30 Places to Visit in Italy


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These are the places you should visit in Italy.

Enjoy the presentation.

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30 Places to Visit in Italy

  1. 1. 30 in Italy
  2. 2. Agrigento ItalyPlace Agrigento, Sicily.Description This town is known for its Greek temples. Five temples sit next toone another in an area called The Valley of the Temples. The townalso boasts a set of Roman ruins and an archeology museum thathelps put these ancient structures into a historical context.
  3. 3. Amalfi Coast ItalyPlace Amalfi Coast, Salerno.Description This scenic seaside area stretches south from Naples. It featureshilly terrain that is ideal for hiking, mountain biking and findingscenic views of the coast and blue waters of the Mediterranean.Picturesque towns are nestled between the hillsides and the coast.
  4. 4. Ancient Ruins At Nora ItalyPlace Ancient Ruins At Nora, Sardinia.Description Nora holds one of Sardinia’s best Roman archeological sites. Thecity was originally founded by the ancient Phoenicians, though most ofthe ruins date back to Roman times. The remnants of the great empire’sbuildings include thermal baths, a theater, a temple and a forum. Thesite also has smaller houses that contain intricate mosaics.
  5. 5. Arena Verona ItalyPlace Arena Verona.Description The gigantic Roman amphitheater looks ancient from theoutside, but it is still standing and actually still used today. Thearchitecture and interior are worth a visit themselves. If you arelucky enough to be in Verona when there is an opera performance,you can actually se e the amphitheater in use.
  6. 6. Bidderosa Beach ItalyPlace Bidderosa Beach, Sardinia.Description While many of Sardinia’s beaches draw sunbathers, Bidderosa isa bit different, but arguably more attractive, than its peers. It is partof a nature preserve and access is limited. However, the beachoffers a very secluded feel and has gorgeous, fine-grained sandsand calm, warm waters.
  7. 7. Cinque Terre ItalyPlace Cinque Terre, Liguria.Description The Cinque Terra area covers five small towns in the coastalregion of Liguria in Northwestern Italy. The towns have beendesignated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These picturesquevillages are like the quaint, old world Italian towns of people’simaginations. That trait alone makes them worth a visit.
  8. 8. Colosseum ItalyPlace Colosseum, Rome.Description The Colosseum is easily the most recognizable structure left overfrom the Roman Empire. It was capable of holding 50,000spectators. The building can be appreciated from the outside, butvisiting the interior is even more memorable. If Italy has one must-se e attraction, it is the Colosseum.
  9. 9. Etruscan Necropolis ItalyPlace Etruscan Necropolis.Description This Etruscan burial site in the province of Lazio has some of thebest preserved ancient tombs in all of Europe. 1,000 tombs can befound throughout the site. These tombs include circular mound-likestructures and square structures arranged along pathways that aremore than 2,500 years old.
  10. 10. Fiuggi ItalyPlace Fiuggi.Description Fiuggi is a municipality in the Lazio region of Central Italy. Thetown is famous for its mineral water, which was first noticed by a15th Century pope who claimed that the water cured his kidneystones. Even today, the waters, which are bottled and exportedworldwide, are still though to have healing properties.
  11. 11. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ItalyPlace Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan.Description The Galleria is as much of a sightseeing venue as it is a shoppingmall. Over 150 years old, the glass-roofed retail space featuresornate mosaics. It is especially beautiful when decorated for theholiday season each winter. Stores range from high-end boutiquesselling Prada and Vuitton to fast food eateries like McDonald’s.
  12. 12. Lake Como ItalyPlace Lake Como.Description This long, thin lake in the Lake District of Northern Italy has long been a popular destination for Italians and international visitors alike. The lake sits in the shadow of the Italian alps, and a cruise gives visitors unique views of the surrounding landscapes. The quaint towns on the shore and the fresh, mountain air make this a worthwhile stopping point.
  13. 13. Lamborghini Museum ItalyPlace Lamborghini Museum. Bologna.Description The region around Bologna is known as the Land of Motorsbecause it is home to boutique car manufacturers. The museumboasts a unique collection of rare Lamborghini models. Perhaps evenmore interesting to car lovers is the Lamborghini factory visit thatcan be booked through the museum.
  14. 14. Marsala ItalyPlace Marsala, Sicily.Description This coastal town is the hub of Sicily’s wine industry. It is possibleto visit vineyards in the Marsala area and also to find places intown that serve unfortified vintages that are usually only ever tastedby locals.
  15. 15. Mosaic Basilica ItalyPlace Mosaic Basilica, Ravenna.Description The church of San Vitale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site locatedin the town of Ravenna. It is sometimes referred to as the Mosaic Basilicabecause of its large collection of intricate mosaics. This is not merelyanother impressive collection of religious art, it is some of the oldestsurviving art in Italy. The mosaics were commissioned 1500 years ago.
  16. 16. Mount Etna ItalyPlace Mount Etna, Sicily.Description One of Italy’s most famous mountains, this volcanic Sicilian peakcan be appreciated from afar, though it is the ideal place foradventurers who have mountain climbing ambitions. Despite Sicily’sreputation for warm weather, things can get cold on Etna, and partof the mountain is actually used for skiing during the wintertime.
