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  • Introduce Artquest Consider opportunities abroad Highlight resources available
  • Residencies Exhibitions Art Fairs Self initiated trips Funding: Financing a trip can be expensive. Accommodation, living expenses, Studio/space to work. If you are going somewhere you don’t know anyone, can be isolating and harder to get things done Art scenes in different part of the world are different. Different cultural attitudes, Different attitudes to media, different ways of getting things done. It pays to prepare
  • Funded Residencies Res Artists, Trans artists, Artquest website Other sources of funding? Reducing costs Artelier means you don’t need to rent a studio and sometimes you get Free accommodation Earn Money abroad Renting your apartment while you are gone Work opportunities can be generated through residency opportunities (More on this later) Through workshops, teaching etc. Check Visa requirements for this at:
  • Ask your peers here if they can make any introductions before you go there. Me contacts before you go Research spaces/organisations/Private views and other events where you can go and meet people
  • Think about what you want to get out of a residency
  • Don’t assume that if you are awarded a residency you will have nothing to worry about. The best-case scenario is to be provided with free studio, accommodation, travel and a fee. The majority provide a combination of these but not all.
  • Ask for images/floor plans of the accommodation and studio - what is the square footage? Are there basics: running water, electricity, adequate heating/air conditioning, suitable lighting? What are studio/workshop access hours - can you work at the weekends and in the evening? If you require specialised technical support, is there an onsite technician? Is there other practical and pastoral support? Is specific equipment available and when can you use it? Is there Wi-Fi or high-speed broadband?
  • Artquest

    1. 1. Everything a visual artist need s to know. And all for free. www.a r t q u e s t .o r g .u k
    2. 2. W h a t we
    3. 3. • We encourage visual artists to critically engage with their work, aud iences and peers.• We provid e the ad vice and practical support artists need , when they need it.• We respond to the changing visual arts and wid er land scape and working practices.• We work with artists practicing for any length of tim e, and working in any m ed ium .• We m aintain a 2,000+ page website of articles, film , aud io, listings and case stud ies, com plim ented by an offline program m e of events and sem inars. a rtq u e s t.o
    4. 4. W h a t weW h a t weh e ll pp wit hh e
    5. 5. Short answer: e v e r y t h in g .
    6. 6. Longer answer: • Arts legal archive and free• Visual arts m aterial sources s online legal ad vice – copyright, resale rights, licensing, IP,• Stud io spaces and venues contracts...• Venue listings, and ad vice on approaching them • Self prom otion tools and activities• Fund ing and fund ers • Ad vice on approaching• Resid encies in the UK and curators and galleries overseas • Articles on benefits, afford able• Reference m aterial and im age s housing and em ploym ent libraries • M oney, fund ing and finance• O pportunities and d ead lines • How to becom e self-em ployed• Printers, fram ers and graphics and m anage your tax com panies • Guid es to international art scenes, written by artists
    7. 7. OurrOup rr o gg r a mp o r a mm
    8. 8. • R e s i d e n c i e s : Berlin, • T a l k s : on fund ing, fees, Am sterd am , M ad rid , Syd ney sel prom otion, contracts, peer f• C o n f e r e n c e s : on m entoring, networks, pricing d igital m anufacturing, work... com m ercial sector, artists • F ilm s a n d a u d io : views of the recession, crafts d iverse artists careers, art and practice and col laboration, the law, IP, having a good public art… trad e show, m aking a selling• S e m i n a r s : on website... ‘professional ’, international • P a r t n e r s h i p s : ism practice, sustaining practice worked with over 60 without recognition, working organisations and 1 00 artists with collections, relationships since 2001 with galleries... a rtq u e s t.o
    9. 9. F u tu re :• Lond on resid encies in collections• Paid internships and research• International artist travel bursaries• M obile and l ocation-based apps And m ore listening to artists to inform the program m e and resources we provid e. a rtq u e s t.o
    10. 10. • The Artlaw Archive Free access to archive of arts-related legal articles originally published in Art Monthly magazine since 1976 by Henry Lydiate, and first-stop free legal advice from our team of art law specialists
    11. 11. • Artroute Free online advice and information for UK based artists interested in living or working outside the UK. France, China, India and more are the first of a number of country guides for visual artists and craftspeople.
    12. 12. A r t e lie r• Free stud io and apartm ent exchange network• O ver 500 m em bers across five continents• Network of partner organisations• O nl open to professional visual artists y a r t q u e s t -a r t e lie r . c o m a rtq u e s t.o
    13. 13. W o r k in g A b r o a d• How can you work abroad ? – Resid encies – Exhibitions – Art Fairs• What are the challenges? – Fund ing – Networks – O rientation
    14. 14. F u n d in g• Fund ed resid encies• O ther sources of fund ing• Red ucing costs – accom m od ation, stud ios• Earn m oney abroad
    15. 15. N e t w o r k s /O r i e n t a t i on• Use your existing networks to suggest contacts• M ake contact before you go• Research spaces/organisations• Artel / Artroute ier
    16. 16. R e s id e n c ie sA resid ency m ay ad d to your practice by:• Expand ing international networks and buil ing rel d ationships• Giving tim e and space for reflection, id eas- generation and the prod uction of work• D efining d ead lines• Presenting cul tural experiences and artistic inspiration
    17. 17. R e s id e n c ie s• How m uch m oney d o you need ? – Bud get• What financial support d oes the resid ency provid e?• What are you expected to self finance?
    18. 18. R e s id e n c ie s• D ifferent m od els and responsibilities• Im portant to pick one that suits practice and circum stances – Rural / Urban – Isol ated / Social – O utcom e / O pen• Support ?
    19. 19. R e s id e n c ie s : Im p o r t a n t Q u e s t io n s• Fl pl square footage? oor ans/• Basic facilities?• Access tim es?• Technical support/ equipm ent?• Practical and pastoral support?• Transport l inks?• C ost of l iving and exchange rate?
    20. 20. R e s id e n c ie s : Im p o r t a n t Q u e s t io n s• C ul tural attitud es and d ifferences?• D ifferent kind s of practice• Heal /th travel /equipm ent insurance• Inform your bank• VISA• Expectations from resid ency