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Manual on how to join a session in wiziq for our online Vjnan clases.

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Session manual

  1. 1. Join a class1. Log into Go to Inbox and you would have received message as below.2. Go into the message as displayed below.Click on complete information.
  2. 2. 3. Click on join class to register for the class.4. You will get below message saying that you have registered for the class.
  3. 3. 5. On the day of the class, click on the message either from Inbox of or Inbox of your email, then click on “View complete information”. You will get below screen.Click Launchclass.6. Go to My stuff – My classes to view your past classes or any upcoming classes. You can view recording of your past classes or go to class invitations to watch recording of classes you did not attend(I would have to send you the invite first).
  4. 4. Troubleshooting questionsAn error message saying that my email address is already registered with WizIQ is appearing on myscreen. What should I do?This error message appears when you try to register yourself with an email address thats already in use. This error is displayed in order to make sure thatno two members use the same email address. WizIQ doesnt allow any member to get himself/herself registered with an email address that is already inuse. Also, you must make sure that you do not register yourself with an email address that you might have used to register yourself earlier on WizIQ orhad entered it as the alternate email. If you try to do so, the same error message appears on your screen.I am facing login problem. When I sign up it says that the email address which I have entered alreadyexists and does not allow me to sign in. And when I click on Forgot Password it says email address doesnot exist. What should I do?Such a problem occurs when the email address you are using to sign-in is not your primary email. You might have entered it as the alternate emailaddress in your WizIQ profile. And since we do not allow members to sign in with the alternate email address, you are unable to sign-in with that emailaddress.What is the procedure for registering on WizIQ?Getting yourself registered on WizIQ is absolutely FREE. It is a simple process which can be completed in just a minute. All you have to do is followthese simple steps described below:Go to “Join Now” page ( and you find a registration formEnter your full name, a valid email address, password, and the text you see in the picture in the form.Click “Join Now” button.And you are done.