  17. 17. Museums Of Bologna ItalyPlace Museums Of Bologna.Description Bologna is a university town with a large collection of museums.An archeology museum and several art galleries dedicated todiverse mediums like painting and photography are the highlights.There is also the University Museum complex that is actually acollection of several small niche museums.
  18. 18. National Museum Of Cinema ItalyPlace National Museum Of Cinema, Turin.Description This unique exhibit space is housed in the Mole Antonellianamonument in Central Turin. Different halls have screen showingdifferent clips for a specific genre of film. There are also exhibits on theprocess of making films and on film history. Best of all for true moviebuffs: the museum’s unrivaled collection of vintage movie posters.
  19. 19. National Park In Abruzzo ItalyPlace National Park In Abruzzo.Description The lush mountainous landscapes of Southern Italy are bestexperienced in the Abruzzo region. The area is teeming with wildlifefrom wolves and beers to deer and foxes. The main national parkcovers a large swath of land and offers a variety of activities fromtrekking and bird-watching to cycling and alpine skiing.
  20. 20. Ogliastra ItalyPlace Ogliastra, Sardinia.Description This region has some of the best views of island’s trademark ruggedlandscapes. From mountains and valleys to rocky coastal areas, everytrek in Ogliastra will bring picture-worthy views. One of the best waysto see the countryside is on the Little Green Train (Trenino Verde), whichtakes riders on a journey past the region’s best untouched landscapes.
  21. 21. Pescara ItalyPlace Pescara.Description Pescara is a small city, but is known for its vibrant nightlife. Sinceit is a tourist town, there are plenty of bars and clubs, most locatedalong the seafront. During summertime, vacationers swell the town’spopulation and the clubs spill out onto the beach itself for an all-outwarm weather party.
  22. 22. Pisa ItalyPlace Pisa, Tuscany.Description Known for its leaning tower, Pisa is on many tourists’ itineraries. Thenon-vertical building is actually only one of the many historic attractionsin the city. A wealth of Medieval and Renaissance era architecture andart awaits people willing to explore beyond the obvious. The sightseeingmenu includes churches, palaces, piazzas and museums.
  23. 23. Pompeii ItalyPlace Pompeii, Campania.Description This famous town was the site of one of the worst known naturaldisasters of the ancient world. The ruins of the city that was destroyedby the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, were frozen in time after they werecovered by ash from the eruption. This creates a spooky-but-fascinatingattraction that is a must-visit for people traveling to Southern Italy.
  24. 24. Quadrilatero dOro ItalyPlace Quadrilatero D’Oro, Milan.Description Milan is the center of the high-fashion industry. Boutiques featuringdesigner clothing are scattered around the city. One of the best places toget a glimpse of this year’s fashions is the Quadrilatero d’Oro. Even if youdon’t have the money for a shopping spree, this area is still a great place tovisit for some serious window shopping and great atmosphere.
  25. 25. Su Nuraxi ItalyPlace Su Nuraxi, Sardinia.Description Su Nuraxi is an important archeological site near the town ofBarumini in Sardinia. Don’t expect to see impressive Roman andGreek ruins, however. The structures here date back even further:more than 1,000 years before the Roman Empire. Su Nuraxi isrecognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  26. 26. San Siro ItalyPlace San Siro, Milan.Description AC Milan is one of the most popular football teams in the world.The team plays its home games at a large stadium called GiuseppeMeazza Stadium (commonly referred to as San Siro) in Milan. Even ifyou can’t get to a match, the stadium has a museum and regulartours of the facility.
  27. 27. Santa Maria delle Grazie ItalyPlace Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan.Description The most famous painting in the world is, arguably, Leonardo daVinci’s The Last Supper. The painting is actually hung in the conventthat is adjoined the church. It costs to visit and only a limitednumber of people are allowed in each day, but the atmosphere isvery unlike a museum, which makes it a worthwhile experience.
  28. 28. The Pantheon ItalyPlace The Pantheon, Rome.Description The Pantheon is one of the best kept buildings from Roman times.The impressive, picture-worthy domed ceiling is definitely a reasonto go inside. Originally built as a temple nearly two thousand yearsago, the Pantheon is actually now a burial place. It holds the tombsof leaders and artists from Rome’s past.
  29. 29. Todi ItalyPlace Todi, Perugia.Description This Medieval town has a host of interesting attractions. It is knownfor its churches and plazas. Perhaps the most interesting part of thistown is the Roman cisterns, which were used by local people until lessthan 100 years ago. Todi also has mysterious Roman constructionscalled Nicchioni. No one is quite sure what the purpose of these were.
  30. 30. Uffizi Gallery ItalyPlace Uffizi Gallery, Tuscany.Description Uffizi is one of the first art galleries with a history that dates back 450years. Originally built by members of the Medici family, leaders ofFlorence and patrons of the arts, it has amassed a staggering collectionof art over the years. Renaissance luminaries like Michelangelo, Raphael,da Vinci, Botticelli, and Titian all have works displayed at the gallery.
  31. 31. Valle dAosta ItalyPlace Valle d’Aosta.Description The Aosta Valley is the least densely populated region in all ofItaly and is dominated by alpine landscapes. Skiing conditions aregood in the wintertime, and it is usually not overcrowded. Thisregion of Italy is also home to Mount Blanc, the highest peak inEurope at more than 15,000 fe et.
  32. 32. www.visititaly.comE-mail: info@visititaly.com