Fm 2010 key attributes for players


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Fm 2010 key attributes for players

  1. 1. FM 2010 Site Rankings My FM 11 Facebook Group NEW! Follow me on Twitter Advertising The Author True Football Manager Currently managing Monday, 5 April 2010 Subscribe (RSS) FM2010 Hints: Key Attributes for Positions I have already been asked several times to make some kind of short guide that will help to choose players for different positions. The most significant choice factor is value of key attributes for each position. But surely these key attributes differ depending on position. So you are welcomed to read my short FM2010 hints answering on question:       What 5 attributes are the most important for that or another pitch position? Pre-order FM 2011 Most Popular   Facepack (55000+) Football Manager 2011 Goalkeepers (GK) Free players Handling, Positioning, Reflexes, One on Ones, Aerial Ability Humour of FM Football Manager 2011 Interview with Miles   Sega   Buy New £25.91 Kits (2900+) Wing Defenders (DRL) Logos (17000+) Tackling, Teamwork, Pace, Marking, Decisions System Requirements Privacy Information Tactics (3-4-R-2)   Tactics (5-3-2) Central Defenders (DC) FM 2011 Poll Tips and Hints What club do you want me to Training Schedules Tackling, Jumping, Strength, Marking, Concentration manage?customer surveys Wonderkids List   Tags Blog Archive Central Defensive Midfielders (DMC) l Arsenal (11) l Euro 2008 (4) ▼ 2010 (73) Tackling, Passing, Bravery, Determination, Work Rate l files (15) ► October (5) l fm 2008 (93)   ► September (10) l football manager 2007 (2) Football Manager 2008 ( ► August (4) Central Midfielders (MC) l 96) ► July (8) Tackling, Passing, Teamwork, Decisions, Determination l football manager 2009 ( ► June (8) 94)   l football manager 2010 ( ► May (8) 85) ▼ April (8) Flank Midfielders/Wingers (ML/MR/AML/AMR) l football manager 2011 (9) Leeds and Nothern Ireland l football manager live (1) Passing, Crossing, Dribbling, Pace, Teamwork l graphics (11) Championship Manager   l guide (12) 97/98 nostalgia l Hull (49) Let’s start the fifth season! Central Attacking Midfielders (AMC) l humor (1) l lazio (2) Some Leeds stats + results Passing, Creativity, Flair, Technique, First Touch l Leeds United (48) of other tournaments   l matches (90) (4... l national teams (14) Almost in Euro League. Quick Forwards (FC) l new features (22) Season #4 is over l news (34) Finishing, Composure, Pace, Acceleration, Dribbling l patches (5) Karim Benzema in Football Manager 2010 l player stats (80)   l players (70) Bosnia & Herzegovina sad l pro evolution soccer 2009 report Towering Forwards (FC) (1) FM2010 Hints: Key Finishing, Composure, Strength, Jumping, Anticipation l results (89) Attributes for Positions l scene (6)   l Southampton (35)
  2. 2. ► March (8) l tactics (16) It’s my opinion and it may differ from yours, of course. But I am always glad to ► February (6) l team stats (92) hear what you think about the topic of this post.   l tips and hints (21) ► January (8) Tags: football manager 2010 , guide , tips and hints l trainings (14) l Wigan (6) ► 2009 (105) l wonderkids (20) ► 2008 (116) 21 comment(s): l young stars (26) ► 2007 (28) dwaipayan Says: 5 April 2010 13:04 Your Ad Here Search M writing the following from a file in FM2010. This file exists in data directory where u installed the game ie. FM 2010/ data/ hints.fmf... Open it as text file. DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING. Interesting in the Web Online Casino Ratings for reflexes, handling, communication, jumping and positioning are generally a good indicator for how good a goalkeeper is. FM 2009 Story Hull If you're looking for a good wing-back pay special attention to an individual's positioning, tackling, stamina, pace and acceleration. FM 2008 Stories Positioning, tackling, pace and anticipation are just some of the Arsenal important characteristics that make for a good full-back. Southampton A good centre-back will usually have high ratings for tackling, jumping, Wigan positioning, heading, strength, marking, bravery and team work. Pace, dribbling, passing, off the ball, creativity, stamina and crossing are just some of the important characteristics that make for a good winger. Passing, off the ball, creativity, technique, dribbling and stamina are just some of the important characteristics that make for a good attacking midfielder. A good defensive midfielder will most likely have high ratings for tackling, work rate, stamina and positioning. Pace, acceleration, dribbling, technique, finishing and off the ball are just some of the important characteristics that make for a good pacey striker. Jumping, heading, strength and off the ball are just some of the important characteristics that make for a good target man. McGeady (CRO) Says: 5 April 2010 14:52 again a very useful post, both your's and the one in the comment above me :D ... but these attributes (many more actually) can also be found in player