Visure Requirements for Product and Embedded Devolpment - Visure Solutions - Requirements Engineering


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Visure Requirements for Product and Embedded Devolpment - Visure Solutions - Requirements Engineering

  1. 1. FACT SHEET for Product and Embedded Development Requirements Engineering for Product and Embedded DevelopmentRequirements challenges One tool for the completeThe use of embedded software has ballooned as an affordable Requirements Lifecycleway to deliver added value features while reducingtime-to-market. At the same time product have experienced Visure Requirements is a proven flexible and completean increase in the complexity, and now face a number of new Requirements Engineering tool, capable of streamliningchallenges: the software requirements process, from the product to the system requirements and to software, hardware and mechanical components. Visure Requirements Regulatory compliance aids effective project collaboration and increases quality through requirements capture, analysis, specification,Embedded software is becoming an essential part of modern validation and verification, management and reuse.products, and its criticality has increased in all sectors as well asthe number of standards and regulations required. The need to becompliant with these regulations has significantly increased theamount of effort spent in projects, as companies need to create andkeep up-to-date a vast amount of documentation, which has often Benefitsbeen performed manually in too many occasions. The waste of timecaused by manual work has crippled company profits. Certification support for industry standards, such as DO-178B/C, Mitigate risk IEC 61508, ISO 26262, IEC 62304,The cost of correcting errors found in the production phase can be FMEA and GAMP5.up to 300,000 times more expensive than if the errors had beenfound in the requirements phase. Most software defects are directlyor indirectly related to poor Requirements Engineering practices. One complete platform for allSoftware defects can result in notorious product recalls that cancompletely erode company profits and image. requirement-related activities. Growing complexity Process enforcement through aSoftware has experienced an exponential growth, and so has the flexible solution that supportscomplexity of the large-scale systems that normally derive into different process models includingvariants of a product line. Pressure increases to deliver quality Automotive SPICE, CMMI, V-model,products on time and within budget. The amount, criticality and Agile and ad hoc.complexity of the requirements prevents companies without amature Requirements Engineering process from consistentlyproducing quality solutions and products on time. Improved team communication and collaboration through role-based capabilities. Missing connection to market needs and business requirementsDespite the increase in software-based features, companies are Support for better quality productsdelivering only a portion of the expected functionality. Shorter release and reduced software defects.cycles, reduced budgets, obsolete and changing requirements, anda lack of communication cause companies to consistently fail tomeet original product goals and new market demands.2012 Visure Solutions, S.L. Visure Requirements for Product and Embedded Development is a registered brand of Visure Solutions,S.L.
  2. 2. Graphical requirements structureVisure Requirements graphically displaysrelationships between the elements andhelping end users understand and followthe requirements process in place at thecompany. You can represent the flow-downfrom product to system requirements and fromthere to software, hardware and mechanicalrequirements.Visure Requirements can be initially configuredin a very simple and straightforward way,helping users collect all requirements in onesingle platform and structure them accordingto their needs to offer a very easy start. It canalso be configured to satisfy the expectationsof an advanced expert, supporting complextraceability, configuration management orreporting. Image 1. Example of a requirements flowdown and a requirements specification.Regulatory complianceVisure Requirements facilitates the regulatorycompliance of international standards such asDO-178B/C, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, IEC 62304,FMEA, FMECA and GAMP5, helpingstandardize and enforce a requirementsprocess containing all activities and elementsrequired to fulfill these standards, such as fulltraceability and risk management.Visure Requirements provides a centralizeddatabase that contains all requirement-relatedinformation, including requirements, test cases,use cases, glossary and risks; the configurationmanagement of all these artifacts and fullend-to-end traceability between theseelements. Reports with the latest information Image 2: List view of the risks and and risk levels.from the database can be generated to deliverthe corresponding documentation to thecertification authorities.Visure Requirements for Product and Embedded Development
  3. 3. Mitigate riskFrom writing better requirements throughsemantic analysis and prioritizing needs toproviding one of the industry’s most powerfulchange impact analysis capabilities, VisureRequirements helps you avoid pitfalls andmitigate risk each step of the way.The test case support in Visure Requirementslets you define a validation and verificationprocess in the same platform to represent therequirements coverage and quickly identifyunfulfilled customer and market requests. Image 3: Result of individual requirement semantic analysis, highlighting low-quality aspects.Product lines and variants Defining a catalog of high quality, reusable components including requirement specifications, use cases, test cases and traceability can become an extremely valuable asset for your company. Visure Requirements helps you create this catalog and build new products and variants for different market segments in a highly efficient way. Visure Requirements ensures that all the products reusing similar features in a product family are kept up-to-date by automatically Image 4: Reusability capabilities in Visure Requirements enables product line management. synchronizing changes to the original features in the catalog to all variants.CollaborationVisure Requirements helps engage allstakeholders by using a centralized databasethat can be directly accessed by all teamsthrough role-based and tailored interfaces.In addition, it facilitates, the communicationbetween customer and supplier throughoffline capabilities like such as the exchangeof Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and XMLdocuments or through online, web interfaces.Visure Requirements also helps engineeringteams from different disciplines collaborate byaccessing the latest information in the databasethrough integrations and open APIs. Image 5: Visure Requirements allows distributed access to the Visure Requirements repository.Requirements Engineering for Product and Embedded Development
  4. 4. Feature list Support to UML and functional diagrams to represent concepts Requirements gathering beyond plain text, to better understand the problem and extract requirements. Capture requirements through import and export to and from Requirements import and export Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and IBM Rational DOORS. Definition of requirement templates e.g. user, system, component Manual capture of requirements requirements, with default codes, attributes and descriptions. Semantic analysis of the requirements and complete Semantic analysis specifications in order to identify low quality during requirements specification. Multiple representations of the requirements, their relationships Requirements analysis and their properties. FMEA/FMECA support by representing risks (severity, Risk management occurrence, detection, RPN), actions, traceability and other elements directly in the requirements view. User-oriented management for attributes, workflows, traceability, Requirements management filters and views. Support to complete end-to-end traceability between requirements, allowing you to represent user-defined types (derive, contradicts) Requirements traceability and the direction of the relationship. The allowed relationships, types and direction between the elements can be enforced by administrators to help users follow the defined process. Representation of system requirements and the Requirements allocation flowdown to lower level functions of the work breakdown structure. Representation of the different components and their Requirements decomposition requirements that meet higher level system requirements. Representation of full end-to-end traceability between all the Validation and verification elements and validation matrices to identify missed elements. Test case support, with complete traceability to requirements to identify requirements coverage and the status of the Requirements-based testing requirements based on the test results. Test results can be logged in Visure Requirements manually and automatically. Specification of the requirements through UML diagrams such as Requirements modeling use cases, or through functional diagrams such as DFDs, allowing the tracing of each element in the diagrams to the requirements. Project management Outline project and product organization. Powerful reports with project information, traceability, metrics, Report generation dashboards, and output to several formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, XML and HTML. Product lines and variants support Establish a variant and product line management process. Support reuse of lists of functional or non-functional Reusability support requirements, use cases and tests. Reused elements keep a trace to the original one, so they can be updated whenever it is modified. Configuration management Support complete configuration management for individual Contact elements and specifications. Integrations with most popular design, test, project and userVisure Solutions Headquarters Integrations and APIs management tools. Integration platform and plug-in Avda. de los Labradores, 1 SDK based on standard programming languages. Tres Cantos, Madrid 28760 +34 91 806 17 13 2012 Visure Solutions, S.L. Visure Requirements for Product and Embedded Development is a registered brand of Visure Solutions,S.L.