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Advanced Email Marketing: Keeping Up with New Trends and Best Practices

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To be an effective email marketer, you must understand best practices, laws and trends. This session will review changes in the email marketing landscape that you must know for 2014 that will affect …

To be an effective email marketer, you must understand best practices, laws and trends. This session will review changes in the email marketing landscape that you must know for 2014 that will affect your ability to effectively market to past and potential guests.

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  • 1. Advanced Email Marketing: New Trends and Best Practices Kelly Hurley Visual Data Systems
  • 2. Session Outline • • • • • • Email Marketing Fundamentals Managing Content for Multiple Devices Strategy Maps Email Client Complexities Buttons Business Goals
  • 3. Email Marketing Fundamentals • • • • Building Relationships Customer Logic Vs. Company Logic Value Proposition Core Components
  • 4. Building Relationships
  • 5. Customer Logic Vs. Company Logic • You must see your emails through the eyes of your guest • How will your offering benefit them? • The Courtship • Don’t do marketing speak
  • 6. Value Proposition • • • • Do You Know Your Value Proposition Clarity Prospect, Product, Process The Sales Funnel
  • 7. Core Components of Email Marketing • • • • • Building Relationships – NOT Selling!! Effective Content Value of offering Market Segmentation Deliverability
  • 8. Managing Content in Multiple Devices Mobile “More email is read via mobile than on a desktop email client or via webmail” Litmus – Email Analytics (June 2013) Creating and Implementing a mobile strategy for email marketing: • Always consider the guests journey and know what mobile experiences you’ll need • Work with your web development team to build a mobile template for emailcampaign specific use • Make them Responsive! • Track and understand mobile email usage to drive strategy within your company.
  • 9. Managing Content in Multiple Devices The Importance of Responsive Email Templates
  • 10. Create a Strategy Map
  • 11. Email Client Complexities The Gmail Experiment
  • 12. Email Clients Continued • According to Google, this is what your tabs would contain: • Primary: Messages from friends and family, as well as any other messages that don’t appear in other tabs. • Promotions: Your deals, offers, and other promotional emails. • Social: Messages from social networks, media-sharing sites, online dating services, gaming platforms, and other social websites. • Updates: Notifications such as confirmations, receipts, bills, and statements. • Forums: Messages from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists.
  • 13. Email Clients Continued “In the first week after the introduction of this new feature, Return Path discovered that there actually was an increase in the number of read messages by users who have a high level of engagement with a brand.”
  • 14. Email Clients Continued
  • 15. Email Clients Continued What is Best Practices • • • • • The Right Message to the Right Audience Images do NOT build relationships Original Content Clear Calls to Action Tracking
  • 16. Button Up Submit
  • 17. Button Up Continued SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT
  • 18. Button Up Continued Go on Vacation! Download Your Vacation Guide Today Share this offer on Twitter
  • 19. Button Up Continued • Always a Call to Action (CTA’s) • Simple Calls to Action – Use of color and shape to draw the eye • Sentiment Buttons – used to drive traffic for social media • Contextual Buttons – More text, tells a story before action
  • 20. Business Goals
  • 21. Business Goals Continued • Using multiple operational sources, identify a clear goal • Create a strategy to target market key segments • Implement Email Marketing Best Practices • Test messages, behavior and format • Track Results
  • 22. Summary • • • • • • • Follow best practices Build relationships Create content for multiple devices Understand email clients Integrate all marketing channels Fun With Buttons (Watch your language!) Set clear goals and develop strategy to execute
  • 23. Contact Information Kelly Hurley kelly@vdsys.com