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Everyone agrees...brands need to be where their customers spend time and right now, that’s on the leading social networks! Despite this, a recent study by TravelClick found that 25% of hotels surveyed are not leveraging social media as part of their overall marketing efforts to increase occupancy and revenue! This presentation describes how hoteliers can leverage social media as part of their overall marketing strategy.

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Hotels & Social Media by Visual Alliance Media

  1. 1. Social Media & opportunity the untapped Hotels: August 2011 Prepared by 813.943.6053 © Visual Alliance Media. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Brands need to be where their customers spend time and right now, that’s on the leading social 750 million active users networks 490 million users 200 million users 120 million members
  3. 3. er Users se en d ov er 200 mil nd ove r p le sp inutes p k lion twe ets Peo lion m oo per da b il a ceb nt of y700 th on F uivale mont’s the e n years!) q (tha .3 millio 1 Th mil ere a lion r ser da ch e ove erage u yo e n fo ck-in r 3 The av nearly 6 urs s pe s spend th on qu are r The a pe r mon has 1 verage u hours uTube 30 fri s Yo Fa ends er on (wow cebook , peo popu ple are lar!)
  4. 4. Some leading brands are doing thisvery successfully
  5. 5. Many smaller brands and independent hotels could bemissing an opportunityA recent study by TravelClick, which surveyed some 600hoteliers (both chains as well as independents) found that! 25% of those surveyed!are not leveraging social media as part of their overallmarketing plan to increase occupancy and revenue. !
  6. 6. Image: meepoohfoto / can level Social media the playing field
  7. 7. Social media can help with reputation management,social reviews and foster brand ambassadorsImage: Jeroen van Oostrom /
  8. 8. Social media is a useful tool for customer acquisition, retention,and loyalty Image: digitalart /
  9. 9. Social media gives you the opportunity to make every guest feel like they are your only guest! Image: Sura Nualpradid /
  10. 10. Social media gives you one more way to share exclusive social offers and last minute specials Image: digitalart /
  11. 11. Social media enhances and differentiates your concierge services and extends yourcustomer service capabilities Image: Salvatore Vuono /
  12. 12. Social media can help you to build brand identityand recognition Image: graur razvan ionut /
  13. 13. And perhaps most importantly: social media can help you toreduce distressed inventory and to increase RevPARA well-conceived social media strategy that is integrated with your overall marketing plan and effectively executed will! impact your bottom line!! Itʼs about “Customers under your ComfortersTM”!
  14. 14. Visual Alliance Media is a leading interactive marketing agency specializing in social media marketing Our standard hotel package includes:! A branded Facebook Page (including a sweepstakes) and Twitter Profile, Foursquare, Ongoing Management, Engagement and ! Online Reputation Monitoring! Please call for more information or to request a proposal!! hotels | restaurants | sporting events | auto dealerships | colleges & universities 813.943.6053 ext. 4All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned in the presentation are the property of their respective owners.