Teacher training or leader training..


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Teacher training or leader training..

  1. 1. TEACHER TRAINING OR LEADER TRAINING? TRAININGFOR CHANGE OR STATUS QUO? By: Rumanti Ayu Wardani Vita Nur Fatimah Rian Sustanto Fernando Erick Widiananta Frasben Syaernobi Kusuma
  2. 2. TEACHER TRAINING Schuler (1987: 113) states, Training and development is defined as the human resource practice which focused in identifying, assessing and through planned learning helping development the key competences which enable people to perform current or future job.
  3. 3. Dugan Laird (1985: 11) definedtraining as these activities which aredesigned to improve humanperformance on the job employee ispresently doing or is being hired to do.
  4. 4. So, teacher training means aprogram designed to improve humanperformance on the teaching area, it ispresently doing or is being hired to do.It is also identifying, assessing andthrough planned learning.
  5. 5. What kind ? o S1 degree qualification (before become a teacher) o PLPG (Pendidikan dan Latihan Profesi Guru) (while teaching) o Seminar and workshop (before and while working) o Diklat (before and while working)
  6. 6. LEADER TRAINING Training for principal and leader of education. Example: Training for management of school
  7. 7. IMPLEMENTATION OF TEACHERTRAINING AND LEADERTRAINING Teacher training is mostly held by the government, but we can rarely find leader training.
  8. 8. TRAINING FOR CHANGE OR STATUSi QUO ?s Related to the newest curriculum (2013), the Ministry of education ins Indonesia has no big design of teacher training yet. Here’s the article,u http://www.shnews.co/detile-12493-e kemendikbud-belum-punya-desain- besar-pelatihan-guru.htmls
  9. 9. i Grand design for teacher training in Indonesia claimed unclear yets See the article:s http://www.suaramerdeka.com/v1/index. php/read/news/2013/01/03/140107/Granu d-Desain-Pelatihan-Guru-Dinilai-Tidak- Jelases
  10. 10. i In March, the Ministry of education will held teacher training program tos support the new curriculums Find the article : http://edukasi.kompas.com/read/201u 3/01/12/18084454/Maret.Pelatihan.Gu ru.untuk.Kurikulum.Barues
  11. 11. i o Teachers compete to attend professional development program fors teachers’ certification o The professional development program is short term or ‘one shot’ trainings o Training providers focus on the quantity rather than qualityue Source : Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institutes
  12. 12. Based on the survey, shown that 62% of elementary school teacher neverf joined training until being retired.act
  13. 13. World Bank (2011) released a research that Indonesian teacher is thef lowest quality in Asia. General secretary of Federasi Serikat Gurua Indonesia (FSGI), Retno Listyarti stated if the teacher is not qualified, soc that the student will not qualified too.t
  14. 14. CONCLUSION The government might say that teacher training is important for change, eventhough we never know what’s exactly its implementation. Thus, as a teacher we need to improve our skill through joining teacher training for change not just for formality.
  15. 15. THANK YOU