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Visit York's Digital Update from July 2012.

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Digital marketingjuly2012

  1. 1. 25 Years of Leading Tourism in York<Welcome to the Digital Update : July 2012>
  2. 2. What is digital marketing anyway?
  3. 3. The Wiki Definition of Digital Marketing The use of internet connected devices to engage a customer with online advertising in order to promote products and services. Internet connected devices are those such as web browsers, smart phones and game consoles. Etc, etc...blah, blah... Sounds a bit too geeky and boring to us...
  4. 4. Our Definition Taking best advantage of the fact people spend far too much time looking at screens and clicking stuff.Its not IT, its not complicated and its not magic...
  5. 5. EyeballsThe Theory Bit Awareness Consideration Conversion Loyalty Advocacy
  6. 6. How are weperforming?
  7. 7. 2009 2010 2011 2012 (est)Web Site Traffic 1800000• 1.7 million visits per annum 1600000• 1.4 million unique visitors 1400000 1200000• Average visit duration 4:55 mins 1000000• Pageviews : 13.6 million per annum 800000• 13.7% on mobile devices 600000• Traffic from 191 countries 400000 200000 0 visits
  8. 8. Social Media• Daily Twitter and Facebook posts• 6995 followers on Twitter• 6484 fans on Facebook• Raises brand awareness and drives web site traffic• Focus on viral content such as photos, events and competitions.
  9. 9. How good are we at Facebook?
  10. 10. Now lets take a look at Twitter... In partnership with other city stakeholders we are trying to get #York2012 trending 2- 3pm today. Please tweet now. #York2012
  11. 11. Current Campaigns• W3C Compliant HTML• Search Engine Optimisation• Google Adwords PPC• Microsoft Bing PPC• Link Building & Exchange• Facebook PPC / London 2012• Email Campaigns / Relationship Builders
  12. 12. How we Measure Success• Analytics traffic / funnel visualisation• Accommodation Bookings / Conversion• Social Media Reach• External links & Alexa Rankings• SEO Score• Member web site referrals
  13. 13. What are we aiming to achieve?
  14. 14. First off...who are we? But its not just down to us... • 31 Visit York staff + 10 Volunteers • 14 Visit York DirectorsMike Brown Kate McMullen Paul WhitingDigital Manager Head of Marketing Digital Executive • 60+ Staff at our Digital Agencies • CYC Councillors and Staff • 705 members + Staff • 15,000 Social Media Advocates • 200,000 Local Residents • 7 million Visitors to York
  15. 15. Mission Objectives• Increase the number of visitors to York• Encourage them to spend more• Boost turnover and profits for members• Maximise revenues for Visit York• Proactively engage with all stakeholders• Make York the envy of other destinations
  16. 16. How are we going to do it?
  17. 17. Brand New Visit York web site• Five new web sites in one• Substantial Capital Investment• Modern, Engaging & Intuitive Design• Improved Search Engine / eShop & Checkout• Enhanced Member Listing Pages• SEO built-in from the ground up• Cost-effective advertising
  18. 18. Extending Yorks Reach• Accommodation Search Widget• Member Logo Widget• Affiliate Schemes / Availability Distribution• National & International Directories• Email list rental / PPC / Display Advertising• On-site and off-site SEO / Link Building• Adwords Retargeting of Site Visitors
  19. 19. Scrapbookers• Real-life advocates of York• Recruited via Social Media• 8 individuals, couples, families and groups• Selected around our target demographics• Recording video / pics / collecting stuff• Independent but guided content• Rolling programme of Member reviews
  20. 20. Other Major Initiatives• Visitor Smartphone App with CYC• Viral Campaigns - competitions• Seasonal web site re-skins• Partnerships with travel operators• Brand associations through advertising• Cross pollination with
  21. 21. Whats in it for you?
  22. 22. Delivering Results for Your Business• Access to a growing 1million + global audience• Improve your Google Page Rank• Social Media exposure• Consumer confidence via trusted brand association• Member Link Exchange initiative
  23. 23. Bottom Line Returns• More visitors to the city• Increased Sales• More traffic referred from• Enhanced Social Media Reach• New Income Streams• Savings on Digital Advertising
  24. 24. Free Digital Checkup• Free impartial advice worth £250• Web site Usability• Technical Compliance• Conversion Optimisation• Digital Strategy• Social Media Optimisation
  25. 25. Help us to help you grow.
  26. 26. 10 Easy Ways to Get Involved• Link to in body content • Submit event and offer content• Add member logos / widgets / QR codes • Add products, tickets and tours to eShop• Follow and retweet @visityork on Twitter • Update your availability regularly• Like & share content on Facebook • Refer customers to and VIC• Install the accommodation widget • Spread the word #VisitYork
  27. 27. Lets work togetherand celebrate our wonderful city with the world.
  28. 28. 25 Years of Leading Tourism in York