT be used. Swirl without logotype Logotype without swirl Altered proportions of swirl to logotype Altered proportions and position of swirl to logotype Altered color scheme of swirl Altered color scheme of logotype Altered logotype Improper one color treatment Improper positioning of URL - should be a separate element Improper reverse treatment Corporate Logo Guidelines 10/01 7