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Lync, Exchange, Sharepoint  and Office Web Apps, the  Fantastic 4 of  Communication and  Collaboration
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Lync, Exchange, Sharepoint and Office Web Apps, the Fantastic 4 of Communication and Collaboration


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In this session you will learn about the various ways Lync, Exchange, Sharepoint and Office Web …

In this session you will learn about the various ways Lync, Exchange, Sharepoint and Office Web
Apps can become better with regard to communication and collaboration by being joined
together. We will do a non-technical overview of features such as Skill Search, Site Mailbox, Task
Synchronization and more that are only made possible by them working together as well as see
how they can boost productivity in a real life scenario.

Published in: Technology
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  • At the end of the day, please ensure your evaluation is signed and handed in for door prizes. The draw takes place in Room 102A.
  • The company starts a new Internal IT Project and we’re in charge of building a team and realizing the project.
  • Things always seem to work out better when you find the right people for the job. The problem is: how do you find the right people without wasting lots of time tracking them down?
  • Before SharePoint, there was no centralized way of finding the Experts in your organization. We either had to ask someone or go trough the CV’s.
  • SharePoint solves this problem. It gives you a single place to connect with experts across your organization, whether they’re in the office down the hall or on the other side of the globe. Now, you can quickly get the answers and information you need to make the right decisions, avoid reinventing the wheel, and improve your work.
  • With Lync and Microsoft SharePoint Server integration, Lync users can do the following:Use the Skill view, in Lync search results, to search Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 My Site pages for people with specific skills or expertiseAccess their SharePoint Server 2013 My Site profile page from the Lync - Options dialog boxOn a SharePoint Server page, view a user’s Lync presence indicator and its associated menu or contact card
  • Email and documents are traditionally kept in two unique and separate data repositories. Most organizations collaborate using both mediums. The challenge is that both email and documents are accessed using different clients. This usually results in a reduction in user productivity and a degraded user experience.
  • What the company would like users to do to share a document is: Open internet ExplorerGo in SharePointUpload the documentGet the LinkOpen OutlookSend the email with the link inside
  • Send the email with the document inside to all the users.
  • When one project member files mail or documents using the site mailbox, any project member can then access the content. Site mailboxes are surfaced in Outlook 2013 and give users easy access to the email and documents for the projects they care about. Additionally, the same set of content can be accessed directly from the SharePoint site itself. With site mailboxes, the content is kept where it belongs. Exchange stores the email, providing users with the same message view for email conversations that they use every day for their own mailboxes. Meanwhile, SharePoint stores the documents, bringing document coauthoring and versioning to the table. Exchange synchronizes just enough metadata from SharePoint to create the document view in Outlook (e.g. document title, last modified date, last modified author, size).
  • Every Project has meetings… and therefor Meeting Notes.
  • Now, when you create a team site, a OneNote shared notebook is automatically created as part of the site. You can use this notebook to capture, compile, and share information.
  • Every Project also has Tasks. But, how often do we work on only one project?
  • The benefits of integrating the four systems together doesn’t stop at SharePoint. Lync, Exchange and Office Web Apps have quite a few cool features on their own. To finish the presentations, let’s do a click and talk demo of the features you currently see on the screen!
  • Transcript

    • 1. November 23rd, 2013 Lync, Exchange, SharePoint and Office Web Apps The Fantastic 4 of Communication and Collaboration Vlad Catrinescu SharePoint MVP @vladcatrinescu
    • 2. Thank you to all of our Sponsors!!
    • 3. Vlad Catrinescu  SharePoint Consultant from Montreal  Youngest SharePoint MVP  Ex-Network Administrator  PowerShell and Automation Fan
    • 4. We see SharePoint as THE tool for Collaboration
    • 5. Unified Communication and Collaborations Layer
    • 6. Insta-Translate PDF Convert From Browser Team Notebook Document Preview Lync Skill Search Task Synchronization Site Mailbox Chat From Browser
    • 7. Agenda What are we going to learn today Task Synchronization Lync Skill Search Site Mailbox Team Notebook ? Scenario Enhanced Search Other “Non-SP” Features
    • 8. Find the Right People
    • 9. What did we have before SharePoint? CV Piles Ask people who might know someone
    • 10. Then came SharePoint…..
    • 11. However… 1. Open Internet Explorer 2. Navigate to Search Center 3. Search the skill 4. Switch to the People Tab. 5. Find the person 6. To finally 7. Write to them by Lync When
    • 12. Skill Search (SharePoint & Lync) Finding the right people for the job Skill search enables Lync users to search skills, expertise, and organizational information from SharePoint My Sites
    • 13. Manage Email Conversations & Documents
    • 14. How do we communicate info?
    • 15. What the company wants users to do ….
    • 16. What your users actually do…
    • 17. Site Mailbox (Exchange and SharePoint) Access Documents and Emails in One Place  Replaces Public Folders and Shared Mailboxes  Allow access to both documents and email through the same client interface (Outlook or SharePoint)  Encourage Collaboration and Productivity by uploading documents in SharePoint Directly trough Outlook!
    • 18. Meeting Notes
    • 19. How do you keep track of what happens in your meetings? Traditional Way: • Dedicated Note Taker • Compiles “Meeting Minutes” • Sends them by email to everyone afterwards
    • 20. Team Notebook (SP & OWA) Keep Notes and Edit Documents Everywhere
    • 21. Team Notebook (SP & OWA) Keep Notes and Edit Documents Everywhere Using a shared notebook with a SharePoint site enables you to share your information with others. For example, your team can use a shared notebook to do the following: • Brainstorm on a project • Collect reference material • Record and share meeting minutes • List action items
    • 22. Keep up with Tasks
    • 23. What if we could
    • 24. Task Synchronization (Exchange – SP) All your tasks in one place  Consolidate and synchronize SharePoint tasks from multiple team or project sites into a users MySite.  Through the consolidation of individual tasks and calendars into one centralized location, users can rest assured that they are fully aware of all expiring deadlines and upcoming events.
    • 25. Find what you need
    • 26.
    • 27.
    • 28. Enhanced Search (SharePoint & OWA) Find the right documents fast and easy     Document Preview in Search View Full Documents without ever leaving the Search page Save it Directly as a PDF from the search page. View Main Chapters of the document
    • 29. Other Features (Exchange, Lync & OWA) It’s not all about SharePoint      Lync PowerPoint Presentations Office Web Apps in Outlook Web Access Instantly translate Word Documents in Outlook Web Access Save as PDF from Outlook Web Access Chat from the Browser
    • 30. Remember to fill out your evaluation forms to win some great prizes! & Join us for SharePint today! Nov 23rd, 2013 @6:00 pm The Observatory Pub, Algonquin Student’s Association Address: A-170 on Algonquin Campus Parking: No need to move your car!* Site: Date & Time: Location:
    • 31. Questions?