Visual Data Systems - HomeAway Presentation 11/2012

Visual Data Systems - HomeAway Presentation 11/2012



This presentation was given November 2012 at the HomeAway Software for Professionals Breakfast Seminar in Charleston, SC. This short presentation goes over 6 things in Online Marketing that Vacation ...

This presentation was given November 2012 at the HomeAway Software for Professionals Breakfast Seminar in Charleston, SC. This short presentation goes over 6 things in Online Marketing that Vacation Rental Managers need to be doing in 2013



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  • #6 YouTube
  • #5 – Google+
  • #4 Facebook Fan Engagement
  • #3 - Remarketing
  • #2 Mobile
  • #1 Email Marketing

Visual Data Systems - HomeAway Presentation 11/2012 Visual Data Systems - HomeAway Presentation 11/2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Six Things You Need To Know in 2013 Online Marketing Success { HomeAway Software For Professionals Breakfast Seminar – Charleston, SC – November 2012
  • In 20 Minutes….• A little about Visual Data Systems• Three Assumptions• 6 Things To Do/To Know About In 2013• Q/A
  • Visual Data Systems
  • Quality Custom Website
  • Comprehensive SEO Program
  • •#2 Search Engine•#3 Website•Google gives preferentialtreatment to video – THEY OWNYouTube YouTube
  • • Be creative • Testimonials • Product Demos • Company story (maybe) • Always use ukulele music in the background• Post Videos on all social networks and use the correct keywords and descriptions• Post on your site with a optimized transcript• Use a quality thumbnail• Title should be short and catchy
  • Google+• World’s Largest Audience – Google+ stretches across all the Google platforms and is being integrated aggressively into search results• Over 1 Million brands represented on Google+• The more interaction your page has – the more you will see positive search results• Hangouts on Google+ are becoming very popular with brands and can be converted directly into YouTube videos
  • Size Doesn’t Matter….Engagement Does!
  • Facebook Engagement• The # of fans you have is irrelevant to the # of engaged fans you have• Less than 10% of fans will see your posts – fans must engage to see future posts• EdgeRank – Facebook news feed algorithm – determines views of posts • Affinity x Weight x Time Decay • Affinity – how many actions • Weight – what actions? Shares and comments better than likes • Time Decay – newer posts score stronger than older ones
  • • Posts should be simple, concise and short <80 characters• Ask Questions • Open ended – Active • Yes or No – for the lazy fan • Multiple Choice • Fill in the blanks• Share stories with thumbnail photos (much more engagement with photo)• Post large photos • Behind the scenes photos• Post Videos
  • • Clear call to action at the beginning of the post• Exclusive deals and content• Contests• Current events/breaking news• Post follow ups• Talk about Facebook• Address controversial subjects• DON’T Automate (Facebook doesn’t like) – Schedule• Cross Promote• Use GEO-targeting• Tag relevant popular pages• Don’t overwhelm your fans• Listen to your fans • Read and respond to fans• Partner with vendors on promotions, posts, etc.• The goal is to move fans from Facebook to your website
  • Eye Opening Statistics
  • 55% Of people in the United Stated own a Smartphone (Q2 2012) - nielsen.com66% Of people in the United Stated buying a phone bought a Smartphone (Q2 2012) -nielsen.com62% Of Smart Phone users – use their smartphone every day - Google
  • 57% Of smartphone users search every day58% Perform searches at home86% Perform searches while doing something else
  • According….• 27% of the world’s cell phones are smartphones• By 2014 mobile internet usage will exceed desktop internet usage• 47% of smartphone users and 56% of tablet users perform TRAVEL related searches. • 46% conversion rate on travel searches • 33% purchased the same day
  • And in case you needed more…….• Google projects that 8% of smartphone users will book travel via their device in 2012• 79% of people use their phone to make or influence a purchasing decision• 91% of smartphone owners have their phone within 3 feet at all times• Only about 26% of small businesses have a mobile website• 61% of people said that if they tried to access a website on their mobile device but couldn’t because the site isn’t optimized for mobile, they would visit the website of a competitor
  • How Do People Get To The Mobile Web?
  • What Does That All Mean…..• Mobile is not the future….It is the PRESENT• You have to accommodate your clients and potential clients by catering to their needs – Eventually most of your traffic will be mobile• As a small business owner, you can still get ahead of your competition
  • Q: How Do I Know if Iam Getting MobileTraffic?A: Google, Of Course
  • Let’s Do Some Math…..• 13,202 Mobile Visitors – 7,637 iPad Visitors = 5,565 Smartphone visitors• 5,565 x .61 (loss rate) = 3,394 LOST Visitors• 3,394 x .03 (Desktop Conversion Rate) = 102 Lost Conversions• 102 x $1,500 (Average Conversion Value) = $152,760 LOST REVENUE• $152,760 x .15 (Commission Rate) = $22,913 LOST COMMISSION• That doesn’t count 102 x Add On Fees such as Admin, Travel Insurance, etc.
  • Ok, So What Are My Options?
  • Optimize Your Current Site • Pro’s • For the most part – somewhat inexpensive • Pretty quick • Con’s • Jack of All – Master of None • Loss of functionality and aesthetics on desktop could hurt brand
  • Mobile Website• Pro’s • Relatively quick and inexpensive • Narrow options down to what the mobile user wants • Ability to present data in a mobile friendly way • Available across multiple platforms • Found in Search Engines • Shareable: ability to quickly and easily share via SMS Text, email, etc. • Cannot be deleted • Updated from one Central location• Con’s • Requires a connection to the internet
  • Downloadable App’s• Pro’s • Brand Awareness • Complicated functions • Can work offline in some instances • Can’t navigate off an APP • Messaging• Con’s • More for existing clientele than new • Must be willing to download • Must update manually when changes are made • Cost and Development Time • Multiple Platforms
  • Let’s Start With The PunchLine….. $126 For Every $1 Spent
  • • eMail Marketing is NOT DEAD• eMail Marketing is NOT SPAM (if done correctly)• Email Marketing can be tied directly to online revenue
  • Robert Gray, Visual Data Systems 410-964-8665 ex 264