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Fm 2010 tactics

  1. 1. FM 2010 Site Rankings My FM 11 Facebook Group NEW! Follow me on Twitter Advertising The Author True Football Manager Currently managing Tuesday, 22 December 2009 Subscribe (RSS) Football Manager 2010 Tactics Many of you, dear readers, have been asking about Football Manager 2010 tactics I use in my Leeds United story game. Well, today I share it with you! Here the tactics of my Leeds in the Championship in the 2nd season in FM 2010: Formation First of all I would like to say that I love attacking tactics most of all! So the       formation looks truly attacking and dangerous: Pre-order FM 2011 Most Popular Facepack (55000+) Football Manager 2011 Free players Humour of FM Football Manager 2011 Interview with Miles Sega   Buy New £25.91 Kits (2900+) Logos (17000+) System Requirements Privacy Information Tactics (3-4-R-2) Tactics (5-3-2) FM 2011 Poll Tips and Hints What club do you want me to Training Schedules manage?customer surveys Wonderkids List Tags Blog Archive l Arsenal (11) l Euro 2008 (4) ► 2010 (73) l files (15) ▼ 2009 (105) l fm 2008 (93) ▼ December (8) l football manager 2007 (2) I come to this asymmetric formation from classic 3-5-2 used in the first season. I Championship. Just right l Football Manager 2008 ( decided to tune it for more efficiency during attacks moving right wide midfielder after “Winter Rush”  96) to AMR position. match... l football manager 2009 (   94) Football Manager 2010 l football manager 2010 ( Tactics Team instructions 85) Second season started l football manager 2011 (9) l football manager live (1) Football Manager 2010 l graphics (11) Training Schedule l guide (12) Squad revolution before the l Hull (49) Championship season l humor (1) My Staff in Football Manager l lazio (2) 2010 l Leeds United (48) l matches (90) Other results of the first FM l national teams (14) 2010 season l new features (22) My first season in FM 2010 l news (34) is over l patches (5) l player stats (80) ► November (9) l players (70) ► October (12) l pro evolution soccer 2009 (1) ► September (10) l results (89) ► August (8) l scene (6) l Southampton (35) ► July (7) l tactics (16) ► June (8) l team stats (92) ► May (9) l tips and hints (21)
  2. 2. l trainings (14) ► April (7) l Wigan (6) The main features of this FM2010 tactics are: ► March (9) l wonderkids (20) l Fluid philosophy l young stars (26) ► February (10) l Pretty high defensive line ► January (8) Your Ad Here l Persistent closing down and aggressive tackling ► 2008 (116) l Rare time wasting ► 2007 (28)   Search Strategies and touchline shouts Don’t think that it’s enough to install this tactics to win all matches! Every new Interesting in the Web opponent team demands attention and some changes of strategy, player Online Casino instructions and even formation I want to describe my most common match scenario explaining what tactical changes I perform depending on match score FM 2009 Story and opponent’s strength. Hull Match start FM 2008 Stories Normally I start a match with Standard strategy. In very rare cases it can Arsenal Counter Attack when playing away and opponent has better players. Southampton   Wigan Playing home match Most often I do tactical changes if my team creates low amount of chances. There are several tips from me: 1. Use touchline shout Look for Overlap – your players will start to perform more quickly and move into channels more often. Wide players will receive more passing options. 2. Set Attacking strategy. 3. If match referee is not strict with yellow and red cards, then it always helpful to set Hassle Opponents and Get Stuck In. It will result in better tackling and will help to throttle your opponent 4. If you have players with good Long Shots – set Shoot on Sight in case of wet weather. 5. If you cannot penetrate opponent’s defence set Get Ball Forward. It will increase tempo, passing length and pressure. More useful on large pitches! 6. Determine the weakest players in opponent’s formation. Flanks or middle? Set Exploit The Flanks or Exploit The Middle depending on your analysis.   If you want to retain winning score against dangerous team follow the next tips: 1. The most useful is Drop Deeper touchline shout. It helps often when you need your defence play safer. 2. Set Retain Possession and Pass to Feet touchline shouts – more accurate, less risking passing. 3. In the very end of any winning match Contain strategy may help much! If you set this strategy Play Even Safer touchline shout becomes available. You can use it as well.   Playing away match Away matches are usually more complicated because opponent’s fans presence help perceptibly. So there I use somewhat different tactical approaches. Let’s imagine that my team scored a goal: 1. Set Counter Attack strategy + touchline shout Pass Into Space. It’s absolutely the best counter attacking style I have ever seen in Football Manager 2010! Very efficient if you have quick strikers (at least one) 2. Set Drop Deeper and Pass Into Feet. As a result you’ll get more accurate performance for you team. 3. Change your formation by moving AMR to MR position and feel yourself safer in defence!
