2010 Suzuki Kizashi Viva Suzuki El Paso TX


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2010 Suzuki Kizashi, color brochure provided by Viva Suzuki located in El Paso, TX. Find the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi, for sale in Texas ; call about our current sales and incentives at (915) 782- 1600 http://vivasuzukiauto.com/

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2010 Suzuki Kizashi Viva Suzuki El Paso TX

  1. 1. Viva Suzuki 5550 N Desert Blvd. 2 0 1 0 El Paso, TX 79912 915-782-1600 http://vivasuzukiauto.com/ s u z u k i k i z a s h i
  2. 2. Sporty AND riDE blEND of moDEl iN t h E D u St. QuiEtNESS hANDliNg, StruCturE A SupErior brAN it’S A lE AVES EVEry hElpS ENSurE m AtC othEr SportS Co m f o rt t h At y hED D th iN torSioNAl high- r i g i D i t y u N i b o Dy At by -yA br th Ng . E E iNg ki bESt-iN-Cl ASS Q u S J zA A Al Sh StA N D A r D i 185-HP2 pA ly ’S C N’ i m S om pr SC m forgED CrANkShAft AN ES rE Am Di Si VE AND StEEl-liNED CyliNDErS iN Ng po g Ak wE bu Eb r A ll oN D p N Et o® Erfo tr brA rmANC 23/31 MPG b A S E D o N E pA AiN kE C E ArE S t omp o A oNEN m i l E A g E E St i m At E S f o r k i z A S h i C V t f w D 3 SAf tS — thE SAmE E AN D CoN t r o l l E D S to p. ADVANCED VAriAblE iNDuCtioN SyStEm (ViS) f o r m o r E u S A b l E to r Q u E At A w i D E r A N g E o f S p E E D S s T R O N G C R E D E N T i a L s a N D F R E s h i N N O V a T i O N P O T E N T
  3. 3. t h E m u lt i - l i N k r E A r S u S p E N S i o N , A f lo At i N g S u b f r A m E A N D A h i g h - r i g i D i t y u N i b o Dy St r u C t u r E h E l p DEliVEr thE prECiSE hANDliNg pErformANCE AND hElp rEDuCE V b a t i o n i r VeHicle S ta n d a r d H P S P o r t S e at S aW d aVa i l a b l e W H e e l / t i r e S i z e S Kizashi 2.4 185 s ta n d a r d ava i l a b l e 2 3 5 /4 5 - 1 8 POwER Mazda6® 2.5 a lt i M a® 2 . 5 170 175 n ot ava i l a b l e n ot ava i l a b l e n ot ava i l a b l e n ot ava i l a b l e 215/55-17 2 1 5 /6 0 - 1 6 a C C O L a D E s acura tsx® 2.4 201 s ta n d a r d n ot ava i l a b l e 225/50-17 “handily beats the dynamics of almost iftErS oN everything else l E Sh CV DD t pA in its price and/or mo E bl DEl N g . AVA i l A size class.” S A l lo w f o - automobilemag.com ifti r Sh Qu l A iC Nu k, oN “At the end of the - t h E - f ly, m A day, we walked away loy whEElS w Num Al ith thinking that the u mi E hANDliN hig Al p oNSiV g A h- pE h rES ND rf kizashi is the best NC DE Ex o - i o Vi CE pr ll rm 18 handling and most AN lE S EN rE Ab CE t ti Ail ro composed fwD Du 18 AV AD 45- Nlo sedan we’ve driven.” fEE thE 235/ p® l. - AutoWeek Magazine
  4. 4. NCE AuD SyStEm D i g i tA l S o uND proC io ESSo r rmA rfo ipo -pE D® 4 Co gh m pA tib hi lE Co um i Q u a L i T Y NN Em ECt ® pr ioN tE S gA uS AVA i l A b r D fo b lE roCkfo 4 & w ir El ES S Au L u X u R Y Di bl o O F uE St rE to Am ot iN g 8-C h® s O u N D 4 p o w E r E D by A 4 2 5 - wAt t A m p hAN hA ND NEl S- fr , 10 EE CA SpE ll a N D AkE iN g rS F E E L thE StA N D A r D L O O k , S m A rt pA S S™ kEylESS puSh- but toN igNitioN with rEmotE T h E ENtry mE ANS yo u r k E yS NEVEr hAVE to l E AV E yo u r p o C k E t.
