5 B2B Online Marketing Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making


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84% of your potential B2B prospects start their research online. If you are not online, you are simply not found. Yet, things work differently in B2B. Here are the most common mistakes companies make when they venture in B2B online marketing.

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5 B2B Online Marketing Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making

  1. 1. B2B Online marketingMistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making 5
  2. 2. If you are not online you are simply not found
  3. 3. 84% of B2B buyers start their research online   Source:  The  State  of  Demand  Genera3on  (by  Salesforce)  
  4. 4. Yet, things work differently In b2b
  5. 5. Do you also Make these common mistakes?
  6. 6. Failing to Attract The Right Prospects
  7. 7. Sadly, most of your prospects are not ready to buy
  8. 8. 3   3% Buying Now 6-7% Open to It 30% think that they are not interested 30% not thinking 30% not interested Chet Holmes
  9. 9. SPECIFIC NICHE Often, you are active in a with specialized, complex solutions Sometimes unknown product categories
  10. 10. Your prospects may simply be unaware Of the type of service you are offering
  11. 11. The Informational Website
  12. 12. website  newsletters social networks   Most companies spread information about themselves and their services via:
  13. 13. Only relevant for small number of prospects Those aware of the type of service you offer and the terminology you use to describe it.
  14. 14. example For Searching for Search volume web conferencing tools 260 tools for online meetings 0 teleworking 5400 working from home 40500 team collaboration 1300 online collaboration 2400 sales meeting 1000
  15. 15. We live in an Over-communicated society
  16. 16. People are used to ignore commercial messages
  17. 17. On average you have 8 seconds to grab the attention of your prospects
  18. 18. Attention Capturing Landing Pages
  19. 19. Failing to Follow Up
  20. 20. Source: The National Sales Executive Association   This is how many times you need to follow up!
  21. 21. Sales professionals follow up on average  only three times Source: The National Sales Executive Association  
  22. 22. You don’t have the time
  23. 23. Can (parts of) this  Be automated? The answer is: yes. Coming right up
  24. 24. Pitching Too Early
  25. 25. Do you Pitch  When you meet someone for the first time them your service?
  26. 26. People being sold tohate  
  27. 27. 79% Of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause ! Lead nurturing  Answer: Source: Marketing Sherpa!
  28. 28. Companies that excel at lead nurturing 50% Source: Forrester Research   more sales-ready leadsat 30%less cost generate
  29. 29. Not building a Growth Engine
  30. 30. Sales is not a dark art accessible to a few selected individuals
  31. 31. There is a lot of structure in sales. In fact, it can be engineered.
  32. 32. There is a lot of structure. In fact, it can be engineered Growth engineIt’s like building a
  33. 33. attract the right prospects even if they are not ready to buy capture leads & get their permission to market to them nurture your leads until they are ready to buy 1   2   3   score leads to know when they are ready for the next step 4   $€£ Use METRICS for CAC, LTV and conversion 5  
  34. 34. FREE COURSE: 5 VIDEOS ON HOW TO BUILD THE GROWTH ENGINE FOR YOUR COMPANY Check it out here: j.mp/GrowthTurbine