Vivanista Fundraising Summit: Corporate Sponsorship Solicitation Made Easy with Brady Hahn

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Whether you have a limited or extensive budget, laying the groundwork for a successful fundraising event isn’t easy. At the Vivanista Fundraising Summit on Saturday November 12th, Brady Hahn (founder …

Whether you have a limited or extensive budget, laying the groundwork for a successful fundraising event isn’t easy. At the Vivanista Fundraising Summit on Saturday November 12th, Brady Hahn (founder of The Nonprofit Effect) led people through all the steps necessary for solidifying this vital partnership- beginning with an assessment of your internal organization then a host of tips to help target and communicate with potential corporate sponsors.

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  • 1. Corporate Sponsorship Solicitation Made Easy Equip. Exchange. Empower
  • 2. “The key element to success isconfronting the right questions.” ~ Tom Tierney, Chairman & Co-founder, The Bridgespan Group ~
  • 3. Challenges• How do we ask companies to partner?• What do we have to offer a corporate sponsor?• What are we doing wrong? We ask for support all the time, but never get it.• Companies partner once, but don’t renew. Why?• How can we be like chairty:water?
  • 4. The 8 Essentials1. If anything was possible, what would your organization look like? What would its impact be on the world?2. If you could describe what your organization does in a few key word phrases, what would those be?3. What is your most pressing problem as an organization right now?4. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you ask for in order to solve the problem(s) mentioned above?5. To help you accomplish your goals, what does your ideal team or outside partner(s) look like?6. What legacy do you want your organization to have?7. What is your ideal start time & how much time are you willing /able to invest to see things develop?8. What financial commitment are you willing/able to invest to see things develop?
  • 5. “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must ferventlybelieve, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” ~ Stephen A. Brennan ~
  • 6. Partner Action Plan Renew Target Acknowledge Define Engage Outreach Identify needs | Navigate towards solutions
  • 7. TrackingRelation- Point Company Contact Title Contact Info/interests Initial“Ask” Achievesship Person Name info: goal of…Level1 Executive Large Jane Doe VP of West Jane.doe. - Met @ X Purchase a Introducing Director Company Coast networking event. table @ them to the Marketing - Married with 3 annual gala org & children. for $5,000 bringing - Loves baseball potentially - Never attended 10 new an event. prospects to the event3 Board Amazing John Doe CEO John@AO. Purchased table @ Upgrade Achieves X member X Opportunity com gala past 3 years. giving to board Program alum. $10,000+ members Give & Get goal of $5,000
  • 8. Target Who you know• Your team– Staff, board members, high-level volunteers etc.• Your donors -- Super fans, networkers, business owners, big givers, employees of great companies• Your greater community– Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • 9. Target Who you want to know • Make your dream list -- Companies & Individuals • Share it with your community
  • 10. TargetWho you dont know you should know (… yet!)• Be open to introductions• Track your research– Dig deeper into your target companies • Who are their competitors? • Who are their partners?
  • 11. Leverage FREE Resources
  • 12. Define Relationships(-1) Damaged– Someone who has had a bad experience in anycapacity. The relationshipneeds repairs(0) Prospect – A potential contact, someone you haven’t met yetand are adding to your action plan(1) New - You have been introduced, & will follow up on theconversation(2) Engaged- They have an understanding of the club, maybeattended an event or made a visit, but haven’t made a donation(3) Donor– They have a deep understanding of the club and havecommitted money to the organization
  • 13. Outreach Knowing what prospects care about makes “asking” easier • Know what you want & what it’s for • Keep The Ask Simple • Focus on what your organization does best • Why it’s important to your organization?
  • 14. Engage• Be authentic• Use real stories• Be prepared to answer tough questions• Have all materials ready• Have fun & enjoy the opportunity to share your passion for your organization
  • 15. Acknowledge Partners & Donors are your celebrities Be thankful Be informative Make it personal
  • 16. “Lead with generosity.” ~ Keith Ferrazzi, FerrazziGreenlight& author of Who’s Got Your Back? & Never Eat Alone~
  • 17. Renew• Focus on growing relationships &your network• Ask how you can help them-- make an introduction, set-up a VIP visit, etc.• Offer incentives that help you & your team
  • 18. Measuring• Keep your measuring tools simple and consistent• Aim to hit your 50% mark at the mid point of your major fundraising benchmarks• Goals should be checked quarterly at each board meeting• Each board meeting should include the following: • Individual Give & Get Reports • Donor list for current fiscal year • Review of the master Donor Action Plan
  • 19. Tips & Tricks• Plan Ahead-- Get on the radar before budgets setting in January• Leverage free resources for research• Engage Your Team– Have board members and staff work with you on your ask• Be a good example--Write your check on time and feel good about your giving. It’s contagious!** Secret Tip: Fashion brands or high-end retailers are usually in their officesthrough the holidays. It’s a great time to get them on the phone! **
  • 20. Things to Remember….• Listen, listen, listen!• It is about the personal connection you create with the people in the company that matters• Be flexible& willing to look at various options
  • 21. Be bold. Be brave. Be open.Worst case scenario, you get everything you ask for and more!
  • 22. Got Questions?brady@nonprofiteffect | @bradyhahn