  3. 3.   In case if opponent team scored a goal and you start loosing a match follow these instructions: 1. Use touchline shout Look for Overlap and Work Ball Into Box together. Sometimes I see Arsenal styled combinations with these 2 touchline shouts turned on. 2. Use Exploit The Flanks and Play Wider if your have good wingers. 3. Hassle Opponents and Get Stuck In – in case if match referee is not harsh. Or in the very end of the match when result is more important than yellow/red cards for your players. 4. In the match end you can set Attacking or even Overload strategy if you need to equalize very much and ready to risk.   Players by position It’s very important to get right players for concrete positions. If you select a player (chosen to the main squad) in tactical screen of Football Manager 2010 you’ll see marked attributes that are most important for this position. This FM 2010 feature is really helpful and can even be enough to create a suitable squad for any tactics. Goalkeeper   My tactical approach include idea that GK should cover balls missed by 3 central defenders.  So due to sweeper keeper role Acceleration, Pace, Agility and  Rushing Out are additional important attributes for goalkeeper in this tactics scheme.   Central defenders Central defender is the most important in this trio. He is the last defensive instance before your goalkeeper. Set the best DC of your team to this position. Remember that high Strength, Positioning, Jumping, Marking, Anticipation, Decisions are very important for him. DC role and duty DLC and DRC role and duties: Looking to the pictures above I think you should understand the difference between DC and DRC/DLC in my FM10 tactics. Hint due to asymmetric formation: You have to use the most quick defenders on DRC and DC positions because DLC is supported by left midfielder in defence!   MLC and MRC Left central and right central midfielders of my Football Manager 2010 tactics perform classic role of Ball Winning Midfielder with the only individual instruction change: Through balls is set to Often. It makes the more dangerous in attack!   Central attacking midfielder
  4. 4. He should be main creative mind in a team. He should be a playmaker who doesn’t disdain to press opponent’s players and tackle a ball. Of course, mental attributes are very important in this case. I would also advise to use player with high dribbling and technique skills. That will allow to perform Run From Deep instruction efficiently. So you need to be ready that central attacking midfielder will produce a lot of dangerous, keen passes and run with the ball through the middle constantly.   Left wide midfielder Now we come up to 2 positions that are asymmetric in my formation. I will try to explain you why it can be efficient in two paragraphs. Nevertheless Duty of left midfielder is Attack he can be seen as 4th defender often. When opponent starts up new attack ML flattens himself to defensive line. From the other hand during attacking move of your team left midfielder supports it moving forward and trying to perform cross to Near Post. So obviously ML must be a real good team worker with fine tackling, passing and crossing skills.   Right winger (inside forward) Asymmetric position of right attacking winger is used only for attack. Player possesses Inside Forward role and becomes 3rd forward during attack as a result. Dangerous dribbling, lightning speed, good crossing, accurate shooting are the main features of AMR. Please, pay attention to his crossing settings - AMR aimed to cross the ball to the same position of left central forward as ML Remember that in case if you need more strong defensive force at the right flank you can always move AMR to MR position (but I advise you to use player with better tackling and bravery attributes for that).   Forwards
  5. 5. Very different combinations of forward types may be used in this Football Manager 2010 tactics. But I insist right central striker has to perform Poacher role. He should be quick, consistent finisher that moves into channels and tries to beat offside line.   Left central forward receives the most of crosses from flanks (remember crossing settings of ML and AMR?) so it’s great if you find a right player to be used as Target Man or Complete Forward. I use Advanced Forward currently because I have no good physically strong strikers with great heading skills in the squad. But Dawid Janczyk shows great performance on this position anyway!     Download Football Manager 2010 Tactics 3-4-R-2 True Football Manager Tags: fm 2008 , football manager 2010 , Leeds United , tactics 63 comment(s): Anonymous Says: 22 December 2009 10:11 heh.. first comment... (and the verification word was "leedis" that has to be some kind of a sign :DD) just wanted to say.. great post... although i don't use this tactics it will be very useful for the touchline shouts... Cal Says: 22 December 2009 10:40 Thnak i need this tactic cheers mate!! Laxeyman Says: 22 December 2009 12:59 Good tactics vitaliy although a lot depends on how your ml plays it can be a risky formation if the opposition has good wingers. It seems to be working for u though. JanuskieZ Says: 22 December 2009 18:00 Hi... Looking ways to market your blog? try this: Tomek Says: 22 December 2009 18:05 Well, I don't like asymetric tactics :P Now I'm playing Belgium national team with 4-4-2. Anyway, it's important to say something about touchline instructions and I'm glad you did it. WROO10 Says: 22 December 2009 20:28 great post as usual from the best football manager blog there is. TheZiggy Says: 22 December 2009 21:16 Very informative post, showing a well thought out and imaginative formation. Your information about the touchline shouts is excellent, and something I'd been struggling to fully comprehend. Some of it I'd guessed, but it all makes a lot more sense to me now.