instructions on the tactics screen.. for each role you might set for a player... Chris Harrison Says: 5 April 2010 14:55 Bit of a silly post in my opinion, all these attributes are pretty obvious. If you don't know that a pacey striker needs good finishing, composure and speed, then you shouldn't be playing FM... Thomas Says: 5 April 2010 15:55 No i disagree with Chris Harrison , I'm perfectly good at FM ( i got swindon to the europa league semi-final by 2016) but i still found it difficult to decide what mental attributes are necessary. Also where you have written attacking midfielder central, you wrote (DMC) by the way :) Mohd Says: 5 April 2010 22:48 yes.. i'm agree wif thomas.. it really a good info & knowledge.. hope vitaly can add "The Best Role" for every position..for example: Quick Forwards (FC) - Pocher
  3. 3. Finishing, Composure, Pace, Acceleration, Dribbling McGeady (CRO) Says: 6 April 2010 00:37 yeah i could really use a good "roles guide".. especially for the strikers.. i always set them as advanced forwards and it seems to be working, but still... the other positions are much easier to set though... p.s. trequartista for AMC is a killer :DD Andrew Says: 6 April 2010 17:14 very good roles i've never really taken in to account the ''teamwork'' and it's helped me a lot thanks, vitaliy! PS is teamwork essential for a youth player? and how do you improve teamwork with training? Gaz Says: 6 April 2010 19:25 Vitaly, i am not happy, my football manager wont play! it says XML parsing error! not well-formed (invalid token)at line1 of default.xml What does that mean? Vallecross Says: 6 April 2010 21:10 Hello, I playing with leeds and are on my second season in championship and need some tips of player that i can buy. I need a goalkeeper, central defender and a creative midfielder. Thankfull for respons ;) Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 6 April 2010 21:55 Thomas, thanks, I've fixed the problem :) dwaipayan Says: 7 April 2010 15:29 At Chris Harrison: Plz read the older posts first then comment. This was asked to be posted by few followers of the blog. Why do you find things silly when someone is giving valuable tips to the others. Chris Harrison Says: 7 April 2010 21:44 I've been following this blog on and off for ages. All I'm saying if you are good at FM, you won't need to read this article because it's stating the obvious. dwaipayan Says: 8 April 2010 12:54 At Chris Harrison: I agree it's stating the obvious for us. But not everyone been playing FM blog on and off for ages. Few may be new to football world too. Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 11 April 2010 10:40 Yep, not for everyone. Some guys asked me to make this post. And it wasn't complicated to write some kind of short tutorial about key attributes for each position. Experienced FM gamers doesn't need this information, of course. zendor32 Says: 11 April 2010 13:10
  4. 4. Well, ideal attributes is not necessarily the same with everybody. It depends primarily of what strategy you want to do. If you are going for a more attacking build, you will want your left and right backs to be able to cross, pass and have creativity. However if you are into more defense, heading, tackling and marking is needed. So see what is your kind of strategy and fit the attributes into it. Gaz Says: 13 April 2010 21:21 Vitaly, i am not happy, my football manager wont play! it says XML parsing error! not well-formed (invalid token)at line1 of default.xml What does that mean? Be nice to get a reply vitaly Gaz Says: 13 April 2010 21:21 This post has been removed by the author. Groho Says: 25 April 2010 19:16 i've ever write this in my notepad but my fault, i've lost that important thing and i've been lazy to write it again Pablo Says: 20 May 2010 23:32 First of all, sorry for my english :D lol I dont agree with ur post because withing the same position, u may look to give different rolls to that player.. (example, pirlo and gattuso play in the same position, but are VERY different) Being extremist, thre r not "basic" attributes to any position, so I think it is better to give attributes acordingto the role, and not to the position: GOALKEEPERS (if u use a high defense line and fast defenders): need high rushing out, one on ones, decisions and positioning. GOALKEEPERS (if u use deep defense line, with slow defenders): Aerial ability, decisions, comand of area, positioning, reflexes, tendendy to punch (or high handling) Zonal CB Acceletation, tackling, anticipation, positioning,concentration, jumping Marking CB Positioning, marking, anticipation, strenght, concentration, tackling. if u need some other advice add me to MSN: hope it helps. Manunitedftw Says: 31 August 2010 18:31 i think Full backs/Wingbacks need pretty good crossing to support the wingers if you look at players like Wayne Bridge they have a high crossing attribute :P Vitaliy Mokosiy Says: 1 September 2010 08:41 Definetely Post a Comment
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