The Mobile Revolution: Options and Solutions To Keep Your Brand In Front Your Audience

The Mobile Revolution: Options and Solutions To Keep Your Brand In Front Your Audience



Presented at the Vacation Rental Managers Association annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona on October 23, 2012 by Robert Gray, Vice President of Visual Data Systems. ...

Presented at the Vacation Rental Managers Association annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona on October 23, 2012 by Robert Gray, Vice President of Visual Data Systems.
Vacation rental managers are operating in an increasingly mobile world. A majority of Americans now own smartphones; smartphones have outsold traditional computers for the past three years. Discover the options to market your services to the mobile audience, including pros and cons of the specific options and how to get started in mobile marketing.



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The Mobile Revolution: Options and Solutions To Keep Your Brand In Front Your Audience The Mobile Revolution: Options and Solutions To Keep Your Brand In Front Your Audience Presentation Transcript

  • The Mobile Revolution: Options andSolutions To Keep Your Brand In FrontYour Audience { Vacation Rental Managers Association October 2012 – Phoenix, AZ
  • Background• Robert Gray • 19 years of hospitality experience • Hospitality operations, mostly vacation rental industry, from 93-06. • Some positions during that time: Owner Relations Manager, Director of Operations, Resort Controller, General Manager • Managed from 125 –1,000+ properties • Vendor side for the last 6+ year • Director of Marketing for Instant Software • Vice President Visual Data Systems • Sales, Online Marketing, Finance
  • Background• Visual Data Systems • Serving the Vacation Rental Community since 1994 • Consulting, custom web design, web tools and online marketing services • SEO/SEM • Social Media • Email Marketing • Mobile Marketing •
  • Outline1. Notes and Misc. Items2. Statistics3. The mobile web4. Your mobile traffic5. Mobile options 1. Site Optimization 2. Mobile Site 3. Responsive Design 4. App Development6. Tablets7. Review & Conclusions8. Q&A
  • Notes• Please refer to the handouts for the presentation – there are several definitions on that sheet, as well as some of the more detailed screenshots – this is on the flash drive you received at registration.• If you would like a copy of the presentation, please shoot me an email ( and I will send it to you.
  • Mobile Device For the purpose of this seminar we will be focusing on Smartphones as the primary mobile device. Yes, there are tablets and yes, laptops are mobile – but when I refer to mobile device – think smartphone. A smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system, with advanced computing capability and Internet connectivity. Smartphones have the ability to download product specific applications and access the internet. Examples: iPhone, Android, Windows and yes, even Blackberry.
  • "There is no reasonanyone would want acomputer in theirhome."— Ken Olsen, founderof Digital Equipment, in1977.
  • Eye Opening Statistics
  • 55% Of people in the United Stated own a Smartphone (Q2 2012) - nielsen.com66% Of people in the United Stated buying a phone bought a Smartphone (Q2 2012) - nielsen.com62% Of Smart Phone users – use their smartphone every day - Google
  • 57% Of smartphone users search every day58% Perform searches at home86% Perform searches while doing something else
  • According….• 27% of the world’s cell phones are smartphones• By 2014 mobile internet usage will exceed desktop internet usage• 47% of smartphone users and 56% of tablet users perform TRAVEL related searches. • 46% conversion rate on travel searches • 33% purchased the same day
  • And in case you needed more…….• Google projects that 8% of smartphone users will book travel via their device in 2012• 79% of people use their phone to make or influence a purchasing decision• 91% of smartphone owners have their phone within 3 feet at all times• Only about 26% of small businesses have a mobile website• 61% of people said that if they tried to access a website on their mobile device but couldn’t because the site isn’t optimized for mobile, they would visit the website of a competitor
  • What Does That All Mean…..• Mobile is not the future….It is the PRESENT• You have to accommodate your clients and potential clients by catering to their needs – Eventually most of your traffic will be mobile• As a small business owner, you can still get ahead of your competition
  • How Do People Get To The Mobile Web? Text Apps Messages Social QR Codes Media Search Mobile Email Engines Web
  • Q: How Do I Know if Iam Getting MobileTraffic?A: Google, Of Course
  • Let’s Do Some Math…..• 13,202 Mobile Visitors – 7,637 iPad Visitors = 5,565 Smartphone visitors• 5,565 x .61 (loss rate) = 3,394 LOST Visitors• 3,394 x .03 (Desktop Conversion Rate) = 102 Lost Conversions• 102 x $1,500 (Average Conversion Value) = $152,760 LOST REVENUE• $152,760 x .15 (Commission Rate) = $22,913 LOST COMMISSION• That doesn’t count 102 x Add On Fees such as Admin, Travel Insurance, etc.
  • Google Analytics• Breakdown on mobile traffic for any time period that you wish• See by results by device and type • Compare what devices and types are bringing you the most traffic• Compare desktop usage KPI vs. Mobile
  • GOMOMETER by Google
  • GOMOMETER by Google
  • Ok, So What Are My Options?
  • Smartphone Options1. Optimize your current site for mobile2. Build a mobile site ( Build a responsive design site4. Develop a downloadable Application
  • Optimize Your Current Site• Current desktop websites are not optimized for a smaller mobile screen • Fonts are too small • Navigation is clunky • Flash does not work • Lengthy page loads • Too much pinching and zooming leaves the visitor with a frustrating experience
  • Optimize Your Current Site• Options • Change navigation to CSS • Increase font size • Replace Flash with static or jQuery • Make ‘Calls to Action’ more prominent • Reduce picture size and volume • Remove advanced functionality
  • Optimize Your Current Site • Pro’s • For the most part – somewhat inexpensive • Pretty quick • Con’s • Jack of All – Master of None • Loss of functionality and aesthetics on desktop could hurt brand
  • Mobile Website• A website optimized and designed for the mobile market (smartphones) that usually resides at or• A simple code on your traditional website will automatically redirect smartphone traffic to the mobile site• An online search will steer traffic to your site