  5. 5. C y l i N D r i C A l ly S h A p E D , b A C k l i t g A u g E S f o r m k i z A S h i ’ S m A i N i N St r u m E N tAt i o N — o N E o f m A N y D E S i g N E l E m E N t S i N S p i r E D by lEgENDAry SportS CArS . “ W h at ’ s i m p r e s s i v e h e r e i s t h e h i g h - q u a l i t y f e e l o f t h e i n t e r i o r — t h e m at e r i a l s u s e d o n t h e d a s h b o a r d a n d d o o r pa n e l s a r e f i r s t - r at e , a n d i t s o v e r a l l lo o k c e r ta i n ly c l i m b s a f e W r u n g s o n t h e l a d d e r o f s o p h i s t i c at i o n . - roadandtrack.com december 2009 ” p E r At u r E C o N t r o tEm lS TOuCh E lE z oN t y - ou Al Du AN O F C L a ss ArD Dy our S tA N D kizashi marks a clear pA S S E N g E r D departure from A l i t y. traditional sedans EQu with optimized iNE Ef Ew sound reduction N pE E r So th insulation and NA to lp l utE rEfE ES. A SA rENC structure, high- quality finishes and materials, felt-covered glove thE E xpErt touCh of A lEADiNg ErgoNomiC SpECiAliSt iS compartment, door courtesy and front EViDENt iN thE S ta n d a r d S P o rt footwell lights. S e at S w i t h AVA i l A b l E 1 0 - wAy p o w E r D r i V E r’ S S E At A N D 3 - p o S i t i o N m E m o ry. thE gENErouS DimENSioNS AND SpECiAl DENSity foAm h E l p m i N i m i z E D r i V E r fAt i g u E . C h o o S E h i g h - Q u A l i t y l E At h E r o r D E l u x E D E N S E ly w o V E N fAbriC , E ACh fiNiShED with f r E N C h S E A m D E tA i l i N g .
  6. 6. S u z u k i ’ S p r o p r i E tA ry totA l E f f E C t i V E CoNtrol tEChNology (tECt ™) CoCooNS 2014 pA S S E N g E r S w i t h i N A l i g h t, E N E r gy- thE A b So r b i N g b o Dy Co m b i N E D w i t h A S u p E r- St r o N g , D E f o r m At i o N - S tA N D A r D R E a D Y rESiStiNg CAbiN StruCturE proJECtor kizashi is one of t h At A b S o r b S A N D bEAm hEADlAmpS few cars compliant D i S p E r S E S i m pA C t. ArE ANythiNg but S tA N D A r D . i N f A C t, t h E y with the 2014 NhtSA t h row m o r E l i g h t, m o r E requirements. it A C C u r At E ly t h A N h A lo g E N S f o r meets future safety ENhANCED SAfEty AND ViSibility standards, such as iN ANy DriViNg ENViroNmENt. Side-impact pole Collision test, Side- VeHicle airbaG re ar-Side ProJector a W d i n t e G r at e d coUnt i M Pa c t a i r b a G S HeadlaMPS S ta b i l i t Y c o n t r o l impact barrier Kizashi 2.4 8 s ta n d a r d s ta n d a r d ava i l a b l e Collision test and Mazda6® 2.5 6 n ot ava i l a b l e n ot ava i l a b l e n ot ava i l a b l e upgraded front a lt i M a® 2 . 5 6 n ot ava i l a b l e n ot ava i l a b l e n ot ava i l a b l e Collision test, acura tsx® 2.4 6 n ot ava i l a b l e hid n ot ava i l a b l e Pa s s at c c ® 2 . 0 t 6 ava i l a b l e n ot ava i l a b l e n ot ava i l a b l e embodying safety ahead of its time. yo u r S A f E t y i S o u r to p CoNCErN. kizAShi boAStS e i G H t S ta n d a r d a i r b a G S — morE thAN ANy CompEtitor . wE’ VE g ot yo u CoV E r E D !