  6. 6. che Says: 22 December 2009 23:26 i think it will great with Argentinian national team. Anonymous Says: 22 December 2009 23:30 i would like to use this post as an opportunity to praise the tactics creator and the touchline shout options again... it really allows you to create a wide spectrum of working, successful tactics easily... a huge step up from FM 09 certainly! Anonymous Says: 23 December 2009 09:31 How come you are using bradly johnson this season but you didnt last season? FM Freak Kid Says: 23 December 2009 10:31 I actually think that the touchline shouts will be better if we include shoots on sight.If the players refrain from shootings, there is no way we gonna win the match.The more SOT we have, the better chance we have to win the game. Anonymous Says: 23 December 2009 16:30 I'm using a 3-5-2 tactic myself, but the player roles ive set are totally different. I tried using this tactic, but I seem to be very vulnerable in defense. Have you set any specific instructions to your central defenders? In my own tactic ive set them to tight marking and man marking, and it seems to make quite a difference. Anonymous Says: 23 December 2009 22:41 WROO10 why dont you post something on your blog!! andy Anonymous Says: 24 December 2009 08:30 Use the was great mate, but there is one thing i concern. For the first three match (win all the three matches of course) i was playing with ten men (red carded) and almost half of my player being yellow carded. Try to set tackling to very cautious but still no effect. Cal Says: 24 December 2009 10:39 Does this work on the 10.2 patch?? Rao Says: 24 December 2009 16:34 GREAT GAME PATCHEs Anonymous Says: 24 December 2009 19:29 hav u gud christmas vitaliy Anonymous Says: 24 December 2009 19:40 sol campbell and bradley johnson for the championship ? thts poor mate .. started my season in championship with leeds after winning league one with 8-9 games left ;) signings i made were : Silviu Jung Jr - £500k LIam Rosenior - Free Mark Beevers - £2.5m Jose Goncalves - Free Michael Johnson - £2m Jermaine Pennant - £500k Freddy Adu !!!!! - £2.5m
  7. 7. Marc Crosas - £450k Dawid Janczyk - £900k Marlon Harewood - Free John Fleck - Loan Gael Kakuta - Loan had to completely change my team in order to progress to premiership however pre-season was hard with everyone trying to gel as a team ! delighted at the prospect of a Pennant, Johnson, Lallana/McGugan and Adu. was thinking of changing from a 4-4-2 to a 3-1-4-1-2 :-D ! signed .. AllyBoyYaBammm !! Anonymous Says: 24 December 2009 19:45 continued .. Pennant, Johnson, Lallana/McGugan, Adu midfield* ... Gk - Sebastien Vieria Sw - Jose Goncalves Cb - Mark Beevers Cb - Patrick Kisborbo Rm - Jermaine Pennant Cm - Lewis McGuan/Jonny Howson Cm - Michael Johnson Lm - Freddy Adu / Robert Snodgrass Cam - Freddy Adu / Adam Lallana St - Jermaine Beckford St - Robert Lewandoski probably my strongest team :-D !! WROO10 Says: 24 December 2009 22:26 il have a post up tommorow or the next day. iv been busy football training and buying presents. relax andy.i dont see u taking the time to make a blog at all Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 25 December 2009 11:56 che, I better you would use Teves and Aguero as forwards and Messi as AMR :) Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 25 December 2009 12:20 Cal, surely tactics works with 10.2 patch. I always use latest patch Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 25 December 2009 12:21 Anonymous, Bradly Johnson is very good trained actually. His attribute values have been growing higher and higher since the very start of my game Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 25 December 2009 12:23 Anonymous, yes there is some vulnerability in defence. Therefore I advice to move AMR to MR position when opposition has quick flamboyant wingers. MR and ML will cover back areas of flanks Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 25 December 2009 12:27 Anonymous, I have a hint for you regarding yellow cards. I usually substitute a player having yellow card just right after he got it. Though if it's happened
