Bringing Research to Life through Collaborative, Engaging and Inspiring Workshops


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Vital Findings presented at The Market Research Event 2012 along with Logitech, using insights workshops to turn research into action.

Download the whitepaper here:
Download DIY Insights Workshop Card here:

Presented by Jason Kramer, Managing Director of Vital Findings and Katy Mogal, Sr. Manager, Consumer
Insights/Innovation Lead of Logitech

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Bringing Research to Life through Collaborative, Engaging and Inspiring Workshops

  1. Bringing Research toLIFE Through Collaborative, Engaging, and Inspiring Workshops Jason Kramer, Managing Director,Vital Findings Katy Mogal, Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights/ Innovation Lead, Logitech
  2. JASON KRAMER MARY RUBIN KRISTA HOLT Vital Findings | Logitech | 2
  3. KATY MOGAL Senior Manager, Consumer Insights; Innovation and new Products Lead Established Oct. 1981Revenue 2.36 Billion (2011) Vital Findings | Logitech | 3
  4. What are theobstaclesto getting non-researchers to pay attentionto research reports and take action? Vital Findings | Logitech | 4
  5. “Breaking through the research clutter is thekey obstacle.  Findings should be presented to stakeholders in their own language, on their level. Taking the next step and offering clear recommendations and generating potential solutions makes the research stand out.”  Vital Findings | Logitech | 5
  6. Why? PowerPoint Reports don’t leverage Cognitive Learning principles. Vital Findings | Logitech | 6
  7. 3 Synthesize Workshop Workshops can unlock the highest level of learning 2 Analyze Management Summary 1 Read Detailed Report Vital Findings | Logitech | 7 Photo Courtesy of Elsa Mora on flickr
  8. Workshops can be effective throughout a project lifecycle 2. 4. 1. 3. Before research Between Turning research Turning research begins research phases into action into action in 1 hour
  9. Before research begins:IMMERSION Vital Findings | Logitech | 9
  10. Vital Findings | Logitech | 10
  11. Mobile Phone Purchase Process: Walk in the Customer’s Shoes Vital Findings | Logitech | 11 11
  12. Identify Themes & Build on Ideas with Post-Its 12
  13. Develop Hypotheses for Discussion Guide 13
  14. Between research phases:KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER & SYNTHESIS Vital Findings | Logitech | 14
  15. Co-Creation WorkshopIntroductory Ideation Creation Concept Discussion Session Session Prioritization 17
  16. This idea was for a modified net-book phone thatbrought all the phone capabilities to a larger form factor.
  17. This idea was for a voice-activated phone where allfeatures were enabled through voice commands.
  18. After research is complete:Turning research into action Vital Findings | Logitech | 20
  19. METHODOLOGY 22  
  20. Sometimes music is the destination; other times it’s a means to an end. Sometimes music is peripheral to an occasion, and sometimes it’s at the center. The degree of centrality of music to the occasion determines how users want to engage. Peripheral Central Low immersion Deeper immersion Lower interaction and engagement More interaction and engagement More focus on whatever else More focus on music is central to the experience as the experience Potentially more desire for a Potentially more desire for hands-off experience control over the experience “If friends put on music and then we get involved in conversation or “While Im at work, music is the background but in the morning itswe get lost in talking to each other, the music definitely more focused, because Im practicing, Imkind of fades away…it’s not central …it’s peripheral.” trying to listen to the sound.” - James, UK -Eric R., US 24  
  21. PERSONAS Vital Findings | Logitech | 25
  22. Come up with a music occasion for your persona where music is central,and one where the music is peripheral. BRINGING IT TO LIFE Describe the occasions. Who’s participating? What music are they listening to? Where? What role is music playing in the occasion? What music device is being used?
  23. CONNECTING IT TO PRODUCTS Which of our roadmap products is going to be most interesting to your persona, and why?  Write 2-3 bullet points that would be the most effective way to "Pitch this product" directly to your persona. What benefits will be motivating for him or her? Imagine they have purchased the product and used it for a few weeks » How would they describe it to a friend?  (Refer to the "my devices" section as inspiration for their voice, their description of usage occasions, etc.) » What features (of a current product, or potential features for a future product) could you remove or leave out for this person? Why?
  24. This all sounds great…So how do you start? Vital Findings | Logitech | 28
  25. Workshops create tangible action items by meldingresearch insight with marketing, communications, and product development. 1 HOUR is all you need! Vital Findings | Logitech | 29
  26. Final Report 20 Findings 5 Key Findings
  27. K Small, IN StartT H   IG ing Vi talFind B Vital Findings | Logitech | 32