Visual Data Systems - Destin Presentation

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Visual Data Systems - Destin Presentation

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Presented January 15, 2013 by Robert Gray at the HomeAway Software for Professionals Breakfast Seminar in Destin, FL.

Presented January 15, 2013 by Robert Gray at the HomeAway Software for Professionals Breakfast Seminar in Destin, FL.

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  • You should have a quality custom website that fully integrates your booking engine
  • Mobile Facts #3
  • #2 Mobile
  • Mobile Facts #1
  • Mobile Facts #2
  • Mobile Facts #3
  • #1 Email Marketing
  • You should be involved in a fully comprehensive website promotion/SEO program
  • #3 - Remarketing
  • #5 YouTube
  • Some quick facts regarding YouTube
  • #4 – Google+ - the ghost town of social media – but remember Google owns it and they say it is important – so hence, it is important
  • Google+ Facts/Notes
  • Facebook Information
  • During this slide explain who and what Visual Data System does. There are animations, so please practice this one.


  • 1. Making $The Goal of Online Marketing { HomeAway Software For Professionals Breakfast Seminar – Destin, FL – January 2013
  • 2. Quality Custom Website
  • 3. Custom Website• Integrated Booking Engine• Clean, Concise ‘Calls To Action’• Simplify The Booking Process• Sell The EXPERIENCE• Promote Your Expertise• Tools Your Clients and Homeowners will use
  • 4. Mobile Website
  • 5. 55% Of people in the United Stated own a Smartphone (Q2 2012) - nielsen.com66% Of people in the United Stated buying a phone bought a Smartphone (Q2 2012) - nielsen.com62% Of Smart Phone users – use their smartphone every day - Google
  • 6. According….• 27% of the world’s cell phones are smartphones• By 2014 mobile internet usage will exceed desktop internet usage• 47% of smartphone users and 56% of tablet users perform TRAVEL related searches.
  • 7. And in case you needed more…….• Google projects that 8% of smartphone users will book travel via their device in 2012• Only about 26% of small businesses have a mobile website• 61% of people said that if they tried to access a website on their mobile device but couldn’t because the site isn’t optimized for mobile, they would visit the website of a competitor
  • 8. Website ‘Promotion’
  • 9. • eMail Marketing is NOT DEAD• eMail Marketing is NOT SPAM (if done correctly)• Email Marketing can be tied directly to online revenue
  • 10. $126For Every $1 Spent In 2012
  • 11. • #2 Search Engine• #3 Website• Google gives preferential treatment to video – THEY OWN YouTube YouTube
  • 12. Google+• World’s Largest Audience – Google+ stretches across all the Google platforms and is being integrated aggressively into search results• Over 1 Million brands represented on Google+• The more interaction your page has – the more you will see positive search results• Hangouts on Google+ are becoming very popular with brands and can be converted directly into YouTube videos
  • 13. Facebook Engagement• The # of fans you have is irrelevant to the # of engaged fans you have• Less than 10% of fans will see your posts – fans must engage to see future posts• EdgeRank – Facebook news feed algorithm – determines views of posts • Affinity x Weight x Time Decay • Affinity – how many actions • Weight – what actions? Shares and comments better than likes • Time Decay – newer posts score stronger than older ones
  • 14. Robert Gray, Visual Data Systems 410-964-8665 ex 264
  • 15. Visual Data Systems Robert Gray, Vice President 410-964-8665 Ex 264• Custom Web Design – Software Integration• Mobile Marketing• Email Marketing• Website Promotion• Consulting