  8. 8. during the first half then I wait till half-time and set Normal or Easy style of Tackling to that player WROO10 Says: 25 December 2009 14:07 Thank you Vitaliy for your comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. i think your blog is amazing and i have been following since your hull story started. I would really appreciate any tips you have regarding any changes i could make to improve it. I hope you will continue to comment my blog in the future. Good Luck, WROO10 NipSlipPhoto Says: 25 December 2009 17:57 Merry Christmas.Check out my blog yo! Anonymous Says: 26 December 2009 01:18 could somebody maybe recommend a team to start a new game with for me? i'm looking for a very young and talented team... i would very much appreciate any advice.... WROO10 Says: 26 December 2009 14:48 west ham have great young players. although i was given a transfer budget of £0. great youth system though Anonymous Says: 26 December 2009 15:32 thx WROO10, will have a look... Laxeyman Says: 26 December 2009 15:38 Doing well with Leeds Vitaliy. Hope u had a good Christmas. Can u please check out my blog and give me some tips. Would be greatly apprecieted. WROO10 Says: 26 December 2009 15:46 New post on my blog. Check it out Leave comments Jack Says: 29 December 2009 03:41 Thank you very much! A good tactic that seems to be working well with my leeds squad. I'm impressed with the touchline instructions you use. Thanks and good luck! Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 30 December 2009 11:43 Jack, thanks! Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 30 December 2009 11:45 Laxeyman, I think your blog looks good for start. If you write constantly you will feel what changes are needed for the blog Anonymous Says: 4 January 2010 01:28
  9. 9. Amazing! Just what I was looking for: the meaning of touchline shouts. It will help me a lot to understand the depth of this amazing game. And of course: A Happy New Year and please continue writing! Brian Says: 5 January 2010 00:04 Interesting that you use a basic tactic and rely on touchline shouts. Seems you have embraced the spirit of FM 2010 more than I have. I initially migrated my 2009 tactics into 2010 and continue to use my 3 primary tactics from 2009 in pure slider form. I've created a couple of tactics with the 2010 creator, but only use them sparingly. Rather than change the formation settings on the fly, I'll switch to a different tactic. I guess I'm still a little uncomfortable with the minimal settings of the creator. I really dislike using the settings for pressing and tackling. I like my forward players to press more and tackle harder, but prefer my deeper players to play more zonally. The 3-way settings don't seem to account for this. Yes I realize I can override it with a player setting, but doing so minimizes the ability to change things on the fly. Perhaps I need to do a bit more reading on the specific effects of each setting. I'm still trying to break myself of TT&F dogma that has served so well. I would certainly find it useful to be able to change the passing settings of an entire formation without modifying 10 sliders. As it is now, I need one formation for a dry pitch and quite another for a rainy day. jamie chamber Says: 6 January 2010 17:54 If u become leeds play 3-4-3 and sign marlon harewood (975k) heri camara (free) and cristian vieri (free) hare wood and camara hav 2 hatricks in eight games and vieri scored loads aswell harewood (8 apps 7 goals ) camara (8 apps 8 goals) Garry Says: 8 January 2010 07:46 I needed this cause i cant seem to figure out tctics in this game. i would have prefered a 4-3-3 formation though. i manage arsenal Anonymous Says: 12 January 2010 18:27 hey vitaliy just wanna ask could you blog another tactics for fm 10 Anonymous Says: 13 January 2010 21:42 Nice !! I won the treble in my first season with Spurs using these tactics!! I only lost one game in all competitions !! Jay Man Chester Says: 15 January 2010 22:25 hi im currently managing manchesterunited after there previos manager got sacked i was struggling to find a formatrion and some good instructions im currently playing 4dc 3mc 2ac 1 str and i can honestly say this tactic and intrustions kick butt. i just need to bring in a few more players and maybe il win the prem im in 2020 :) Anonymous Says: 17 January 2010 19:32 i bought liam roenoir for noriwch on a free, sold him 6 months later fpor £7 million to roma!!! carl Says: 21 January 2010 13:00 hi pal, trying this tactic with birmingham at the mo seems ok when playing against teams of around the same standard but im seeming to concede after 70 mins and im using all the touchline shouts you recommend any ideas to stop this? plus i am only getting beat by 1 goal agaisnt all the top sides as well so not all bad. cheers.
