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PaaS - People as a Service

PaaS - People as a Service



Presented at Pink13 (Las Vegas) & Leadit12 (Gold Coast, Australia) plus itSMFA local chapter seminars in Sydney and Canberra 2012. ...

Presented at Pink13 (Las Vegas) & Leadit12 (Gold Coast, Australia) plus itSMFA local chapter seminars in Sydney and Canberra 2012.

The job for life disappeared as we proceeded into a world where organisations constantly restructure to drive costs down and productivity up. “Work/life balance” blurred the lines. Now the rapid evolution of technology and adoption of social media is making another profound impact on workplace interaction.
Innovation is key – baby boomer or digital native! Your workplace relationships are becoming increasingly more collaborative leveraging new technologies plus social media. We are constantly accessible through mobile devices – we now must manage “work/life integration”.
This new collaborative, innovative employee is measured on outcomes and value-add. Our labour has evolved into a consumable - “People as a Service” which must remain relevant. How will you be relevant in the future? Use all the techniques and tools at your disposal to manage your own career and personal brand. Be the service that continues to innovate, be relevant and in demand!



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    PaaS - People as a Service PaaS - People as a Service Presentation Transcript

    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward@KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardWhere are we going?• Corporations history & people engagement• 2020 workforce demographics• Influences on the new renaissance• What is the new renaissance person• ITSM at a personalised level• You will be PAAS
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardRise of the CorporationCommand & Control ManagementIncreasing pressure to perform• cut cost• improve quality• innovate or perish
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardCorporations& people engagementCorporate pressure affect on the labour market• Staff development• Workplace agreements• Working conditions• Leading to outcomes based work engagements
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardOutcomes based services…..The corporate is your customer• What are their real needs• Who are their customers• What value-add do you bring
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardEvolution of CorporateManagementCommand &ControltoOutside-insystems thinkinghttp://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardThe Corporate of 2020?are there really going to be?But how many
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward2020who’shere
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardRetire at 65?nopehttp://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardOver 75 & working% of workforce Avg life expectancy2007 0.8% 782009 0.9% 78.282015 1.2% 79.122020 1.28% 79.8
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward@KathrynHoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardVeteranMajor TraitLoyaltyDefining InventionFax Machine
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardBaby BoomerMajor TraitCompetitionDefining InventionPersonal Computer
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardGen XMajor TraitSelf-RelianceDefining InventionMobile Phone
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardGen YMajor TraitImmediacyDefining InventionGoogle & Facebook
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardGen ZMajor TraitHyperconnectednessDefining InventioniPhone apps
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardCommunication stylesTangible• print• mail• face2face• phoneFlow of transmission• text• e-mail• profile updates
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardThe Revolution is over
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardRevolution to Renaissance• 1990’s decade of “e”– e-learning– e-books• 2010-2020 decade of “social”– media– networking– learning
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward@KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardRenaissanceManPolymath a personwhose expertise spans asignificant number ofdifferent subject areasBut in 2020…….http://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardMobility Effect• Mobile connected devices outnumber people!• by 2020– 16+ billion devices online– Mobile data traffic increase– Connection speeds increase– Data traffic is primarily video
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardTechnology Impact
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardNew Renaissance PersonWill constantly• Reassess• Reinvent• RepackageService portfolio management• Retain• Replace• Rationalise• Refactor• Renew• Retire
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardContribution:redefining the workplace• Organisations’ competitive factor iscollaboration• Valuable employee gives backknowledge & ideas• Mentoring
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardNew Renaissance PersonIs theAuthentic voice• values• brand• reputation• transparencyThought FollowerCEO of youhttp://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardThe SOCIAL you?Be authenticEngage where you customer does@KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardWork/Life balance integration• Work defines who you are• 24/7 connectedness• Blended personality
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardApply ITSM Principles to SelfContinual Service Improvement• assess your vision• where are you now• where do you want to be• how do I get there• am I there yetService Portfolio Management• add value – cost/qualityDemand Management• predictable downtime
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardWorkplace engagementReputation– new hiring currency– your network is yourrecruiterYour mobile device/s– office– classroom– social life– conciergeTalent in demand– technologically literate– self-aware– continuous learners– collaborators– networkers
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardAre you hyperconnectedWorkHomeHolidayRestaurantBedChurchWeisure time
    • PreparefortheDisastrousWildcards@KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhowardDiverseMobileCollaborativeandHyperconnectedBe ready to engage with your customer in thenew renaissanceThe 2020 workplace will be
    • @KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward@KathrynHoward http://about.me/kathrynhoward