  7. 7. S SE GTS SLS ENGINE aNd dRIVETRaIN 2.4-liter dohc 4-cylinder engine with 185-hp (Mt), 180-hp (cvt) and 170 lb-ft of torque Front-Wheel drive (FWd) advanced intelligent all-Wheel drive (i-aWd™) 6-speed manual transmission — Performance-tuned continuously variable automatic transmission (cvt) steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters (cvt models only) — — s P E C i F i C a T i O N s high-output dual exhaust system with integrated rear outlets zero-maintenance timing chain WHEELS aNd BRaKES 18-inch alloy wheels with 235/45-18 dunlop® 9 all-season tires — — 17-inch alloy wheels with 215/55-17 dunlop® 9 all-season tires — — — 16-inch steel wheels with full covers and 215/60-16 dunlop® 9 all-season tires — — — 4-wheel disc brakes with akebono®10 components sport-tuned, fully independent suspension with KYb®11 performance-tuned shock/strut EXTERIOR Power glass sunroof with tilt feature and 1-touch control — — Multi-reflector and projector headlamps automatic headlamp control — — — 2 0 1 0 Foglamps — — variable intermittent wipers automatic rain-sensing wipers — — — Power side mirrors (heated on aWd or sls FWd) rear sonar parking assist7 — — — k i z a s h i INTERIOR integrated touchscreen GPs navigation — — bluetooth®12 wireless streaming audio and hands-free mobile phone connection — — smartPass™ keyless push-button ignition and entry dual-zone automatic climate control with pollen filter and rear-seat vents sport seats with ergonomic design leather-appointed interior — — — leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise control and integrated audio controls leather-wrapped shift knob and parking brake lever — 10-way power driver’s seat adjustment with 3-position memory (includes power lumbar) — 4-way power front passenger’s seat — — — heated front seats — — — rockford Fosgate®13 425-watt, 10-speaker, 8-channel aM/FM/cd/xM®14 audio system with subwoofer — — 7-speaker aM/FM/cd audio system with xM®14 compatibility — — usb4 audio input (for MP3 or iPod®15 music player) tilt and telescoping steering wheel adjustment automatic day/night rear view mirror with homelink®16 remote transmitter — — — information display (outside temperature, mpg, range, average speed) Power windows (front auto up/down) and door locks sport gauges featuring backlit instrumentation interior lighting group (led ambiance lights including glove compartment, door courtesy and front footwell lights) overhead console with sunglasses holder center console storage and armrest storage compartments with power outlets = standard = optional — = not available
  8. 8. S SE GTS SLS CaRGO 60/40 split-folding locking rear seats rear center armrest with pass-through COLORS trunk cargo restraint hooks remote trunk release with valet lockout switch SaFETY electronic stability Program with FWd intelligent vehicle stability Program (i-vsP™) with aWd White Water Pearl bosch®17 anti-lock braking system (abs) with electronic brake-Force distribution (ebd) brake assist dual front advanced airbags — supplemental restraint system (srs) side-impact airbags front and rear — outboard passengers side-curtain airbags covering front and rear vehicle security system alarm with engine immobilizer ice blue Metallic 3-point front and rear seatbelts with front height adjustment and pretensioners rear child-seat tether anchors (x3) and rear child-seat isoFix anchors (x2) side-impact door beams INTERIOR dIMENSIONS head room, front/rear (in) 39.3 / 37.0 deep sea blue Metallic leg room, front/rear (in) 41.7 / 35.6 shoulder room, front/rear (in) 55.5 / 54.6 EXTERIOR dIMENSIONS Wheelbase (in) 106.3 overall length (in) 183.1 Platinum silver Metallic overall width (in) 71.7 overall height (in) 58.3 CapaCITIES seating (passengers) 5 azure Gray Metallic