First giving online fundraising integration


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This presentation addresses the fundamentals of how to leverage the increasingly popular online fundraising platforms, such as First Giving, into traditional in-person events.

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First giving online fundraising integration

  1. 1. WebinarIntegrating Crowdsourcing into In-Person Events
  2. 2. About Layne Gray •Founder of •Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant •Volunteer Fundraiser •Background: •Technical Marketing •Conference Management© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  3. 3. What You’ll Learn • In-person fundraising event categories • Types of events most appropriate for crowdsourcing • Steps to creating a successful event incorporating crowdsourcing© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  4. 4. Fundraising Event Goals© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  5. 5. Event Goals Direct Raise money Fundraising Generate Build a growth- Community oriented annuity Attract Create buzz volunteers In-direct Promote Fundraising organization [Friendraising]© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  6. 6. In-person Fundraising Event Categories© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  7. 7. Fundraising Event Categories Vertical Events Horizontal Events Timeframe One multi-hour event From multi-hour to multi-day Attendance Limited to size of venue Virtually unlimited Price High; $50 – multi-$1,000’s Low barrier; $5 Appeal Social; helping the cause Broad; athletic, shopping Activities Observer Participant Promotion Targeted Broad Advantages Pre-revenue & on-site More $$/attendee Age Adult, affluent All ages, broad audience Crowdsourced No Yes Examples Gala, Auction, Fashion Show A-Thon: Bike, Walk, Run© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  8. 8. In-person Fundraising Event Revenue Streams© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  9. 9. Vertical Event Ticket Sales Pre-event fundraising Fund In Corporate Need Sponsors Revenue Streams Individual Raffle Donors On-site fundraising Silent/ Live Auction© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  10. 10. Horizontal Event Crowd sourcing Pre-event fundraising Raffle Revenue Corporate Sponsors Streams On-site fundraising Silent Auction© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  11. 11. Hybrid Events Crowd Pre-event sourcing Ticket fundraising Fund In Sales Need Revenue Corporate Raffle Streams Sponsors On-site Silent/ Individual fundraising Live Donors Auction© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  12. 12. Crowdsourcing into Vertical Events External •Tickets: individual and group •Advanced Fund-In-Need • Friendly competition between subcommittees Internal • Each committee member required to generate a certain level New • Generate excitement through crowdsourcing • Make crowdsourcing an integral part of the event event experience© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  13. 13. Anatomy of a hybrid event© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  14. 14. Hybrid Events The new fundraising dynamic • Integrates crowdsourcing seamlessly • Plays to the strengths of the event • Is a reliable revenue source • Is fun • Does not diminish the importance of the ultimate cause© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  15. 15. Hybrid Events The new fundraising dynamic© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  16. 16. Hybrid Events Crowdsourcing Entry Fee; minimum of Votes per dance pair; $1,000/team $25/vote Types of organizations Schools Any nonprofit Additional Resources n/a Professional dancers Additional revenue Team ‘Cheat’s Votes Difficulty in Easy; Moderate; implementing Requires volunteer Requires ‘celebrities’ & teams pro dancers Other activities Dinner, Spelling Bee Dinner, Dancing only Average # participants 10 – 15 teams of 3 – 6 5 - 10 sets of partners Benefits Supplemental to other Community-wide fundraisers event© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  17. 17. Hybrid Event Implementation Announce timeframe for team sign-ups Identify professional dancers willing to participate Create minimum entry fee i.e. $1,000 Extend invitations to local ‘celebrities’ Promote within current audience Leave enough time for teams to practice Sell tickets like other fundraising events Sell tickets like other fundraising events Offer ticket price range: from low Offer normal ticket pricing (spelling bee only) to high (dinner) Onsite: Let teams and attendees Onsite: Attendees can vote for their purchase ‘cheats’ for incremental $$$ favorite dancers Include ceremony for winning team Include ceremony for winning team© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  18. 18. Summary • Crowdsourcing has been developed to integrate into particapatory fundraising events • Crowdsourcing can integrate more into traditional vertical fundraising events • New types of events leverage the crowdsourcing model • The hybrid events are complementary to both horizontal and vertical events© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  19. 19. Resources • Copy of Presentation • Fundraiser-In-A-Box – Viva SpellBound – Viva StarDance • Fundraising Event Production & Consulting© 2012 Vivanista Inc.
  20. 20. Thank you! QUESTIONS? Contact: layne [at] vivanista [dot] com© 2012 Vivanista Inc.