  10. 10. Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 22 January 2010 08:14 carl, try to set 3-5-2 (moving AMR to MR position) after 70th minute. Then you can either turn on counter attacks or try to retain possession Legacy Says: 15 March 2010 16:02 ur tactic is working good with my ajax in eredivise. i have some problems in ecc edward Says: 12 April 2010 17:41 been using your 3-5-2 tactic with southampton got them to the playoffs and promoted in first season from Div 1 in the Championship they seem to struggle more hence im in 16th, not sure if this is due to having no budget to buy players which must be having an effect. Any advice much appreciated Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 17 April 2010 09:05 Be more careful in choice of new players for these tactics. Don't forget to pull down AMR to MR position of opponent's left winger is quick. Try quick tempo instead of slow. martincarr Says: 28 April 2010 04:08 hey dude!! i've followed you for yonks now, just wondering, do you still use this formation most of the time? i see you posted that in december, just wondering if you are still doing good with it? thanks! Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 28 April 2010 08:19 martincarr, yes, matters are really good with this formation. I'm still using it and not going to change. I'm convinced it will help me to win all the tournaments in the end. I feel this!!! martincarr Says: 28 April 2010 15:30 wicked thanks! i'm going to give it a go, keep up the good work :D brottor Says: 8 May 2010 21:09 Hiya.i've been playing fm long time,what's touchline shouts?? where i can find it??? Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 10 May 2010 12:28 Touchline shouts are available only during match. In pitch view mode you can see the button which allows to set these shouts in the top of the screen muratyigit Says: 17 May 2010 02:43 your old tactic with hull was great..i am from turkey and i won champions league with the team göztepe which is from the third league..and also  won the premier league with a conference was a great tactic why did you change it? why didnt you try to improve it? Thank you for you attention.
  11. 11. Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 18 May 2010 22:23 Just because I like to create tactics from the very beginning. It's pretty boring for me to use the same tactics, same team, same players and so on... tim_gies Says: 31 May 2010 21:17 I used thid in my first season woth Leeds, but I lost my first friendly match to Millwall with 3-0, then Leeds - Bury 1-0. Did you use this tactics in your first season?? Tim Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 2 June 2010 08:10 tim_gies, not really. I used 3-5-2. It was almost the same just AMR was moved to MR position joca Says: 5 June 2010 19:33 i think this game sucks. i liked fm until i try this one ambhu Says: 1 July 2010 09:55 hi i am just in my first season managing chelsea...most of the players are unhappy with the managerial discipline..recently 3 players got red cards and were banned for 2 matches.. what should i do to improve this situation ...waiting for your reply... Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 3 July 2010 12:07 Try to use these FM10 tips and hints. I am pretty sure they will help in your situation afzaaltofali Says: 8 July 2010 23:05 dude, i am nottingham forest and i am struggling to get good results, i can manage to get 2-1 always having a goal differencce of 1 every game. gro45678 Says: 16 August 2010 03:04 Thanks man, this is the best tactic I've been using on my Man City team. I did a little modification by placing the inside forward position to the left side so i can utilize Robinho pace and skill more. muratyigit Says: 21 August 2010 05:40 I love the tactic 4 4 2..I believe it is the best tactic ever..but i cant do it in the game..if you do one and upload it I will be appreciated. Post a Comment Home Older Post Newer Post   . Your Ad Here