Fuel (gal) 16.6 Epa ESTIMaTEd FuEL ECONOMY 6Mt FWd, city/highway (mpg) 21/31 — 20/29 20/29 cvt FWd, city/highway (mpg) 23/31 23/30 23/30 23/30 cvt aWd, city/highway (mpg) 23/30 22/29 22/29 22/29 black Pearl Metallic beige Fabric – S, Se and GtS black Fabric – S, Se and GtS beige leather – SlS black leather – SlS KIzaSHI SE MOdEL STaNdaRd FEaTuRES (addITIONaL TO S 6MT) vivid red • continuously variable automatic transmission (cvt) • 215/55-17 dunlop®9 all-season tires • 10-way power driver’s seat • 3-position driver’s memory seat • cruise control • leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift knob and parking brake lever aCCESSORIES KIzaSHI GTS MOdEL STaNdaRd FEaTuRES (addITIONaL TO SE) • 6-speed manual transmission (FWd only) • 1-touch sunroof • steering wheel paddle shifters (cvt only) • 425-watt rockford Fosgate®13 10-speaker audio system with subwoofer • 18-inch alloy wheels • integrated bluetooth®12 with audio streaming • Foglamps KIzaSHI SLS MOdEL STaNdaRd FEaTuRES (addITIONaL TO GTS) • leather-appointed interior • 3-stage heated front seats • 4-way power front passenger’s seat • homelink®16 universal garage door opener • automatic dimming headlamps • exterior heated mirrors • auto day/night mirror (inside) • automatic rain-sensing wipers • rear sonar parking assist7 ski/snowboard Module 1 formula 1™ is a trademark of formula one licensing bV, a formula one group Company. 2185-hp on mt and 180-hp on CVt-equipped 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. 3Sourced from fueleconomy.gov. 4uSb device, ipod® and bluetooth® compatible cell phone supplied by Customer. 5the highway mpg as displayed is based on EpA mileage estimates, sourced from fueleconomy.gov. (mt fwD and CVt fwD, S trim). Actual highway mpg may vary based on options, driving conditions, driving habits and vehicle’s condition. 6intelligent Vehicle Stability program (i-VSp™), which should remain on when driving except when freeing the vehicle from mud or snow, cannot be relied upon to prevent accidents due to abrupt steering, carelessness or dangerous driving techniques. Always drive safely. 7rear sonar parking assist is a convenience feature and is not a substitute for looking to the rear and using rear view mirrors. Drivers should ensure the area is clear when driving in reverse. 8See suzukiauto.com or your local Dealer for more information on warranty highlights or the New Vehicle warranty information booklet for full warranty disclosure. 9Dunlop® tires and the associated tire names are registered trademarks of Dunlop® tire and rubber Corporation. 10 Akebono® is a registered trademark of Akebono brake Corporation. 11kyb® is a registered trademark of kyb Co. ltd. 12bluetooth® is a registered trademark of bluetooth® Sig, inc. 13 rockford fosgate® is a registered trademark of rockford Corp. 14required xm® tuner and subscription sold separately. All fees and programming subject to change. Subscriptions subject to customer agreement available at xmradio.com. xm® service only available in the 48 contiguous united States. the xm® name is a registered trademark of xm® Satellite radio. 15ipod® is a registered product of Apple, inc. 16homelink® is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls. 17bosch® is a registered trademark of the robert bosch, llC. 18only 18-inch chrome Wheels18 available on gtS and SlS models. mazda®, Altima®, Acura®, passat®, Nissan gt-r® and porsche panamera® are registered trademarks. All competitor specifications are obtained from manufacturers’ web sites. Color options may vary by trim. Specifications and equipment are based on information available at time of print and subject to change without notice. for more information, contact your local Suzuki Dealer or visit suzukiauto.com.