  • Mobile Website• Pro’s • Relatively quick and inexpensive • Narrow options down to what the mobile user wants • Ability to present data in a mobile friendly way • Available across multiple platforms • Found in Search Engines • Shareable: ability to quickly and easily share via SMS Text, email, etc. • Cannot be deleted • Updated from one Central location• Con’s • Requires a connection to the internet • SEO issues must be addressed
  • Responsive Design• Responsive web design is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)
  • Responsive Design• Pro’s Another • One set of data trendy pop- • SEO Benefits culture • Multiple platforms including tablets reference• Con’s • Start from scratch • Harder for dynamic sites • Costs • Some SEO drawbacks • Load time on mobile • Development time • Older desktop browser support
  • The Great Debate Mobile Website v. Responsive Design
  • Mobile Site v. Responsive Design Debate Topics• Which provides the better SEO value? • What do Google and Bing say? • What do SEO experts say?• Which provides the better user experience? • Different writing style? • Different experience on differing mobile devices? • Images?• What provides the better value or ROI? • What are you starting with?
  • Downloadable App’s• Mobile Apps are applications that are downloaded or installed by the consumer on their mobile device rather then sites, which are rendered through the installed browser• Mobile Apps are ‘purchased’ through an online store such as Apple’s App Store or the Android Market• Apps can performs advanced calculations and in some instances be used offline
  • Downloadable App’s• Apps must be developed for a specific operating systems or platform – Android, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, or SalesForce. So, in today’s environment – you may need to develop 2-4 Apps and have a client base willing to download• Apps should be built for very specific purposes• Average user has 60 Apps on their mobile device – but 26% are only used once
  • Downloadable App’s• Pro’s • Brand Awareness • Complicated functions • Can work offline in some instances • Can’t navigate off an APP • Messaging• Con’s • More for existing clientele than new • Must be willing to download • Must update manually when changes are made • Cost and Development Time • Multiple Platforms
  • Now, let’s spend a few minutes on tablets…..
  • Tablets• Tablets are Mobile but they are not in the same classification as Smartphones• Extremely fast growing segment of the computer industry – taking away from desktops and laptops not Smartphones• A variety of different operating systems and browsers – Apple, Microsoft, Android
  • Tablets• Many traditional desktop sites will work with a minimum amount of modifications (see current site optimization section)• Apps may need to be developed separately for tablets (iPhone v. iPad)
  • Review• Mobile is not going away and it is not the future – it is the present – you must have a viable mobile plan now or you will lose business to your competition• Use your Google Analytics to show your mobile traffic and understand your visitors• It will not be long before most of your traffic comes from mobile• There are many different ways people use mobile to access the web – pay attention to them all• It is not a mobile friendly site or a downloadable APP – it is both! Mobile friendly site first – then an APP.
  • ReviewCurrent Site Optimization • Probably the quickest, easiest and cheapest • Limited benefits • Short Term Solution • Jack of All Trades – Master of None • Better for tablet than smartphone • Least desirable optionMobile Website • Resides at or • Built specifically for the mobile user • SEO challenges • Moderately expensive - though the build time should not be that long • Strong business case for this option
  • ReviewResponsive Design • Newest and trendiest buzzword in mobile • In most cases you will need to start from scratch • Does not play well with older desktop browsers • Needs formatting for a multitude of different devices • Preferred by search engines at this time (though Google does acknowledge the case for a mobile site) • Unproven ROI – most expensive and time consuming option • Better for static (informational) sites • Could be the future – the debate is ongoing
  • ReviewApp • Generally for existing clients not new ones • Can perform a multitude of complex tasks – sometimes offline • You will eventually need a mobile site and at least one APP • Must program for different operating systems and platforms – with more to come • Maintenance cycle is long
  • In My Humble Opinion…..Having a mobile plan and solution(s) in place NOW is vitalto the future success and growth of your business. Without it– you will be giving money away to your competitors. Wemany have crossed the threshold from where a mobilesolution was proactive to now being reactive.As with all marketing – the mobile solution should exist todrive business but you must take into account the needs anddesires of your client base. Ask these two questions:1. How does my client base want to interect with me?2. How can I achieve my business goals with this in mind?
  • In My Humble Opinion…..In order to properly market your brand, your marketingtoolbox will now need to include:• Strong custom designed website• Complete SEO/SEM strategy• Engaging Social Media that drives customers to your website• Strategic email marketing done according to best practices that speaks to the wants of your client base and drives ROI• Mobile Solution(s)
  • In My Humble Opinion…..I know there are a few different ways of approaching themobile solution that best fits your company and I knowtechnology changes every day – but I have been around for along time and think I have a good idea of what works anddoesn’t work – what companies can afford and what theycan’t (or better what they are willing to spend).I believe that for the majority of vacation rental managers,that at this time a separate mobile site will bring the highestROI and make their clients the happiest.With that being said….
  • In My Humble Opinion…..• Contact Information/Take Advantage of Built In Tools • Phone # • Address • Email• Call To Action • What do you want the to do? Book a property? • Search capabilities • Property Details • Rules and Reg’s• Concierge Tools • Area information – Guides
  • In My Humble Opinion…..By this time next year, we shouldn’t be talking about whyyou need a mobile site – but we should be talking about:• How to get mobile visitors to convert to sales• How to optimize your website for search engines• Tools that you mobile site needs to have• What types of APP’s should you offer to your clients and homeowners
  • Robert Gray, Visual Data Systems 410-964-8665 ex 264